Thursday, June 27, 2019

Welcome Summer!!!

We spent most of last week in Oklahoma, where the wind never stops blowing. We kept our Grandsons while Bridget and a friend went on a 40th birthday getaway.  Yes, our baby girl will celebrate her 40th next week. Yikes!  

It is hardly out of our way to Oklahoma to stop by and see our friends Dwight and Diane.
We always enjoy visiting with them and Diane and I always seem to throw in a little "retail therapy."  We stayed the night and headed on to Oklahoma the next morning and only had about 3 1/2 more hours to go. 

Our first day with the boys found us at Top Golf in Oklahoma City.  If you have never been to one then let me tell you, they are a most impressive place.  Even if you are not in to golf, it's a fun place to hang out and watch those that are in to golfing.  Tommy and Clancy enjoyed hitting balls and Coleman and I enjoyed watching and snacking. 

Clancy is becoming quite the golfer and is playing on a PGA Jr. team this summer.  He has such varied interests, golfing and sheep competition and everything in between. 

The boys stayed with us at the Hampton Inn near where our daughter lives. We took them down to breakfast each morning and they provided an energetic start to everyone's day. 

Coleman goes 90 miles an hour but when he's had all he can take he is "out like a light."  I think the middle picture is so precious, love, love those rosey cheeks.

One afternoon we got word from the neighbor that a part of the hot wired fence had fallen down.  Since it keeps the horses in the pasture, it was pretty important to get it fixed.  Clancy knew exactly what to do and what to get to fix it.  Poppa had to make sure Clancy had fixed it correctly and was pretty impressed that he had done it correctly.  I guess when you live in the country that's the kind of things you learn. ~chuckle~

Bridget and family had their  pictures done a couple of weeks ago and here's a peek at a few of them.  Her "baby bump" is definitely showing now and baby boy will likely make his debut within the first 10 days of September.  We know that he will have a "C" name but will not know his name until he arrives.  I've made several suggestions but not sure they were listening. ~that's the way kids are~

Our first days of summer were off to a great start and we have lots more coming down the pike.  Stay tuned.................

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Enjoyed the wonderful pictures. Looks like so much fun is being had by all. The grands will keep you young and tired! LOL! But oh so worth it. How nice to have some retail therapy too with a friend. It's about time I done that as well. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. What an awesome time you had and congratulations on the new baby coming. How exciting. Happy Birthday Bridget!

  3. Enjoy these days of doing things with the kiddos because when they get older your role is simply to watch them do their thing. They do grow up in a hurry and that is as it should be. Your trip does sound like it was fun and enjoyable and I know Bridget appreciated being able to have that time away. The beginning of your summer has been a good one.

  4. What fun pictures! The boys are growing so fast. We've seen Top Golf in Denver and Jacksonville but have never been since my hubby no longer plays the game.

    I am very impressed with Clancy fixing the hot wired fence!! That young man has so much going for him!

  5. Great pictures!! The kids are adorable! How fun to kick off your summer with family and friends!

  6. The boys are so cute...or perhaps I should say handsome:) I know you were in Hog Heaven getting to visit them. I feel blessed to have my grands so close by. Granddaughter keeps me hopping most days:) Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer just as much as your OK trip!

  7. Clancy and Coleman are so cute! Spending time with grands is the absolute best! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and 4th of July, Lea!

  8. This reminds me that I better stay in shape! I just have one little grandbaby, and by the time he gets older and I have more (hopefullY) I'm going to be older, haha! It takes lots of energy to keep up with them! You are building some great memories with them that they'll always remember. Looks like it was a fun trip.

  9. What a wonderful trip! Great times and we always stay at the Hampton Inn. Little children are precious and YEAH to another baby to love:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. Sounds like a fabulous trip with those precious grandbabies.
    Beautiful photos of you all.
    Summer has a way of becoming quite busy and filling up the days on the calendar, don't they?
    After our long winters, we long for warm summer days and all the enjoyment they bring.

    So nice visiting with you, dear Lea


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