Monday, August 16, 2010

Miscellany Monday

good monday morning ladies! 
1.i know that it does no good to complain about the weather, but i just can't help myself. it is so hot in n.e.louisiana and the humidity is at least 100%. need i say that i am more than ready for fall and all that it brings? it seems to help my feelings if i just think about fall. ~smile~ i have "glistened and sparkled" way more than i care to this summer.  i'm a "girly girl" and i don't like sweat! okay, now that i've gotten that off of my mind, i'll move on.~wink~

2. i am saddened by all the support that the jet blue flight attendant has gotten on his behavior. i don't know that the public will ever know the "whole" story, but regardless, his behavior (and language), in my estimation, was unacceptable. now, i have no problem with those working for, and in, the public defending themselves.It's all in how it is done.  i have seen employees treated so unfairly by the public and i know without a doubt that they would most often,love to respond in the same way. it takes a big person to "rise above" such treatment but what a fine example it sets for those in observance. and, of course, it is the only choice for christians! what is all the media coverage and support for steven slater saying to our children? yes, it saddens my heart.

3. hubby and i went out to dinner with several friends Saturday evening and we always ride separately, the women in one vehicle and the men in another. it just makes for more interesting conversation that way. ~giggle~ we, the ladies, found ourselves talking about miralax (in case you don't know, it's a laxative). during the conversation one of the ladies said, "laxatives and weather are what folks talk about when they get old." that comment abruptly ended that conversation ~giggle~ and, i suppose that the guys and gals riding in seperate vehicles might also be a sign of another "old folks habit."~big chuckle~

4. i'm imagining these scenes below and looking forward to september 23!(the first day of fall)

thanks to carissa for hosting "miscellany monday" each week. she is definitely a "hostess with the mostess." blessings for a wonderful week!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Those are lovely fall colors. Yes this humidity is really too much! Happy Misc. Monday

  2. I am sorry it's so hot where you are. You can come visit me in California. We are expecting a high of 75 today!

    Too funny about the Miralax conversation. Is this what I have to look forward too? I am afraid I am nearly there.

    Beautiful fall photos!

    Blessings on this wonderful Monday!

  3. Hello on Miscellany Monday! Your pictures have me longing for fall even more than I already am. I am a cool and cold weather person. Summer has great fresh veggies and swimming for the kids. For me it is just to be tolerated. We had three feet of snow last year and I was thrilled. Hubby had a hard time because we have a farm, so I need to be careful of what I wish for!

  4. We are having a break in the weather this is only in the mid 90's, ugh!

    I love the Miralax conversation, Chris and I laugh at some of our discussions that are aging us. Of course, I laugh at him because he is always talking about how young people look...especially the "kids" driving cars. I tell him they aren't that young, he is just old!

    Love the pics, c'mon fall!

  5. #1 - i feel the same way. we must have the same weather as you here in sc. i'm from northern cali where it doesn't get warmer than 75 very often. i want to go back!!!

    #2 - i agree!

    #3 - i love girl time! ha ha! sounds like yours was too fun!

    #4 - awww, i can't wait!

    ha ha - the hostess w/ the mostest?! you're sweet.

  6. Ohhhh, I'm with you on the weather!!! And those fall photos have me yearning for cooler, crisp weather. Sigh ...

  7. I wasn't really looking forward to fall, but I *am* over the 100+ degree heat. Ugh. And it just so happens that the first day of fall is my birthday! :)


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