Friday, May 27, 2016

Lea's Daybook - May 27, 2016

I have not done a daybook in a long while, today seemed a fitting day to do so.  
Hope you enjoy!
For Today....
Looking out my is overcast and suppose to be cloudy most of the day with possible rain this evening.  The overcast will be nice for the landscaper and his men as they continue with the landscape. ~a good thing~

I am thinking.....that I have never known our church to have 5 deaths in one month in my 40+ years of being a member.  We have lost 5 members to death since May 1st.  It seems that all Hubby and I have done lately is attend visitations and funerals. A tough time for the families of these dear folks.

I am thankful....that a week from tomorrow our children and their families will be meeting us in Branson, Missouri for some fun family time.  It can be very difficult to orchestrate these kind of gatherings due to a thing called "a job."  But, we planned this the first week of January and have looked forward to it ever since. ~special times~

One of my favorite things..... is being kicked back in my recliner, watching TV, enjoying Hubby's company, reading and composing blogs in the evenings.  It's generally my only "down time" throughout the day, so it's definitely a favorite time of mine.

I am leggings with little tiny white poka dots with a white lace tunic and black sandals.  I have several errands to run followed by an eye Drs. appointment.

I am creating.......for the 3rd straight year I will be creating our Garden Club's yearbook.  The first year nearly killed me but it has gotten easier as I only have to make certain changes.  I have to concentrate way harder than I like to just to get it done and I'm pretty sure this will be my LAST year to take on this undertaking.  ~just sayin'~

I am watching........I record the PBS series, Call the Midwife and I still have the last two shows of this season to watch.  I do love this series but I feel as though they went a bit over the top being way too graphic this season, or at least in my estimation they did.  I'm going to try and finish these last two shows this weekend.

I am hoping.....everything is going to come together for the Presidential election in Nov.  I've been pretty hooked on the news the past several months but I am beginning to tire of all of it now.  I mean, how many times can you hash and rehash and say what you've already said any differently.

I am learning........a whole lot about landscaping and the endless possibilities in creating ones own little paradise.  It has been a whole lot of fun watching our landscaper and crew create what I call "the icing on the cake" for our new house.

In my kitchen.....oh, my goodness, I've spent a whole lot of time in the kitchen this past month.  We had company the first of the month and then I've done a lot of cooking and feeezing for our Branson trip.  I've made egg casseroles, french toast casserole, lasagne, chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal cookies.  Hopefully it will all be enjoyed while we are there. Now, cooking for me and Hubby and has been sparse, a lot of hot grilled sandwiches.

In my garden.....well, I sure do not have a garden but Hubby has his trusty little tomato garden.  He still has it over at the old house for now and it seems to be thriving.  He usually has enough tomatoes for him and several others.  I!  I know, that's probably hard to believe but I cannot stand the texture.
From the Board Room......whatever did we do before Pinterest!
If you are in need of ideas for patriotic decor, look no further.  There are more ideas than you can imagine and some are so, so simple and most inexpensive.  I'm so glad we have this place to share and get ideas.  Amazing!

A favorite link.....I recently found this Etsy shop through someone on Facebook and I love these scripture cards that she makes.

There are 100 scripture cards, all with the designated name on them.  I have already given 5 sets of these as gifts and the recipients were thrilled with them.

A favorite quote..........

Closing thoughts.....we have a pretty busy weekend planned here.  I have a 100th birthday affair to attend Saturday afternoon and then Saturday evening 4 of Hubby's classmates from high school are coming over for dinner.  Two of them are in town for the long weekend and it will be good to get to see them and visit.  I'm looking forward to using a patriotic theme for our dinner.  More to come about this..........

Have yourself a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Have a beautiful weekend and a safe travels for the upcoming week...smiles

  2. How smart are you to prepare those dishes in advance so you don't have to worry about eating out every meal. I know. How sad to have had so many deaths there and I only know about three of them. It was good to see some of the gals at Martha's funeral on Wednesday. Missed you.

  3. I also love Call the Midwives. While there is definitely a bit much childbirth gore for my taste, I love watching the nuns live out their Christian vocation with dedication and sometimes humor, and I love the attention paid to issues that affect women even today. My only criticism involves the loss of some of my favorite characters from earlier seasons.

  4. Wonderful post. Branson. I'd like to visit that place some day. Have a good weekend and enjoy that trip!

  5. Good planning to prepare a lot of the meals in advance. My only concern about doing something like that is keeping the food frozen while you're traveling.

  6. Oh, I love those scripture cards! How are you faring in the flood zone that Bastrop is in?


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