Friday, May 20, 2016

A Bit of This and That

Yes, it is some random thoughts and rather than call it "random thoughts," I thought that "A Bit of This and That" sounded better.  I doubt that you really cared what it's called, but I felt I should explain. ~chuckle~

I see these signs on the back of restroom doors in restaurants all the time.  It is appalling to me when I see them.  I mean, do employee really need this sign?  If they do then they sure do not need to be working in a restaurant and heaven forbid that one of them would be waiting on my table.  Good grief! Then, is there a hidden camera, placed by the employer, to make sure that their employees are washing their hands.  How else would they know?  Like I said, good grief!

This is a sign made out of a bronze medal, that I have had for several years and it has always hung in my home office.  It serves as such a great reminder for me.  When I had our first child a dear older lady came by to see me from our church.  I was a bit overwhelmed with the whole motherhood deal and she said to me, "Lea, never forget to just be still and know."  I have never forgotten those words and when I saw this sign I had to have it as a visible reminder of those very words. 

Who would have ever dreamed that our society, founded up on Godly principals, would ever be facing such as this?  It saddens my heart deeply that my Grans will be growing up  with such and their parents will now have "one more issue" to deal with on their plate.  I mean, how do you explain this to a young child?  You shouldn't have to, I'm quite certain it. wasn't. a. part. of. God's. plan.
  ~so very sad~

I've been keeping my eye peeled for just the right something to go on either side of these windows.  Last week while shopping I ran across these wooden Fleur de Lis.  They seemed to be the perfect something so I grabbed them and brought them home to try.  I was so pleased and think they are definitely the "finishing touch" that wall needed.

And, that's my random thoughts for today..................

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. As always, enjoyed your really do not want my opinion on the bathroom issue...sigh...and I quite agree. How about being 49 yrs. old and set in ones ways? I am being faced with a certain dilemma when I return back to school in August...I will be taking a mandatory P.E. class and NY is being forced to allow all whatever in the locker rooms. I have already had 2 run ins with a certain trans person in the ladies restroom.

    ANYWAYS---like I said, you really do not need or want my opinion.

  2. I just keep praying, "Lord, come quickly!" I'm longing for Heaven these days.

  3. You're right ... those walls needed something, and the fleur de lis are perfect!

  4. Good morning! I honestly can't believe [along with millions of others] that we have reached such levels in this country as the bathroom and locker changes. I guess we could go on and on. And yet it all comes back to the same thing. As a country we have been living a godless existence for so long that there is no where to go but down. Like you, I am so concerned for my grands. And yet at this point all I can really do is pray...which I do EVERYDAY...for the state of this country. All so very sad. Your walls look great!

  5. Please remember that transgendered people are children of God, made in God's image. Also, can anyone out there explain to me how Christian people can support Donald Trump--a man who's been married three times and by his own admission has had many, many adulterous affairs? Just asking :)

  6. Lea.. I have gone to some of the best restaurants in Dallas and NYC and a lot of the restrooms are equal opportunity. This was happening before the transgender issue. I always luck out by going after the slob that doesn't put the toilet seat down. Yuck. Enjoy your weekend.


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