Saturday, April 4, 2009

Zinneas and "other stuff"

The past two days have been almost perfect Spring days and I had to get outside and "play in the dirt." I love potting plants in pots and decorating our patio with them. I always have two large Kimberly Queen ferns in each corner and a couple of Fluffy Ruffle ferns hanging. We have a huge Foxtail fern that we have had for about 4 -5 years and it always catches folks eye and makes for good conversation. I vary from year to year what I put in the 4-5 other large pots and this year decided that I would put Zinneas in them. I filled them absolutely full and in a few weeks they will make gorgeous bouquets of brilliant color. I will definitely try to post photos when they "show their faces" becuase I know you will want to see. :)

My Dad came over this afternoon and we had coffee outside on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful day while we visited over a piece of freshly made pound cake along with the coffee. Dad had not seen the newly decorated rooms, so I gave him a tour before he left and he was impressed. I would love for my Mom to see them, she always enjoyed my projects with me. As I've said so many times since her death, there's just no one quite as interested in every detail of our life as our Mothers.

We will celebrate an early Easter and a late birthday for Tommy tomorrow evening with Brandon, Windy and Daddy. They will come over and have dinner and then we'll likely get involved with Dominos or a card game. I always look forward to time with family!

We're looking forward to seeing our Oklahoma Family this coming week and seeing Clancy's new tricks and getting some really "sweet sugar."

We will celebrate Palm Sunday tomorrow, preparation for the week leading up to Easter. What a special, special season! HE arose and because He did, I'll never be the same.

Happy Palm Sunday to each of you!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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