Monday, October 15, 2012

Miscellany Monday

It's time for pumpkins, mums, scarecrows and all things fall! Yipee! I love me some FALL!!! And, I love me some Miscellany Monday with Carissa.

The big girl bed.........

 Our Princess graduated to a toddler bed about 6 months ago and about 2 months ago she made the switch to a double bed.  She was so excited and has had no trouble adjusting whatsoever.  I think her bedding is just some of the cutest I've ever seen.  She's growing up in so many ways and I must say I absolutely love the toddler stage.  Just so blooming cute in just about everything they do and say.

Stepping out of "the box"....

I would classify my style of clothes as conservative but I have recently stepped out of "my box."  When I first saw all the brightly colored jeans and pants, I certainly didn't see myself in them.  Well, I broke down and tried some on and hummm, I bought myself a pair.  They look red in this picture, but can I just tell you that they are orange, yes, Halloween orange!  I thought I might tame them down a bit with the white shirt.  I'm thinking I might just have to have another color.

The breakfast of champions......
A couple of years ago I started eating crunchy peanut butter spread on vanilla wafers for breakfast.  Well, I saw this Dark Chocolate Dreams spread a couple of weeks ago and decided it might just be what I needed to "top them off."  And, it is more than delicious.  Four of these fellas with a good cup of piping hot coffee will get your day started off in grand style. I promise!

The Pumpkin Patch............

One of our local churches has a Pumpkin Patch this year.  I took Hanna Beth over to wander through and to snap a few pics this past Saturday.  She thoroughly enjoyed everything about it except the scarecrows.  When we came upon the first one she looked up at me and said, "I not like him CiCi."  As I said earlier, toddlers just say the cutest things.
Your prayers...........

You may well remember this photo from a previous post of mine.  This is my very special friend, Martha, that has been battling breast cancer since July, 2011.  It appears that she has cancer in two other places and Martha is so despondent and discouraged.  She will go to Houston for biopsies this week to confirm the suspicions of the Drs.  Please pray that the Drs. suspicions are wrong and that she will be able to beat this terrible disease.  It has made my heart so sad but I know the Lord is still on His throne and even when we don't understand, He is still there.


Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I have looked at color jeans and they never have my size. I like a certain pair of jeans they carry in Macy's. I will keep checking. I think you look great, as always. Maybe we could send your friend some cards of encouragement.

  2. I love your orange slacks. They look so cute on you! Pumpkin patches are such fun. But kids do say the cutest things, don't they? So sad to see so many going through issues with breast cancer. I too have friends who have suffered through this. Will keep your Martha covered in prayer.

    Blessings and love,

  3. Love the bedding and the jeans...they look great on you! So sorry to hear about your friend! Praying for her...Enjoy your day!

  4. Okay, if you can do it, so can I. I just need to find to find the right color and size, I guess. But love the look, Lea - so you! So sorry to hear about Martha, but she is still such a beautiful lady, inside and out. We will keep her in our prayers. I like Kimberly's suggestion. Keep us posted. Hannah Beth is growing - you are blessed to have this time.

  5. I love your Princesses bedding, very cute. You look so cute in that outfit! Love your breakfast of choice. Keeping Martha in my prayers. Sending her a big ((HUG))

  6. Ooohhh I love the orange! That's my color : ) I will pray for your friend. That is so hard.

  7. You look so great in those colored jeans! How fun and fabulous! And that breakfast looks like it's RIGHT up my alley...I love that Dark Chocolate Dreams stuff. So yummy! Praying for your friend every day. Keep us updated!

  8. What a cute room for a little girl! Oh, how I love your outfit! Super snazzy! I've never owned any colored jeans, but this just might be the year. So very sorry to hear about your dear friend. One of my besties from high school just got diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery and reconstruction yesterday. My mom, also, had breast cancer. I really HATE that disease! Praying for your friend!

  9. look at your sassy outfit! it looks gorgeous on you!! i'm so glad you are brave and step out of the box - it pays off! : )

    we need to find Sage a big girl bed... she is way over the crib! it's always a fun/interesting transition. i'm glad it went smoothly for your princess!


  10. That bedding is adorable ... just like your princess! ;-)

    Those orange pants look so cute on you ... obviously you can pull them off!

    Definitely praying for your friend.


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