Monday, July 1, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Need I say that it's Monday again!  Oh, me and it's July 1st.  I'm thinking that means that our year is half over.  Well, I just won't think about how fast the days are whizzing by and will get right on to some miscellaneous thoughts with Carissa.

lowercase letters

A bit fanatical........

Yes, that's my Hubby and this is what he does.  He cannot stand a windshield that is not sparkling clean.  Now, I'm not exaggerating!  All of our vehicles are equipped with Windex and a roll of paper towels.  Yep! that's just the way he is and I thought you needed to know. ~big laugh~ As a result, I can hardly stand it when my windshield gets a speck of dust on it.  Might you say, spoiled??

Pine Cove or Bust............
Our son, his wife and the Princess left yesterday for a week at Pine Cove, in Tyler, Texas.  They are attending family camp.  It will be a week of spiritual renewal and refreshment and a time of fun and adventure.  Tony Evans is the guest preacher/teacher this week.  I am so, so excited for them and I pray the Lord will richly bless their lives during these coming days.  Both of our kids began attending Pine Cove when they were in the 6th and 7th grades and once they graduated from high school they both became counselors there.  It had such a dynamic impact upon their lives and I am so grateful for this marvelous place and thrilled that our son is now going back with his family.  *Added note:  My DIL text me around dinner time to say that Tony's daughter, Priscilla Shirer had come with him.  Oh, my, what a treat!!!

Little Touches......
A few weeks ago I came across this metal type artwork and decided that I would use it to decorate around our patio and the entrance to our garage.  I was pretty pleased with the result.  I think it makes for a "happy look" and I'm all about happy!! ~chuckle~
Here they are........
   I told you when I could get my hands on some of the professional photos of my nieces' wedding that I'd share them with you.  So, here are a few.  They went to downtown DesMoines following the reception and snapped some really neat ones.  Ideas are endless these days when it comes to photography.  The happy couple is settling in to "real life" now. ~grin~

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Good morning! Love the artwork! I have a couple little pieces on my porch too. And I agree, it just "looks" happy. The wedding pics are both fun and lovely! Enjoy your day!

  2. Good Morning! First time visitor via Miscellany Monday. Love love love your post and your blog! I'm going to have to look up Pine Cove that isn't too terribly far from me, and Priscilla came too... Sooo cool!!! I'm working through her Gideon study right now. What a treat. The wedding pictures are stunning and I love your art work! Can not wait to dive in more to your little space here. :) Blessings!

  3. It's wonderful that your son is carrying on the tradition he has at the camp. And wow Tony and Priscilla together....

    The wedding pictures are beautiful and I think it's so neat they went after a non-traditional look....

  4. What a cheery, happy place all your art work helps create. So sweet that Brandon is introducing this wonderful place to his little family and possibly beginning a new family tradition. Tell T to keep on spoiling you. Love the more informal wedding shots. So intimate.

  5. My husband is a little picky about the vehicles as well...I too am a bit spoiled..
    I love that your son has continued a tradition and is setting such a great example for his children.

    Love the wall art!


  6. Ah, summer camp. I look back on my weeks at camp with a wonderful memories! We went to The Wilds in Brevard, NC and they have family camps, too. Good times!

  7. That wall art is gorgeous! I've got the perfect spot for something ... and I think some metal wall art like yours would be perfect!

  8. love those photos from your niece's wedding - what a beautiful day!

    your tommy takes such good care of you... and the cars. : )

    i remember family camp growing up! i went once and it was amazing. hope they had a wonderful time.

    love ya, sweet lea!


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