Monday, July 19, 2010

Miscelleny Monday

one. i find myself looking forward to "miscellany monday." it is such a fun meme and carissa is such a "hip" young lady! thanks carissa for hosting this most fun time. i don't know how you do all that you do and do it so well.

two. i've found myself fretting over things completely out of my control in recent weeks. how silly for a "child of the king" to do such. HIS promises are sure, HE has it all under control and does not need our assistance. i have enough things under my control to spend my time on and think that  i've been lax in my time in the word and that's when things such as fretting begin showing up in my life.

 three. i love that my husband and son enjoy golfing together. hubby is an avid hunter and golfer. our son (now 33 years old) never developed a love of hunting but fell in love with golfing at a very young age and is quite the golfer. he and hubby have spent many enjoyable hours on the golf course over the past 25 years. i think it's so neat that golfing is a sport that one can enjoy for most of their life, unlike a lot of other sports.

four.  i read an article this week where the author said that he wished that we had a "life check" like our computer programs have a "spell check."  it could point out the areas of our lives that needed correcting, assuming it would be done rooted in Godly values. he went on to say that we do indeed have such a "life check," it is the bible and the more we expose ourselves to it and conform to its teachings the better off we are and the more likely we are to have the problem areas corrected. i liked that!

five. we took our 20 month old grandson out for his first boat ride on saturday. while out, we pulled up to a sand bar and he had his first experience with sand. need i say, he liked both very much. what precious "memory making" times.

six. my brother in law's retina detached this past wednesday while he was on a fishing trip in canada. he lives in the atlanta area, so this just complicated things even more. he managed to get home on thursday and had surgery on friday. it remains to be seen, and will for quite some time, if he will regain any vision as a result of the reattachment. it is truly scary how quickly our lives can take a downward turn and especially when it comes to our health. thank goodness for a god who gives us peace and comfort during these times.

seven.  this is my 133rd blog entry since I began blogging in march of 2009. what a fun adventure this has been! what wonderful friends i have made, and what encouragement i have received. it has become one of my most enjoyable hobbies. not everyone understands bloggers, but that's okay, we understand each other and that's all that matters. right?

eight. i'm praying for both our daughter and daughter in law and the upcoming school year. our  daughter and family have just moved here and she will be in a new school system. she will be the gifted specialist at the magnet school here. she was so grateful that she was able to get a job. our daughter in law is in the special education department at our local high school. a new principal is on board and that likely means change, and, that's good, as long as it is for the better. i'm proud of both of them and the difference they are making in the lives of the kids they teach each day. 
 nine. i have just ordered "don't waste your life" and "finally alive" by john piper and "crazy love" by francis chen. i've heard such "rave reviews" about all three of these and can hardly wait for them to arrive. i'm so grateful for men such as these that use God's inspired word as they write books.

a most blessed week to all of you!


Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I have missed you, feel like I have been out of touch forever! I love the life check idea! Praying for your Bro, in law, hope he has a complete recovery! Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. How I agree with your # 2, # 3 and # 4. For the three, my son loves golfing with his dad, he's only four years old. It's such a great sport for them to spend time together, I can picture them in the future like your son and his father:-) Have blessed week. Misc. Mon visit.

  3. I know how you feel when you say you are fretting over things which are completely out of your control. It might be silly ;) but I think God understands. He loves us nonetheless which is the really astonishing thing about His amazing grace. Trying to stay in control of things and having a hard time letting go is human, after all.

    I will pray for your bother in law. I hope he will feel better!


  4. I am thankful that you link up here every week.

    So thankful your husband and son have something they enjoy doing together.

    Your grandson is adorable!

    So sorry about your BIL's retina. That happened to a friend of mine. She's doing great now.

    Have a great Monday!

  5. Love these photos of your grandson! He really looks like he is fascinated with these new adventures. Thanks for sharing!

  6. So very true on the life check! THanks for sharing cici!




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