Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm finally back....................

It is so good to be back to my blogging. I've missed it, but ever since we got in from Oklahoma, I've had lots to do and catch up on. Seems any time we're gone for a time, there's just lots to tend to when we return home. I wish that I could "fly by the seat of my pants" but it is just not my nature, and likely it will not be at this point. I MUST have my "ducks in a row!" :)

I want to share a few of my favorite photos taken while we were there.

Is there anything sweeter than these fat legs and feet?

I tell Clancy all the time that his CiCi loves him "best of all."

This one has BABY written all over it! I LOVE it!

He playing with the wooden rattler that his Great Grandpa (my Dad) made for him. It's made out of
one piece of wood. Really amazing!

Clancy enjoying some "Poppa time" and Poppa enjoying some "Clancy time."

I sometimes sit and think about the world that Clancy and our future Grandchildren are going to grow up in and it is almost scary to me. I began praying for my Grandchildren many years ago and now that we have a Grandchild, it is a top priority of my prayer life. I also pray for my children as they parent their children. What a task! But, I know that the Lord will bless their efforts as they strive to raise their children in the "nurture and admonition"of the Lord. I pray that all of our Grandchildren will grow up to be wonderful Christians and bring honor and glory to the Lord in all they do. There is no greater success!

Well, I must stop blogging and go get ready to head to Monroe with hubby. We're off to get life jackets and such for his new boat. I will save that for another blog. :)

A happy Saturday and a wonderful Lord's Day to you all...........
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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