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Music and Growing Up

What role did music play in your growing up years? Music played a vital role in my growing up years. I began taking piano lessons when I was 7 years old and took them for about 8 years. I  did not enjoy piano but it was the desire of my sweet Mom's heart that I play the piano.  And, I think I really did want to play, I just DID NOT want or like to practice. ~smile~ Thankfully I can play, I'm definitely not an accomplished pianist by any means, but I can play enough to get myself into trouble. ~chuckle~  What I did enjoy musically was singing.  I would have rather sung than eat when I was hungry.  I was always singing in church and in the school choir and when my brother and I were in our teens we sang together for various events.  He was an accomplished guitarist and we spent many happy hours singing together. I could not find a picture of the two of us during that time but this is a picture taken a couple of years ago of the two of us.

 When we were not entertaining for some church event or banquet, we were enjoying practicing.  We sang a lot of folk type songs, such as those by Peter, Paul and Mary. (you young bloggers will have no idea who that is) ~laugh~ Our singing together brings back the fondest of memories for me.

What, if any, music do you associate with early childhood?
 Oh, my, I'm really dating myself when I say this, but Lawrence Welk was my all time favorite TV show. I loved all the music on his show.  We did not have a TV in our home until I was 8 years old so before that time we would go to my Grandparents house every Sat. evening so I could watch the show at their house.  
 What music style or songs were popular when you were in high school?Folk songs,and Rock n' Roll.   The Temptations, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Monkees, The Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, Peter,Paul and Mary, to name a few, were some of my favorite artists.
 How did you listen to music - on the radio, albums, etc. Did you have a stereo in your room? I had a radio and a record player that played the old 33's and 45's. I was really "up town." ~giggle~
Did you attend concerts when you were a teenager? I have no memory of ever attending any kind of a concert until after I had been married for many years.  And, I don't really remember there being that many available to attend, so I certainly didn't feel like I was missing anything.
 Did the music you liked cause conflict with your parents? 
 I don't remember it ever being a problem other than perhaps I liked to play it a little louder than they thought was necessary. ~smile~
 What song or songs take you back to a certain place and time of your youth? Just about any of the music from the 60's and early 70's brings back thoughts of my "growing up" years and while to most that knew me, it wouldn't have been an exciting time, I look upon it as a great time in my life and if I had it to do over, I'd enjoy it even more the "second time around." 
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Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. LOL - learning to play piano is on my list of things to do in the next few years. I do play vioin and guitar and can read music - though I can't read bass clef at the same speed as I can read treble, which might cause a few problems!

    Do your grandkids share your love of singing? It's never to early to put a song in their hearts, and kids have none of the shyness adults sometimes do about just letting go and enjoying it.

  2. I love music and always sang in the choir until we began attending the church we attend now and the choir practice was at the same time as the Bible study I desperately needed! I played the flute in band but always loved singing the most! I even worked at Musicland in High school and during the summers of college. My kids still think it is funny that I know so many artists, etc. However...I don't have clue about current music!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Woohoo! Someone else who liked Lawrence Welk! I could relate to many of your memories. Except I did NOT like the Doobie Brothers! LOL

  4. Music definitely has always been a part of my life, but probably not as much as I would have liked it to have been. I regret as an adult (and even as a teen) not having taken advantage of the offer of piano lessons as a young child. But regardless, I was very involved in and with music all through the years, and even now I love music! :)

  5. I love music, but I don't know how to play anything except a few chords on the guitar! And my voice? Definitely NOT a musical instrument for me!

  6. I miss my music!
    I grew up in a Brass Band (almost literally!) and played the cornet and tenor horn through school and college. -I now only "blow" my cornet for the Last Post on Remembrance Day :-(
    All through school I played brass, Mandolin, Guitar, recorders and sang in the choir. So much so infact that when Teachers staged a series of National strikes when I was 14 or 15, myself and a few friends who also played in most school groups kept the school music groups going until the end! :-)
    A couple of years ago I was stopped by a Lady at the end of our Remembrance Sunday service who hads listened to me play "Last Post". She wanted to know how long I had been playing as she had just started playing Brass and wanted to know how long it would take her to play like me. ........She seemed really disappointed when I said I'd been playing for over 30 years! :-) (I started when I was 5!)

  7. I know who Peter Paul and Mary are...Guess I'm not a young blogger : )

    I think I could have written a few posts on this was so hard to narrow it down. And mine is kinda long so I guess I really didn't do a good job of it but it was a great topic and fun to read your memories here.

  8. What a fun meme! I grew up with a lot of church music - wasn't really allowed to listen to secular music. So I've come to appreciate many genres of music as an adult. I can say I can find something to like in "most" styles, with a couple of exceptions :).

    Lawrence Welk was a staple at my grandparents' house (no TV at ours)......loved the bubbles and Bobby and Cissy !

  9. No secular music at my house growing up either, but every Sunday night I would sit with my grandfather and watch Lawrence Welk! I listen to all types now, and love most kinds...but I've tried and just can't do rap!

  10. I remember my father-in-law watching Lawrence Welk every Saturday night--for years!

    I was a Peter, Paul, and Mary fan--still am! I also liked Paul Revere and the Raiders and the Monkees. I'd almost forgotten about them!

    I enjoyed your memories!

  11. I liked Lawrence Welk too! My step grandma always watched him so whenever we'd visit her, we'd watch. I was just as enthralled with the outfits as the music though. LOL
    How special to have those memories of singing with your brother!
    Wonderful post!

  12. I'm willing to guess that you'd put me in the category of "Younger Bloggers"--but I know who Peter, Paul, and Mary are!

    My mom is named Mary. My dad is named Paul. They'd introduce themselves to someone and that someone would say "Like Peter, Paul, and Mary?" My parents would laughingly explain that they left Peter (the stuffed bear--who WAS real) at home! I never understood the joke until I got a bit older and started listening to...the music my parents listened to in their younger days!

  13. I grew up on secular music :/ and now as a mom I'm passionate about my kids listening to edifying things. Since music touches our hearts and souls I just think it's important for impressionable minds to be careful. I'm embarrased to remember some of the music I listened to and sang along with. -_-

    Okay enough soap to date me.
    When I was a little girl I LOVED the Donny and Marie Show. My dad listened to these artists...ABBA, Elvis, Chuck M.(Jazz guy), Simon and Garfunkel(SP?) to name a few. We also listened to gospel. I listened to christian music beginning in my teens and now that is almost all I listen to.
    My two oldest 14 and 13 used to sit and watch the Lawrence Welk Show which absolutely tickled my great grandma who was still living at the time.
    Fun post! Thanks!

  14. Hey now, some of us younger readers like Peter Paul & Mary too! :) Thanks for the flash-back...I missed out on Lawrence Welk.

  15. I grew up with both secular and Christian music. Now, I just put it on the Christian station. I find I'm much more easy-going when that's the soundtrack to my day. Funny how music moves us. I still enjoy some secular songs - Walking on Sunshine puts a smile on my face LOL

  16. A little late, but wanted to stop by to say hi. Norm played piano for 12 years. I think most kids usually don't like these lessons. I've always wanted them but we couldn't afford it. Norm did teach me how to play, but only by chords. I can't read piano music. Just for violin. He also taught me guitar and bass guitar as well. Drums, I can't do. Anyhow, hope you are having a great week!


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