Monday, July 26, 2010

Miscellany Monday

I'm so excited, I was #1 on Carissa's "linking up" list this morning! Guess that's one of the perks for getting up so early to leave on our trip.  Happy Monday and I'll look forward to visiting around a bit later in the day.

1. while you are reading this, hubby and i are on our way to point clear, alabama for an outing with his business. we have never been before, but we'll be staying at the grand hotel and we hear we are in for a treat. i'll let you know.

2. before i say this, let me assure you that i do love my cellphone and really cannot imagine life without them, but..........i do think we have taken it "over the top" with them and are just plain rude with them. when you are conversing with me and stop to take a call, it makes me feel very unimportant. when i am dining out and you take a call and hold a long conversation, using your outside voice, it bothers the "bajebbers" out of me. when i am in a business and you are sitting over there talking on your cell phone, it also bothers the "daylites" out of me. and, if it goes off in a church service, well, that's just unforgiveable. ~wink~  i think you get my message! i am sure that i have been guilty of some bad phone manners myself, but my phone is completely muted when i go inside businesses, restaurants and drs. offices. often it is just left inside my vehicle. i made it almost 40 years without one and surely i can make it a few minutes or a few hours without it. if someone needs me that badly, they can just come looking for me. ~chuckle~

3. i was in a business the other day and saw these adorable sock monkeys. it caused a rush of memories for me.

when i was a little girl, the sock monkey pictured below is the one i had and absolutely loved.  and, if i remember correctly, my grandmother made the monkey for me. wow! i think it's just too cool that they've made a more "girly" one now. i think both are on my Christmas list for the "grans."

 4. i "thought" that i wanted music added to my blog, so i had some "custom" instrumental music created. well, i've just about decided that it bothers me and think i'm about to remove it. my 31 year old daughter says it drives her crazy, that really scared me.~chuckle~ so if it's gone next time you stop by, you'll know why.

5. speaking of my daughter......she has entered the blogging world and i promised her that i would put in a good word for her (in spite of the fact that she doesn't like my blog music). in case you are interested, her blog is "The Broome Bunch" and you can click here to find it.

6. my hair is longer than it has been in years and years and  I'm trying to decide if I should keep growing it a bit longer. i have always "heard" that as we age we should keep our hair shorter, well, how short? i mean, two ladies that i think are just as classy as they come and are in my "age range" are beth moore and anne graham lotz and they have longer hair. perhaps that statement was in regards to hair hanging down your back. oh, well, i'll try to use good judgement and when someone says to me with a funny look, "oh, i see you are letting your hair grow," i'll come home and look in the mirror and rethink it.~giggle~

7. i have a very special relationship with the young vietnamese lady that does my nails. She and her family are just absolutely precious and i call myself their "american mom." they are the hardest working individuals i've ever known and have the deepest appreciation of being american. they have both been american citizens for many years and their children (14 &10) were both born here. i have such a special place in my heart for them and truly feel that the Lord placed them in my path for a profound reason. today, the mom and daughter attended church with me.  my 80 year old dad was going to be preaching and i invited them to come and they very willingly agreed. he preached such a stirring message and there's no doubt their hearts were touched and they were blessed. what an honor it is for me to know them and share in their lives and i pray that i can be used to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

as always, i've so enjoyed sharing my miscellaneous thoughts with you today. carissa is just "the bomb" and if you haven't checked out other miscellany monday's, then click here and enjoy!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Lovely Miscellany!!

    I agree about the cellphone. I make it a point to NEVER talk on the phone when I am at a store and paying. I remember when I worked retail and people wouldn't even acknowledge me when they'd pay because they were talking away. It was quite rude.

    Congrats on being #1 -- and have a wonderful trip. The hotel looks amazing.

    And, finally, I'm off to check out your daughter's blog.



  2. I can't agree with your more on #2! I hate when people wear the earpiece in the grocery store and sometimes I think they are talking to me and then I realize. I think they just look like they are talking to themselves. LOL and I will check out your daughter's blog

  3. Dittos on the cell phone issue, Miss Lea!! Especially, when the conversation continues after the ring on and on!! Rude!! Have fun at The Grand...looks like a lovely place!! Enjoy (there'll be a package waiting for you when you get back!! :)

  4. loved all the miscellany! oooh that hotel loooks fab hope ya'll have an AMAZING trip yay for business trips with perks!! Um I agree about cellphones....especially in church!!

    Yay on being #1 and that is awesome your daughter started her own blog

    Will have to go take a looksy


  5. Have a great trip! Chris used to take a trip like that and we stayed in a luxury was WONDERFUL!

    I love that you have developed a relationship with this family...and you are sharing Jesus with them...that is so amazingly wonderful! You will probably never know the total impact you have on the lives of those people!


  6. What a great post for Monday! Hope your time away is wonderful!

  7. Wow, that looks like a fabulous hotel. Enjoy your trip!

    I so can relate to the cell phone thing. I mean really. One day I was getting a pedicure and the gal who was doing my feet sat there the whole time talking on her cell. Too bad I couldn't understand what she was saying!

    I wanted to say I just love your blog music. I have music on my blog too, also created by Jared, and because I usually have my computer on "mute" I hardly hear it. I know alot of bloggers who have music and I am just in the habit of muting the sound now. By advice would be if you really do love what was created for you, leave it there. There is always a work around. If you don't, ditch it!

    Have a great day!

  8. I hope you have a great trip!!

    I agree with you about cell phones. There are so many people who are so rude with their phones. Texting everywhere, talking everywhere and loudly. It's quite annoying when people are with me and start to text out of nowhere. There should be cell phone etiquette.

    Visiting from Monday Miscellany! Hope you can stop by ours as well!

  9. Enjoy the grand hotel!!

    Agree about cell phone etiquette (or lack there of)

    Love that you introduced your daughter to blogging!! : )

    How wonderful that your path crossed with the manicurist's - sounds like you are both blessed!

    happy monday!

  10. I enjoyed reading all of these Lea. I agree with the phone thing. I can't stand being in a business and someone is talking on the phone so loudly you know the whole conversation! ~ I've decided that short hair actually makes us look older. I had long hair most of my life, then cut it in a bob, then grew it out and then cut it really short all over. I felt old the whole time I had it short I don't know why I didn't start growing it out again sooner. My hair is too thin to wear very long, but I think some length is youthful. Even at the length in your picture. I know you'll be beautiful no matter what!

  11. Oh My Jellybeans that hotel looks amazing! Cell phones drive me crazy too!!! Once in church a gentleman's cell went off ~ and he was sitting right in front of me. I wanted to stand up and say, "THAT'S NOT ME!" I didn't ~ but I wanted too! *wink/wink* I hope you have a wonderful trip with your hubby. Blessings Sweet Blogging Friend, EMichelle

  12. sorry i'm so late!!! my hands are full these days! : ) the trip sounds like fun - especially staying at a fabulous place like that! i agree with #2! some days i just ignore the phone and it feels like a treat! thanks for joining in!


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