Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's Wednesday and that means the HP with Joyce and her thought provoking questions.
Hope you enjoy!

1. Tell us about a time you found yourself 'in the middle of nowhere'. Was this deliberate?
Oh, no, it was definitely not deliberate!  Hubby and I headed to The Villages, Florida two years ago this past Feb.  We had planned this trip months in advance and  thought it would be great to go to sunshine and warmth during our winter.  Well, might you know that ice and snow followed us almost the entire way causing us to have to take back roads that we didn't even know existed.  Interstate was closed and we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere several times.  Thankfully once we arrived at The Villages, the sun was shining and it was warm and we had found our way out of nowhere.
2. What's something you're 'in the middle of' today or this week? 
 I am in charge of making dessert for my study group that meets tomorrow.  There will be just enough present that I will need to have two desserts.  So, I made one yesterday and I will be making the other one today.  Plus, I am in charge of the program and I'll be putting the finishing touches on that today as well.  So, yes, I am in the middle of something today.

3. At what age do you think 'middle age' begins? What does it mean to be 'middle aged'? 
For me, I'm pretty sure I'm past middle age at almost 64 years old but I'm not sure when "it" really begins.  Does that even make sense?  I suppose being somewhere between early adulthood and a more "mature" adult is what middle aged means.  I rarely think about age,but more about how I feel and am very fortunate that I'm still pretty energetic and very healthly.  
4. Ravioli, stuffed peppers, samosas, deviled eggs, steamed dumplings, pierogis, or a jelly donut...your favorite food (from this list!) with something yummy in the middle. Your favorite not on the list?
I am not crazy about any on the list but deviled eggs would be my choice.  I think a Reese Cup would be a favorite of mine not on the list.  There's not much better than chocolate and peanut butter.
5. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying ''In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.' Would you agree? Have you found this to be true in your own life? Feel free to elaborate. 
Definitely, I can look back at difficulties that gave me opportunities for change in a positive way and also I can see times when I did not take the opportunity that difficulty presented me. I think it's sort of like taking lemons and making lemonade.  And, facing difficulties can show us and others what we are really made of, good or bad.
6. What's a song you remember loving from your middle school years? Do you love it still? 
 Oh, there were soooo many wonderful songs in my middle school years, but the first one I thought of was Stop! In The Name of Love by the Supremes.  I loved it and still love it and know it word for word!
7. May 18th is National Visit Your Relatives Day. Will you celebrate? Which relative would you visit if time, distance, and expense were not considered. 
Don't guess I will celebrate as I do not have a relative near enough to go see.  But, I did just go to Virginia last month and see lots of relatives on my maternal side of the family.  It was a wonderful time and a lot of precious memories were made.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
I thoroughly enjoyed watching Megyn Kelly's interview with Donald Trump last evening. She is such a classy woman, and a very powerful woman that can definitely hold her own.  I thought she asked him some very pointed questions and she pretty much made him answer them and not skirt around them.  Hubby said that he'll probably end up making her his Press Secretary if he does indeed become our next President.  Wouldn't that be interesting!!!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Ha! Trump did not "skirt around"... I knew what you meant but I chuckled when I read it. Trump likes skirts!

  2. I love all the Supremes' songs. They make me remember a very happy, carefree time in my life. Good luck with your second dessert - I'm sur it will be delish! Enjoy your week.

  3. Oh my, I forgot about Stop! In the Name of Love. I loved it and most all of the Supremes' songs ... at least their earlier songs before Dianna Ross got a notion to go out on her own.

  4. You do indeed have a busy day ahead. I wish I could hear your program. You will have to give me a synopsis. Love the Supremes and that song especially. Wasn't that the era for so many great songs and singers? Nothing like the 50's!

  5. Now, see, I am not a Kelly reasons...just not, smiles. I did enjoy the interview with him though, and glad that things seem settled now.

    Enjoyed your Hodgepodge and thanks, I am now humming that song, smiles.

  6. That is a great song, part of the music my dad listens to but I know it well. Peanut butter and chocolate is a great combination! I bet your desserts are going to be delicious. Enjoy :)

  7. I wish I'd seen that interview with Megyn Kelly, but we don't get cable and only a few local channels. I bet I could find it on YouTube. I'll check it out. The Supremes were amazing weren't they!

  8. The Suoremes! Oh yes. I was in high school when they first came on the scene and loved all their songs. I didn't like it when Diana Ross went out on her own. We had a fabulous chocolate and peanut butter dessert yesterday with a mix of almonds and coconut and some other ingredient. It was a healthy peanut butter pie. So delicious.

  9. How wonderful to be involved with a study group and making desserts for them. Great answer on the Reese's PB cup. I sure do love them. I will be 65 this year and it is not that I feel old but that our country makes me feel old sending me a million and one things on Medicare. I'm struggling with this right now. Excellent song choice. That would be interesting and I enjoyed the interview too! She is one smart lady. I don't know if you watch Madam Secretary but I could see her in Megyn in that role.

  10. Hmmm...Megyn that would be interesting. I didn't see the interview though. I'm a big fan of Motown so love your song choice. Enjoy your day and your gathering tomorrow!

  11. Press Secretary. Now that's an interesting thought. (We already know that any women on Trump's staff would be physically beautiful.)


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