Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday's Musings

 Post #850! ~that's a lotta posts~ Good Morning! It's good to be back doing a regular post.  We were gone week before last to Atlanta to see one of Hubby's sister and her husband and when we got home it was non-stop.  Thus, no time for blogging.  But, now for a little about our trip and other trivial matters. ~grin~
We always have a good time with these folks.  This is one of Tommy's sisters and her husband.  They live in the Atlanta area and they always show us the best time.
 We visited the relatively new Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  Hubby particularly enjoyed seeing ideas for our landscape that is about to begin. ~we hope, weather permitting~

There was an interesting exhibit called Woven Whimsy at the gardens.  These creations are totally made of wood, branches and twigs by Patrick Dougherty.  He has been doing these creations for over 25 years and has done more than 250 sculptures and they have been seen throughout the US, Europe and Asia.  The above display will remain on the site at the gardens until they naturally break down over time.  Now, my question is, how in the world are these transported?  I wish I had asked that to one of the folks working there at the gardens.

On Friday evening we went to The Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle, Ga. for dinner.  The Blue Willow Inn features a "southern" buffet that is housed in an old Greek Revival mansion and served up on Blue Willow dishes.  They refer to sweetened iced tea as the Champagne of the South.  I don't think that any of the four of us would say that it was the best food we had eaten by a long shot, but the experience was well worth the drive over. 
Our last afternoon there we went downtown to the Alliance Theater to see Born for This.  It is the story of BeBe Winans.  We had no idea what to expect,but I have always enjoyed the music of BeBe and CiCi Winans.  Well, this was a huge HIT with us and apparently the entire audience.  From the first 5 minutes to the very end, it was wonderful!  There were 29 total songs and they were sung as well as any Broadway musical I've seen.  It was a wonderful way to spend our last evening together.
Now, abit closer to home............
For the past couple of weeks this has been the scene on our pond in the early morning hours.  What beauty!  And, I did not edit this picture at all, the early morning sun created the brilliant colors.
And, this gal was born about 10 days ago to our daughter and her family.  Yes, they have quite the zoo at their house. ~just kidding~  She has yet to be named. ~gotta get it just right~ She was born during a bad storm one night so I think Stormy might be a good name, but SIL likely thinks that is not very official sounding. ~chuckle~
I have no idea what Andi Kate was after, but she was certainly serious about getting it.  There is never a dull moment with this child!  I'm so thankful for a DIL that shares these moments with me through text messages.  I chuckled out loud over this one.

And, this big boy has just learned to blow.  Can you tell?  He had as many sweet potatoes on his face as he did in his tummy.  Oh, the joys of babies!!!

Have a great new week my friends!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Oh, your little ones are just so adorable! So sweet.

  2. Lea,

    Great to see pictures of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It's on our travel list, along with Gibbs Gardens.

    Those babies are cuties,

  3. I'm fascinated by the garden structures! I'd love to see them in person, and am going to google him. I've heard the name and think he's got something in NC too. Your littles are so cute! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. The resemblance between your daughter and her Atlanta aunt is striking! Both are such beautiful ladies.

    Loved the photo of Andi Kate climbing inside the cabinet!! What fun!

  5. What a nice trip! And the babies... made me laugh too, both of them. I remember both scenarios when ours were growing up. :)

  6. Well it sure looks like you had a wonderful trip and visit, and I am glad you got to enjoy it. Such cute pics of the kids, lol. Aren't today's electronics wonderful that let us grandma's catch glimpses of the little's ones days...I LOVE it! Have a good week!

  7. What awesome photos, thank you for sharing...Happy Belated Mothers Day to you.

  8. Great pics but my fave are the last two. Have a great week.

  9. Lea, we saw a twig sculpture exhibit by the same artist a couple years up in Niles, MI. It was amazing.


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