Friday, February 23, 2018

Total Randomness

Let me warn you right up front that this truly is a random post, no rules, no regulations, just plain ole stuff that's rolling around in my head this rainy, gloomy day.  Now, that you have been warned let me jump right in............

Do you have any idea how sick I am of looking out our back windows and seeing this?  It's bad enough that all the pots look so lonely and in desperate need of gorgeous plants popping out of them.  But, add the rain, the clouds, the fog and it's just plain SAD, especially if it's been going on for days and days and going to continue for even more days.  Can you feel my desperation for spring? ~smile~ But, let me assure you, I do know that gloomy weather is a VERY small issue compared to what sooooo many are dealing with. I'm very thankful that it's ONLY weather!

And, when I realized that Easter is a mere 5 weeks from this Sunday, I grabbed my Easter decor and started putting it out.  I figured it might certainly help with the winter blahs.  I mean, bunnies are the absolute cutest and are the perfect indication that spring isn't too far away. ~I hope~

I love Valentine's day!  What's not to love about hearts and love?  I played it for all it was worth this year by wearing "Valentiney" attire the day of and the day before Valentine's.  A dear friend gave me this gorgeous Brighton heart necklace 3-4 years ago and I so enjoy wearing it, especially around Valentine's.

I was doing my laundry yesterday, my clothes, no one else's.  As I was putting it in the washing machine I wondered if anyone else out there is as picky with their laundry as I am.  All my clothes, including undies" are washed on delicate and the clothes I wear are only damp dried and then I hang them very carefully to finish drying.  Somethings I lay to dry.  I don't mix anything! By that I mean I wash towels by themselves, sheets by themselves, jeans by themselves, Tommy's underwear by itself and on and on.  I think I may be in a group by myself but maybe not.  I've always been this way about my laundry and I can't even tell you why.  I know when I'm at our daughter's I will help with her laundry and it's like fruit basket turnover.  She'll wash towels, underwear, and you name it all together.  And, it all comes out clean and unharmed.  Guess she obviously didn't pick up her Momma's weirdness about laundry. ~chuckle~

And, I would likely be considered a bit weird in what I put in my dishwasher.  I only put plates, flatware, cups/glasses, and cereal bowls in the dishwasher.  Everything else I wash by hand.  I know so many folks that put everything but the kitchen sink in their dishwasher and that's weird to me.  Needless to say, I don't run my dishwasher near as often either.  I like my dishwasher neat and orderly ~ I know, WEIRD ~ and can't stand stuff piled on top of each other.  I like it all lined up neatly and I can't achieve that if I put pots, pans, casserole dishes, rubbermaid containers and who knows what else in there.  So, you will often see dishes draining and drying on the counter beside my kitchen sink.  Hey, it makes me happy, what can I say?

Last Saturday our microwave went "ker-plunk."  Yes, just after 2 1/2 years use and it's a GE Profile series.  It had started acting up about a month ago and then on Saturday it decided it didn't want to cut off.  It would run every time the door was shut.  Tommy did everything he knew to do, got out the manual and it just appeared that it had bitten the dust.  It was so aggravating but thankfully we were able to get the exact same one and it slide right back in the space and all is good.  Tommy and Brandon sort of installed it together and if you've ever seen a father and son work on something together it can often get interesting.  It seems that one are the other of them doesn't do things exactly as the other one thinks it should be done.  But, it went pretty smoothly and everyone was still speaking when it was over. ~big laugh~  We use our microwave a whole lot so we were thrilled to be up and running so quickly. ~thanks to Amazon~

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And, I could not close without mentioning this awesome man of God.  Billy Graham has left a mark on our world unlike no other since Jesus walked this earth.  I remember hearing him on TV time and time again as a child when my parents would be watching his crusades.  And, I will never, ever hear Just As I Am that I do not think of him, and the invitations that he extended, and the literally thousands that came to know the Lord as their Savior through his ministry.  What a man!!!!!

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Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I'm fussy about the laundry, but not quite up to your standards. I only use my dishwasher on Sundays, other days I wash by hand. I actually find it satisfying.

  2. Oh, no, no, no! I'm one of those that puts everything in the dishwasher!! I can't stand to have dishes beside the sink as it looks messy to me. Hide it in the dishwasher! Have a great weekend! The humidity is what's killing me here! Rain, rain, go away!!

  3. Imagine the home going, can't wait to meet him along with so many others in heaven someday! The line will be long but we will have time to wait ;)! Darn it on your weather and your microwave! I am like your daughter in the laundry washing, there's just so much all the time! xoxo ERIN

  4. Yep, picky girl here too, I wash most things by hand and only pates, bowls and silverware go in DW. I was saddened my Billy Graham's passing but overjoyed he is now in God's kingdom!! Ugh this rain is getting the best of me, you should see our floods here..everything is closed own. Have a super duper weekend, oh and pretty Valentiny wear and necklace!! xo

  5. Dear Lea, I love all the different topics you covered....boy you have a lot of rain and puddles, but for the life of me I can't remember where you live? We have lots of snow and like you I'm so ready for spring. We will be gone for Easter and two weeks that follow, so I doubt I'll put my Easter decorations out. I understand(to a degree)about your system of washing-I do all the towels by themselves, the sheets and then our laundry goes in, unless there is something that really needs to soak. As for the dishwasher, we put dishes, plates, bowls, glasses, cups, silverware in it and wash everything else by hand. I loved your necklace too. Sorry about the microwave-we just had to replace our fridge-ugh, talk about expense. At least microwaves are cheaper. Our appliance are all about 8 yrs old, but I found out that refrigerators only last 6-9 yrs.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. LOL-I am pretty picky about my laundry, too. I wash several loads where most people would do 1 or 2 loads. It drives me nuts to go to my daughters' houses and they don't even sort....I want to run screaming out of the house. Sadly, their clothes are as clean as my own.

    But my dishwasher---well--I have taken my stove apart and even washed coil burners in there. I have put chandeliers in there by removing the top rack. lol

    What a wonderful legacy Billy Graham has left behind. We were blessed to have him for so many years.

    I hope you have a wonderful, blessed weekend- xo Diana

  7. I probably don't sort my laundry quite as much as you do, but I'm somewhere between your method and that of your daughter. Like you, I give our clothes the most special considerations. I firmly believe that 'over-drying' them causes the fabrics to deteriorate and/or shrink over time.

  8. I completely agree with you about the weather! I can't remember it ever being this gloomy for so long! The fog lasts all day! Here's hoping we get some spring weather soon!!!

  9. We've had a lot of rain here too, but it broke Friday and Saturday (was back Sunday)'s got to end sometime, right? I love Brighton too. That necklace is so pretty!

  10. Lea, you cracked me up with this post! I love it! YES....why can't we just be ourselves sometimes and just post what we feeling that day or our mere thoughts that are rambling around. But then If I done that I have a feeling people would tire of hearing my rambling. I too am funny about my laundry. My man doesn't mind washing a load of clothes and never has but he knows NOT TO TOUCH my stuff! LOL! The last time he washed one of my nicer deligate sweaters.....well, NUFF said on that one. Enjoyed this today. Playing catch up it seems. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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