Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday's Musings

It's Monday, that means a new week and while that means time is passing by, it also means its a fresh start.  Or, at least to me it is.  I love new weeks, new years, new experiences,  well, new anything!  I mean what's not to like about new.  ~smile~  
And,speaking of new..............YES, our landscape was started last week.  Now, started is all, but at least there's visible signs of work being done.  All of the flagstone and rock work is being done first and that, in itself is quite a task.  And, they still have lots of that to do but hopefully this week they will get that done and move on to Step 2.  We shall see.  In the left hand picture there will be rocks go in around all the flagstone.  I think it is going to be most attractive.  I'll keep you posted.
Ta-da! This Mandavilla was just a tiny vine 4 weeks ago.  I guess it has enjoyed drinking up the Miracle Grow that I've been pouring on it.  It's bursting forth with gorgeous red blooms that make me very happy.
This past week our study club met for it's monthly meeting and we had another great time.  I was in charge of the dessert and program.  The dessert was Plantation Pound Cake and I gave the program on Essential Oils and good health.  Gerri's house was beautifully decorated.  She spares nothing when it comes to entertaining.  The table scapes were stunning and Kay fixed a delicious meal of  Poppyseed Chicken and  salad for the meal.  Not sure it could have been any better and of course, the fellowship is always so enjoyable.
 And, another wall has company!  I happened upon this piece of stretched canvas art last week and it seemed to be the perfect fit for this spot.  I love it when I just happen upon things like this.  If I had purposely gone out looking for something I would have most probably come home very frustrated and empty handed.

And, this precious little boy has just about mastered sitting up.  I just love the expression.  Look at those fat rolls!  I can't wait to squeeze him in a little less than two weeks.


  1. AWWWWWW he is so adorable...loveeeeeeeee his little "rolls". I enjoyed your post...have a beautiful week, friend.

  2. Yes, he is so adorable. Nothing quite like a healthy, beautiful baby with rolls. I could have painted that picture for you. Ha! Really looks good there. The luncheon looks wonderful as always at Gerri's house.

  3. I need to know where you got your leopard blouse, please!

  4. It looks like things are coming along beautifully at your home.

  5. That landscaping is looking really good! I know it seems so terribly slow in the process but once it's done (and done RIGHT), it's a joy for a long time to come.

    All your pictures are good.

  6. Great post. Love the landscaping. On Essential Oils...I have used them for decades, boy they are hot now days! Your table looks wonderful. Precious little one. Have a great week.

  7. Oh, that little guy is adorable! Lovely luncheon too!


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