Sunday, February 23, 2014

Monday Reflections...........

Good morning, day, or night, depending on when you might be reading this.  It's another Monday, a new week and a new opportunity for us to "get it right."  May yours be a great week!

What a life.........
These two guys have been some happy pups the past few days.  Roscoe (on left) and Rhett (on right) are getting older and they are not the least bit fond of the really cold weather.  They will stay pretty close to their houses snuggled up in the hay provided by their dear Master.  Both of these dogs had a very rough start to their lives.  We came by them through adverse circumstances, Roscoe was being sold on the street corner by a druggie and Rhett just showed up at our doorstep.  They were both young pups at the time.  I am not really a "dog person" but I was over ruled by Hubby, who has a tender, tender heart.  And, just guess who they absolutely love?  Yep! me!!  I  think it's because they knew I wasn't too crazy about them becoming a part of our family and they were determined to weasel their way into my heart. ~and they did~ They are now 7 and 8 years old and I'm  not sure how long they may live.  But, I can say that they have a wonderful life, are well taken care of and if that contributes to life expectancy, then they may be with us a while longer.  Labs truly are good natured and they are their happiest when they are close to their owners. 

A Southern study club........

Me, on the right, with the other two hostess.
 I am a member of the Melange Study Club, that's another word for women finding an excuse to get together for lunch and fun.  No, not really, but it's true.  We meet Sept. thru May each year and have various programs, decided upon at the beginning of each new year.  This year's programs have been on Louisiana authors and artist.
This past week we met and I was one of the co-hostess.  My duty was to provide the food for the meeting.  We meet in homes and since we are in full-fledged Mardi Gras mode here, Sarah, the home hostess, did all the table scapes with that in mind.  It was so lovely and festive.  There's hardly anything more fun that a group of women visiting over a table of good food and conversation.  

Silly me........
I'm not exactly sure what came over me one morning last week but I decided I would just run up to Hubby's office and have coffee with the staff before they started their day.  I do this quite often but I am always ready for the day when I go.  This day I was in a hurry and later had a luncheon that I was helping to host and decided to just go in my "walking clothes" with rollers in my hair and no lipstick.  Yep! that's me!  To say that the staff was speechless was an understatement.  But, it was fun and now the whole world knows what I look like before I get ready for my day.  At least I did have my makeup on and I did not have my fuzzy slippers on.  I do draw the line on some things. ~chuckle~

Busy, creative hands........
Hubby, sort of like Roscoe and Rhett, was so glad to see the beautiful sunshine and warmer weather last week.  It was reason enough for him to think up a project and go out to his shop and be creative.  He built us a Wood Duck box.  I was pretty impressed with his ability and the main thing is his patience in doing something like this.  He had to undo a portion of it and it didn't cause him to throw down his drill and saw, he just undid what he needed to undo, and then plugged away doing it correctly.  He is hopeful the little duckies will be appreciative of his time and energy. ~we shall see~

Blessings for this week! 
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Yes, Tommy is known for his careful, deliberate, patience when doing a task unlike other Hubby's we will leave unnamed. LOL. You ladies always do a beautiful job when hosting for any reason. Enjoy this hopefully last week of winter weather.

  2. I had to laugh with you
    when I saw your hair in rollers. You still look pretty. Your smile is infectious.

    Blessings and love,

  3. Love the lipstick comment! My mom was never without her lipstick, even when we went camping or skiing. In the end, when she was very sick, she still insisted we put her lipstick on her before any visitors came into her room. Thank you for that comment that brought back those wonderful memories of my mom!

  4. So a natural beauty...I mean who can look that good in rollers and a Tee shirt?


  5. How fun for you to go to hubby's office in rollers :) From several comments you've made, it sounds like he has a fabulous staff so I'm sure they absolutely Loved having you stop by 'relaxed'! Blessings!


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