Monday, February 17, 2014

HELLO Monday!

These weeks just keep rolling right along.  It's another Monday and that means another week has gone by.  But, I'm just grateful that the Lord has given me another day and pray he gives me bunches more days, weeks and years. ~smile~
HELLO Office Staff..........
 Hubby is blessed with the greatest office staff and I try to let them know how much they are appreciated by remembering them on such days as Valentine's.  For the past 3 years I have been giving the girls Brighton bracelets for different occasions.   On Friday I added to their collection with another one as a Valentine "happie."  It seemed that they were pretty happy and I gave our son, the male counterpart of the staff, a Sonic card and book.  They truly are a great group!
HELLO Family......
My youngest brother came in this past weekend from DesMoines, so I had a family dinner on Friday night.  Daddy was feeling fairly good and seemed to really enjoy the evening.  These days it is always a joy to see him have a good time. ~nothing like family time~
 HELLO, all things house.........
It has been years and years since I have been to what is called a "Home Show."  It is an annual event in a city nearby and it was this past weekend.  Hubby and I went.  I have decided that the sky is the absolute limit in what you can put in a house.  And, if the sky is the limit then your budget had better be also. ~big smile~  We had a lot of fun looking at the different exhibits and it didn't hurt that it was the most gorgeous day to be out and about.

HELLO my Princess.........
   Have you ever been to The Build-A-Bear Store?  If not, you should go.  It really is quite a neat concept and whoever dreamed it up is no doubt laughing all the way to the bank now.  The Princess' Dad and Mom took her this past Sat. as her Valentine present.  She chose a pony instead of a teddy bear.  She is into all things pony at this time.  And, they (the store) gave her a Princess crown to wear while she built her pony.  They definitely know how to make a little girl mighty happy.

HELLO new week............may you have a wonderful new week and just in case you didn't know, Spring is just 31 days away.  It begins on March 20th!!!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Oh wow....too bad that I'm not a part of the office staff....I LOVE Brighten bracelets!! This is so sweet and I know those ladies are so appreciative. Good picture of you, your dad and your brother.... I enjoy "Home Shows"....I even like going to Lowes or Home Depot just to see all the new things that are being incorporated into homes these days... Hope you have a great week...the weather is suppose to be Wonderful!!

  2. Good morning! Looks like a good week-end. Glad you had a nice visit with your dad and your brother. Home show looks fun...LOVE the build a bear spot. Soo fun and the kids love it. Enjoy your week!

  3. I want to be part of your office staff. Build a bear has been around here for years and years. My girls use to go. Its such a fun place!!

  4. I love Brighten jewelry. Michelle gave me a couple pieces for Christmas a couple years back and I have added to it. They go with everything and great quality. So thoughtful of you to give such nice gifts to the staff. With 6 granddaughters, we have been supporting Build-a-Bear for many years. Such a fun place. Glad the Princess enjoyed it. Also glad your dad was able to enjoy Joel's visit. I know you did!

  5. Happy Monday to you! Spent mine readying the Five Love Languages....obviously no grand babies today :-)

    Have a great week!


  6. Oh Brighton, I Love Brighton however haven't purchased a piece for myself for many years - sure wish I worked for your hubby :)
    Glad you are enjoying some special family time - Be Blessed!!!

  7. Wow, you are so kind. I am sure the office ladies loved them. My children loved the Build-A-Bear shop when they were little. How fun. Have a blessed week.

  8. My daughter is a big fan of Build a Bear ... during each pregnancy, they'd build a bear for the new little one. T#4 got to go there last year for her birthday.

    Great picture of you, your brother and your dad. Glad that your dad enjoyed your get together.

    I'm ready for spring!

  9. Your brother and dad look so much alike! So glad that your dad was feeling well enough for the visit. Those are definitely cherished times.

  10. That's a wonderful photo of you and your dad and brother. We had a little taste of spring today, sunshine and 60's, I was almost giddy with delight. hope your week is a good one


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