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Chubby Thighs and Bulk Cooking

 Good Morning Ladies! It's always fun to enjoy a visit with my "blogging buddies" through Company Girl Coffee on Fridays. And, let me add that while most you I have never met, nor will I ever meet, I treasure our friendship. I never dreamed the wonderful folks I would meet out in "blog land" when I began this venture 17 months ago.  I feel a special bond to many of you.  Thanks to Rachel for giving us one more way to "connect" on Fridays.

On Tuesday I had the privilege of keeping my precious little 10 month old Granddaughter for most of the day.  She is the happiest little girl and squeals with delight.  She is beginning to say Da-Da, Ma-Ma and I'm working hard with her on CiCi. ~chuckle~  And, I couldn't help but snap the picture below and afterwards I explained to her that this was the only time in her life that chubby thighs would be considered cute. ~giggle~  But, aren't they precious?  I just love pinching them!
I have been wanting to replace the flat braided rugs in our kitchen (under the table and in front of the sink area) but wanted more of a decorator rug this time. I've always had flat braided rugs and while I do like them, it is just time for a change. I began looking a couple of weeks ago and of course, an 8X10 rug and a 9' runner can be costly.  I had been to one furniture store and checked the internet but nothing just "sent me" or was just way to costly.  Yesterday I happened to remember this great discount place that we have here.  I had completely forgotten that they carry lots and lots of rugs.  I decided to go and check them out.  I had not been there 15 minutes when I saw what I thought was perfect!  And,what

This replaced the one below. Now, don't you agree it has a bit more pizazz!!!

made it even better, they had the matching 9' runner.  The price couldn't be beat.  They are made in India of 100% wool.  Now, I don't know how much you know about rugs, but let me tell you, they can be expensive.  I paid a small fraction of what they would have cost anywhere else.  I've known the owner of this place for years and I asked him how in the world he could sell these so inexpensively.  He explained that he buys them by the tractor trailer load and gets them for "rock bottom" prices.  Well, I'm so thrilled with the new look in our kitchen and Hubby was equally thrilled.  Amazing what a rug can do. ~smile!~

Yesterday I woke up with a "bee in my bonnet."  I have always enjoyed doing what I call "bulk cooking" and then stashing it away in the freezer.  Well, I noticed the other day that my freezer was pretty much empty of any stashes. When I woke up this morning I decided to do something about that today.  I have to be in the right mood to do bulk cooking and it seemed that today was the day.  I quickly made a grocery list of needed items to make Lasagna and a Mexican Casserole.  When I returned home I began the process.  

I love to "kill two birds with one stone" whenever possible. There were 3-4 of my older (remember I don't like the word elderly) lady friends that I needed to check on, so I put on my headset phone.  I would call and talk to
them while cooking. Let me just say this before I go any further--if you do not own a headset phone, you are missing out on one of life's greatest 
blessings! ~big laugh~ You can talk on the phone and absolutely never "miss a beat." Okay, now back to the cooking.  In about 2 1/2 hours I had   
6 containers  of  Lasagna and 4 containers of Mexican Casserole. I believe that calculates to about 10 meals and I did not spend quite $40 for all the ingredients.  I think that's impressive! ~smile!~ I will share with my daughter and daughter in law. They both head back to work (they teach) next Tuesday.   A stash in their freezer  might be handy for them to have for "one of those days."  I was so glad to find that these neat little aluminum containers  at the local Dollar Store. Just love some of the "finds" in there!  I think I have another "bee in my bonnet" this morning and am going to do some more bulk cooking. Today it will be Chicken Enchilada's and a Breakfast Casserole.  That should get my freezer looking "happy" once again.

 While visiting, via my headset,  with a couple of my little "lady friends" my heart was so touched.  One was the Director of Nursing at the nursing home where my Grandparents were several years ago.  She was always there for me, knowing just what to say when the days were tough. We developed a very special relationship during those years and she will always hold a very dear and precious place in my heart.  She is now having health issues and takes care of her disabled husband who has a string of health issues too.  She remains so positive and is such a beacon to the Lord and His great mercies.  

