Monday, August 23, 2010

Miscellany Monday - Puppies and Horses

it's time to be miscellaneous again and i so enjoy that for a change. marissa is so gracious to host this for us each week. hats off to marissa!! if you haven't checked out miscellany monday, you should!
1. i'm so excited that i am going to the yellow daisy festival in stone mountain, georgia. it is september 9th thru the 12th and my sister in law and i are going to be there when the gates open on the very first day! i cannot wait!  i've never been and have heard such "raves" about it. talk about blog fodder! ~big smile~

2. this action
resulted in this action
yes, the time has come for safety locks to be put on cici and poppa's cabinets and clancy was poppa's little helper. ~chuckle~

3. our kids and their dogs..... our son and his wife have 3 dogs, two outside and one inside and our daughter and her husband have 2 outside dogs. our daughter and her husband woke up to this yesterday!!

7 corgies (only 4 had been born at the time this picture was taken), just what every young couple needs!! do you note my sarcasm? ~giggle~  but they are cute!

4. we went out to watch our son in law work with his horses yesterday and took clancy with us. clancy gets so excited about seeing the horses and took a little jaunt around the arena with his dad.
then poppa held him up on another horse 
and then he had fun swinging on the gate. yes, i think he's quickly becoming a full fledged little boy. they really do grow up quickly.
5. if you are a "regular" reader of my blog then you have probably figured out that i'm an organized and structured person. i always have been and cannot imagine that i'll ever change at this point. well, hubby is sort of a "fly by the seat of your pants" sort of guy. need i say that this has presented it's challenges throughout our 39 years of marriage. he makes very few plans and i love planning. i think planning makes for a very productive life. but, somehow we manage to "give and take" and it all works out, and that's what makes a marriage work anyway, a whole lotta "give and take." ~wink~

6. speaking of hubby, he and i went to see "eat love pray" this past friday evening. we really like julia roberts and felt sure, in spite of it's terrible reviews and ratings, that it would be a good movie. not!!! 
it was long, boring, full of new age and a totally "empty" movie as far as we were concerned. it was such a disappointment because we never go to the movie, so when we do, we  like to really enjoy ourselves. oh, well, there's always next time...........

A wonderful week to you!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. oh I wanted to see Eat, Pray, Love....I probably still will. I hate when you go to a movie and its a disappointment.

  2. My daughter loves corgies!! she will die when she sees this post!! and she loves horses!! she used to say she wanted to be a vet for large animals. i am still waiting to see Eat, Pray, Love.. but I think I want to make it a girls night. I've enjoyed your pictures and your blog!

  3. Cute puppies! I saw Eat, Pray, Love over the weekend. Despite all the New Age stuff, I still enjoyed it. Happy Monday!

  4. Loved your new pictures of Clancy! He is precious!!! I think he & Hudson would get along just fine! I'm substantiating this on their love for getting into cabinets!!!!

  5. I have been wanting to see Eat, Pray, Love as well but all of my friends and bloggy friends are telling me it is a bust....I think I will save the hubs will go with me card for a movie I know will be good LOL

    All of us go through the child locks although I think they are Summer proof as well I have a time opening cabinets, toilet seats LOL

    What a cute little helper he had installing them though....

    Cute puppies and I just heart those horses

    Have a happy day

    Summer ;0)

  6. What sweet puppies! When I was a kid my dog had puppies under my bed. I have never forgotten that memory. ~ You know it took me forever to realize that Cici is what your grandkids call you. For so long I thought it was just a nickname. I think I've called you Cici a few times, but don't take offense you are definitely not old enough to be my grandmother or my mother for that matter. Ok sis?

  7. And I thought I was done with child safety latches. Oh, well, at least I'll have quite a few years in between children and grandchildren!


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