Monday, July 5, 2010

Miscellany Monday

1. i decided that i would try to do my "random thoughts" in all lowercase today to honor carissa and it's very hard for me. it puts me outside my "comfort zone." ~chuckle~

2. i'm almost ready for our branson trip. We are leaving on wed. morning and will return next sunday.  we do love branson and this time we're going with my dad, stepmom and my  brother and his family. we have a 4 bedroom,4 bath condo, so everyone should be very happy. and, to think, this time next week the trip will be history and  nothing left but fun memories.

 3. i found a sippy cup behind one of my couch pillows earlier today. my precious grandson had put it there yesterday  and it had milk in it. need i say more?

4.i think this picture of my  brother and his family looks like a postcard. they were vacationing in colorado last week when this was taken.

 5. i know it's silly, but i love opening the mail every day and throwing half of it in the trash. i also love getting a new magazine and going through and tearing out all the little bothersome order blanks before I ever sit down to read it. weird, i know.

6. not sure why, but hubby and i were not accounted for in the recent u.s. census. we never got the form in the mail and no one ever knocked on our door. shucks! and, we've lived in this same house for 29 years, so it's not like we have a new address.

7. i guess the 4th will be a little more noisy once our "grans"  are old enough for fireworks. ~smile!  for now we just enjoy the neighbors from a distance.

i hope everyone enjoyed a great 4th and for more great miscellany monday, click here.
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I have a very similiar picture of my family from when we went to Colorado. Fence, mts. in the background! Love Colorado! I love to get the mail also!! I am always hoping for something besides a bill!

  2. I have honestly never even thought to tear all the annoying pieces out of the magazine before sitting down to read it! I will now begin, although I never actually sit down to read a magazine so I may have to save that one for a few years! :)

    It won't be long till you have a louder fourth. We went to watch fireworks last night. The older kids LOVED them. Cooper just about strangled me and begged to go to the car. In fact, he finally went and buckled himself in his carseat and refused to get out!

  3. hahahah i LOVED your first miscellany! i actually am a fan of typing in all lowercase, it's probably b/c i'm lazy but i think it also gives it a more casual look?? well anyways, my blog is pretty mixed case, esp when it comes to names of things haha!

  4. I am not sure I could do an entire post in lower case letters. I should try it next time. Sounds like you are going to have a great trip! Ewww on the sippy cup. I once had an entire gallon of milk spill in my car. I think I am still smelling milk! I much prefer to enjoy the fireworks from afar anyways! Have a great Monday!

  5. LOVE your randomness :) I've found those icky sippy cups before!

  6. LOL about the zippy cup. That's happened to me to many of times. Thanks for sharing your randomness!

    happy Monday to you!


  7. Sounds like a wonderful trip to Branson~ I've never been there, but think the sights and shows sound fun! I also love getting actual mail (as opposed to email), but not so much the junk mail stuff...

    And I hate that sippy cup situation~ I find myself in that position a time or two every week. The worst is in the car in this heat... I could go on but won't!

    Have a great week!

  8. Throwing away that junk mail and pulling out the postcards is just another part of your neat streak! ~ Your brother's family is lovely. They all look so fit, healthy and vibrant! ~ I would love to go back to Branson. Haven't been in about 10 years. Have a great time!

  9. I do the same with the mail, throw out half of it. And with the magazines, I throw out the order forms before I read it. :) I can't stand those papers stuck inside of it!

    It's so great when you find a sippy cup with spoiled milk in it, isn't it? That's an every day occurrence in our house! lol

    I'm participating in Monday Miscellany too, if you wanna check it out.

  10. #3 - i can totally relate. except my lil' man's cup was left for two days in the hot car. yikes!

    i love your lowercase letters. : ) you are super cute! isn't it so much quicker?! i have a hard time now remembering to use uppercase when necessary. ha.

    #4 - what a beautiful picture! definitely postcard worthy!

    thanks for linking up! i love having you.

  11. What a great pic and it does look like a post card! Great miscellany super funny!

    I have found a sippy cup behind the couch that was a day old yay I feel ya on that one LOL

    Summer :0)


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