My next call was to a precious lady that is 91 years old and has outlived two husbands and never had children.  She was an educator here in our community for almost 40 years and served as teacher, principal and superintendent during that time. She has literally touched the lives of hundreds here in our small town.  In the past couple of years she has faced declining health and can no longer walk unassisted.  She said in our conversation today, "I just want to be the me I use to be." (she was speaking of her physical body)  I felt a big lump come up in my throat and didn't know if I was going to be able to speak. All I could think was that if I am fortunate to live long enough, I will one day likely long to "be the me I use to be."  WOW! may I age with the same grace and dignity that these ladies have and bless lives as they have for as long as HE sees fit to give me life.

May you be awesomely blessed this week-end!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Okay...the baby thighs are adorable, and yes, she better enjoy them now! :)

    Love the idea of bulk cooking. I used to do it some, but I haven't in ages. I should, it would be a blessing on the crazy days. I know your daughter and daughter in law will appreciate it. What a blessing!

    How precious you used that time to minister to your older friends! I am sure they were quite blessed! I have watched my grandparents' health decline in the past few years and it is heartbreaking. My mom says it is God's way of making them ready to go, it is a shame though, that people that have been such witnesses and blessings face such struggles at the end of their lives. I admire your friendship to them!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Love the new rug!! I wish you were my Mom or MIL to give me some of your bulk meals! How nice of you!!!

  3. Your containers look professionally done - so well organized! What a blessing to have on hand, and be able to share with others.

    It's so hard not to look back and long for what used to be. Now more than halfway through our usual life span, I'm trying really hard to look forward - to the joys of heaven.

  4. Wow, you've been busy!Do you have recipes for that large quantity or do you just double/triple? I need to get back to doing this again!
    Waht a blessing you are to your older friends...Blessings on your day!

  5. The baby thighs are so cute! Thank you so much for reaching out to your older friends. My grandma's health has been decling and it is difficult to watch, but I know that phone calls brighten her day quite a bit. Thank you for being a blessing to others. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Wow! You're making me want to get in my kitchen and start cooking!

  7. I love the rug! I need a rug for under my dining room and kitchen tables. You are right -- they are SO expensive. Awesome that you got such a great deal!

  8. I do like your new rugs ~ Will you send me your old ones?! ;-)

    You are such a blessing to your friends and family ~♥~
    And I can see that you are blessed at the same time! =)

  9. Love the thighs. I could munch on that. =p I love a good find! The rug looks great. We are still somewhat lacking in furniture around here because I need the kids to grow up a bit more before we can invest in something that won't be possibly colored on...not that they would do that on purpose. =p Do share your bulk cooking recipes. I am so not good with freezing anything. You are a great blessing to those around you, you know? I always think about my grandma who is almost 104...or is it 105? Well, she's really old, and besides just being weak and tired most of the time, she's not in any bad health at all. What would I do with myself after living more than a century? I think she's waiting for all her grandchildren to get married.

  10. Your grandbaby's thighs look so squeezably chubby and soft. Nothing like baby skin. LOVE it! I also like your new rug--very much "my" style, too. And the mega cooking is someting I aspire to. I enjoy just doubling a recipe sometimes, with the smile that comes knowing that I can bless my family or others with homecooking when I don't have time later. Such was the case this week when my recently widowed neighbor came by. It's just him and his 17 year old son now at home, and they "eat junk" according to him. He was returning a lasagna pan from 2 months ago and I was SO thankful to say, "Would you like another one? You might think it's the only thing I know how to make." He was, again, very grateful. Their church had stopped the meals after about six weeks (mid-July).

    Yours look more professional, though! I think I'll go Dollar STore hunting.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again. It's a pleasure to hear from my Company Girls.

  11. You are so precious!! And you are an inspiration too! You are an awesome example of the Proverbs 31 woman!
    Your once a month cooking looks fabulous...Might you share your recipes? I need to do some of that before this baby comes. I love the way you shop too! My kind of girl! SO resourceful. Love your new rugs!
    Thanks for sharing I believe you've put a bee in my bonnnet...(this is a good thing)! Thanks too for sharing those precious thighs! There is nothing sweeter than a healthy baby to squeeze on!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  12. The precious lady you describe in your last paragraph sounds so much like my grandparents. They may not be able to do all that they used to do, but they can still tap into the power of the Almighty through prayer. Sometimes I think that I am not accomplishing 1/10th as much by all my harried rushing about as someone who is devoted to prayer.

  13. Oh, I so wish I could cook in bulk. Occassionally I manage to make two meals instead of one, and freeze the extra one for later. But I have yet to spend a day making freezer items. It would be so lovely!

    I agree, the newer rug looks much nicer :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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