Saturday, September 1, 2018

Tales of the Traveling Totes

Yes, it's that time, time to share Miss Scarlett's travels.  The travels this quarter were not all that exciting as compared to last quarter, but we still enjoyed the two trips we took.

If we travel by car then Scarlett always travels between the two back seats holding all of our snacks.  She does such a good job with that and is, without a doubt, the most attractive "snack holder" on the planet. 

Our first trip this quarter was to the area of Atlanta, Ga.  Hubby has two sisters that live in that area and we went to spend a few days with them.  Here Scarlett is perched in the casual living area of one of his sister's new house.  They had just moved into a very nice golfing community and we had never been to their new home. 

And, this day found her enjoying the more formal living area of their home.  Scarlett really didn't leave their house on this trip, mainly because I forgot her.  I know, how could I do such, especially as cute as she is. ~chuckle~

Our next trip was back to Oklahoma where my daughter and I enjoyed celebrating  my birthday in Pawhuska, Ok. doing all things Pioneer Woman.  Bridget only lives about 2 hours from Pawhuska, so it was a pretty quick drive. 

We stayed at the lovely Boarding House.

Miss Scarlett and I climbed the pretty stair case up to our beautiful room on the 3rd floor.  There are only 8 rooms at The Boarding House so we felt very special that we were able to book one of the rooms. 

The building that is now The Boarding House was a drug store at one time and before the Boarding House it was a JC Penney's.  

We stayed in the Prairie Room and it was perfection down to every detail.  We felt like two Queens. 

Pawhuska is a very small historic town and here Miss Scarlett and I are standing in front of a monument on Main Street.

There were some cute shops and who could resist going into a shop with the name the Buckin' Flamingo?  Not us for sure.

I did find a couple of things that I could not live without.  I mean this was my birthday trip!

And, Miss Scarlett got plum excited when we met up with Ladd Drummond (Pioneer Woman's husband) in the Mercantile Restaurant.  He was such a nice guy.

We enjoyed browsing through The Mercantile.  There was just about anything and everything in the door and all with Pioneer Woman's flair.

We ended our stay by going to The Lodge where Pioneer Woman films her cooking show.

Before leaving we enjoyed a few minutes out on the deck on the back of the lodge.  It looks out on to pasture and ranch land .

And, that wraps up this quarter's travels with Miss Scarlett.  She already has a big trip planned for this new quarter.  We'll be leaving on the 10th for the great state, Virginia, my birthplace.

You can visit around with all of the TT gals and you can even register for the giveaway over at Life and Linda by leaving her a comment.  It's the cute set of McKenzie Childs guest towels.  

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Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Miss Scarlet seems to have had a great time on all her travels and definitely carries herself with dignity and grace. If not functionality. Enjoy your trip to VA as I know you will. We are taking a big trip to the mid-west this month too.

  2. Looks like your two summer adventures were exciting. Loved seeing your photos of Pioneer Woman's area - a town I would love to visit!! That was a fun birthday trip for sure!!

  3. What a fabulous way to enjoy your birthday, Lea! I know a trip to Pioneer Woman would have me stuffing my tote full of dishes. Happy Belated Birthday, and many happy returns!

  4. You certainly had a lot of travel and fun this summer. And, these totes are awesome for holding necessities. What a fun way to spend your birthday. I’m sure it was fascinating going to Oklahoma to the Pioneer Woman site. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Labor Day weekend.......

  5. Leah what a treat to get to go and stay at the Boarding House and to meet Ladd! Lucky girl! Sounds like a wonderful spot. I would love to see the lodge too. You had the perfect birthday getaway! Miss Scarlett looks happy whether she is out and about, or left in their beautiful new home! How fun to get to go and visit them. Have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend.

  6. Lea, you and Miss Scarlet look adorable! I'm glad you had a special get away for your birthday. Best kind of birthday present in my mind! I've read about the Pioneer Woman events. I'd love to go sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lea, what a fun birthday. You and miss Scarlett look so cute. Getting away is always welcome. How awesome to meet Ladd. The Pioneer Woman's home town must be a delight to visit. Happy travels.

  8. You FORGOT Miss Scarlett? I had to laugh because I am always forgetting Miss Daisy. What a fun trip to the Pioneer Woman's town. That inn looks darling. How nice to have a mother/daughter trip. Enjoy your Labor Day!!

  9. I would love to visit the Pioneer Woman in her element, and what a treat to meet her husband. Sounds like a wonderful birthday!

  10. Miss Scarlett and you look so cute with Pioneer Woman's husband on your birthday weekend! Looks like a nice guy going with the And I agree that Miss Scarlett is a great snack holder. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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