Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday , Wind Gusts and Fires

It's Good Friday and I'm sitting here watching Clancy play in his ExerSaucer and listening to his "happy noises." It is so amazing how babies change in a short 6 month period. Clancy has gone from a babe in arms, pretty much no response to us to very active, full of personality and always glad for an audience. Don't think I really appreciated all the different stages in my own children, but find it so amazing to watch now that I have a Grandchild. Guess that's why the Lord gives us Grandchildren to enjoy when we are older. :) Bridget and I will take him this afternoon to have his 6 month portrait taken. Hopefully he will "perform" well. Right now Clancy is watching the birds outside the den window. They have a feeder placed nearby and the birds are flocking to it this windy, cold morning. Clancy is fascinated!

There are wildfires all around the area and some nearby. The wind has blown unbelievably and is making it near impossible to control the fires. So many have lost homes and land and others are doing all they can to keep from becoming a victim themselves. Another sad situation.........

I am so thankful for what this day means in my life and the assurance that it gives me. Knowing that the Lord has prepared for me an eternal home and that He has everything under control is the supreme comfort. He is ALIVE !
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Are you going to make us wait for pictures?
    Glad you and Tommy arrived safely. Where did you stop along the way?

    The boys and I are driving up to Mama's for Easter Sunday lunch and visit with the family. Won't spend the night as Jamie is on IV"s and it is just easier to do at home. We will take his 4 PM meds, but no more. I think the weather is going to be bad, so pray for traveling mercies for us.

    Have fun with the little one and give Bridget my love.



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