Friday, July 2, 2010

Celebrating Our Daughter

Good Morning Girls! Do come in and let me share with you about our "second born" and last child, our daughter.  She will be celebrating her 31 st birthday tomorrow.  And, you know that I was only 12 when she was born. ~chuckle~
Minutes after her birth in her Daddy's arms
As usual, here in Louisiana, it was a very hot and humid summer. I was miserable, to say the least, and since my due date was June 28th, I was more than ready by July 3rd.   She entered the world weighing 8lb. 8oz. Just the cutest little bundle of joy you ever did see.
7 months old and all dressed and ready for church
We had an almost 3 year old son at the time of her birth and so we were just delighted that we now had "one of each." Bridget entered the world a very happy baby and has pretty much been that way ever since.  
A "die-hard" thumb sucker from day one.
I had so much fun dressing her in "frills and lace" and "bonnets and bows."  She wore it well and she seemed to always draw a compliment whenever we went out.         
Dance Recital at about 8 years old

Playing with her brother and his friends
A cute little Pilgrim in Preschool

Junior High Cheer Leader

It seemed we only "turned around twice" and she was college bound.  The house was suddenly very quiet.

After her college graduation she and I took a trip to New York City.  This celebrated her graduation and my 50th birthday.  We made some of the most fun memories of all times.  It was a most special  "mother daughter time."
Downtown NYC
Enjoying some "silly time" in our hotel room in downtown NYC
After college graduation Bridget headed off to Dallas, Texas to begin her teaching career.  Little did she know that her life was about to take another "big turn."    Through a dear friend of hers, she had a blind date with a cowboy from Oklahoma.  It wasn't long until she came home to tell her Dad and I that "she was in love."

Their courtship began in May, they were engaged in July and then married in December.  Talk about getting it in "high gear!"
Bridal portrait taken by Kevin Beasley in Ruston, LA.
They began their lives in Dallas but in a few short months, they headed to Oklahoma to begin their lives there.  Bridget had never been around horses in her life, but it wasn't long until it appeared that she had grown up on a ranch, rather than the "prissy, city girl" that she was.  

Doesn't she look like a "natural?"
About 5 1/2 years later, she and her husband blessed us with our first Grandchild, a little boy. 

An indescribable moment
Yes, it seems just yesterday that Bridget entered our lives and what a blessing she has been.  We are so proud of all she has accomplished and what all she will continue to accomplish in the years ahead. God has blessed her with a contagious spirit and she is using that spirit to touch lives in her day to day walk and in her life's calling - teaching.

Bridget, I salute you and am so proud to call you "my daughter."  I pray God's continued blessings upon your life. And, never forget, you'll always be our "favorite" daughter. ~smile~

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  1. oh that was nice!! she was a beautiful bride!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating! God has richly blessed your family!

  3. What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing Bridget with us she seems to be a beautiful lady in so many ways!

  4. How sweet! What a good momma you are!

  5. that's so sweet. You can tell you are a proud mama :)

  6. July 3rd is a great day for a birthday. It's mine too! Your daughter is beautiful. May she continue to bring blessing and joy into your life!

  7. Happy birthday to Bridget! She sounds like a fabulous daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend. I love that photo of the two of you. What a blessing she must be to you, and I'm positive you have been a blessing to her all of these 31 years. And I knew you were 43! =p One of my long-time friends has a birthday tomorrow too. We won't be joining the 31-club until next year though. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. What a lovely tribute! My eldest daughter will be 36 this fall and I agree with you that time goes all too swiftly...passing on best wishes to your daughter!

  9. What a wonderfully sweet post! Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a beautiful daughter.. Happy Birthday.
    Blessings to this sweet family.


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