Friday, February 28, 2014

Lea's Daybook - Friday, February 28th

I haven't done a Daybook in a few weeks and thought it was time to do one.  They are always
enjoyable for me to and I hope they are enjoyable for you to read.............
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Outside my window...the sun is peeking his head out and while rather chilly at this time, it promises to warm up as the day goes by.  We have daffodils showing their faces and definite signs of Spring. ~Yipee!~

I am thinking.....
about so many things that I almost have a "head rush" at times.  I have so many exciting things going on and I look forward to the time that I can actually share some of this with you my dear friends.  But, for now, hang on...........~it won't be long~

I am thankful...
 for a God that seems to place the right people in my life at just the right time.  And, I pray that I will, more often than not, be the right person in someone's life at just the right time as well.

In the kitchen....
 it's been a week of eating the "stash" out of the freezer.  I try to always have soups, chili, sauces and such in the freezer and all I have to do is take them out, let them thaw and warm them up.  So, I haven't spent a whole lotta time in the kitchen this week.  ~yea~

I am wearing...
 casual black velour pants and jacket with a turtleneck.  I thought surely I would not wear it again this winter, but guess ole man Winter isn't through just yet.

I am creating... 
a new Shutterfly photo book.  I always do two a year.  One for the first half of the year and one for the second half. I think they are about the best thing to "come down the pike" in a while.  No more photo albums for this girl since I discovered these about 7 years ago.

I am going...
 to see our daughter and Grandson two weeks from Sunday.  Our SIL has to be out of town with his job and it's been a long time since Bridget and I have had some mother/daughter time, so I'm so excited!  Of course, my Clancy man will be there but he'll just be the "icing on the cake."

I am wondering...
 if the morals of our nation will turn around by the time my Grans hit their teenage years.  I pray they do.  I am just astounded by the permissiveness of our society!

I am reading... 
True Spirituality, by Chip Ingram.  Our church is studying this in a small group setting beginning this Sunday evening.  It is based on Romans 12 and should be a most inspirational study.

I am hoping...
 some of the new meds my Dad has just started on will cause him to feel better and perhaps find some kind of enjoyment in his days.

I am looking forward to... 
this day.  Have decided to make it a point to really enjoy each day, it might be my last. ~sure hope not~

I am learning...
 to see how God can use adversity in our lives for His glory and our good.  Doesn't seem to make sense, but I've seen it in my own life, so I know He can. ~so thankful~

Around the house...
 I'm needing to clean out my closet and reorganize.  It doesn't seem that long ago that I did it, but somehow it just doesn't stay that way.  And, I'm a "everything in it's place" kinda gal. ~makes me happy~

I am pondering...
 all the exciting happenings in my life. ~big smile~

A favorite quote for today...
 love this by Mae West,
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

~I sure hope I'm doing it right~

One of my favorite things...
 is the series on PBS, Call the Midwife.  It is my very favorite PBS series, including Downton Abbey.  I am now watching the 3rd season via the blog, Simply June. This gal has every PBS series and all episodes posted on her blog tabs.  It was like finding a pot of gold for me.  I am now watching Call the Midwife and it will not be on here in the US for several more weeks.  I just wish that the seasons for these shows was longer than 8 episodes.  They are over almost as soon as they are started and then it's 10 months between the seasons.  But, they are all worth the wait for sure.

A peek into my day... 
I have errands to run, will go and visit my Dad.  Then I'll be home to do the pile of ironing staring me in the face and then catch up on some home office work.  Doesn't it sound like an exciting day??

A picture worth sharing......
I think this is the image of Spring and it's only about 20 days until the very first day of Spring.  ~makes me happy, happy~

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Good morning! Well, you have certainly caught my curiosity! haha Looking forward to hearing your good news! Praying your dads meds work well for him! Soo frustrating I know. LOVED LOVED LOVED Call the Mid Wife. Have watched them all on netflix. Looking forward to the new season. It does seem sad though that they are soo short of seasons, and they soo long between them, lol Enjoy your day Lea!

  2. Can't wait to hear the news and be happy for you!
    Glad you are going to spend sometime with your girl and that cowboy...


  3. I loved what you wrote about looking forward to this day- something I need to keep reminding myself of!

  4. Your Daybook was such a refreshing read for me this evening CiCi, looking forward to your good news.
    Enjoy the special time with your daughter and her family! Thanks for sharing.

  5. HI CiCi! I just came across your blog while reading another and happy I did. Cute blog here :) I love your favorite quote on this post...I agree. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi as your newest follower. Hope you'll stop by my blog and follow along with my little family in south FL.


    The McGuire Family

  6. Wow! What a cliffhanger!! I also adore the shows on PBS and was hooked on Doc Martin and now that's gone :( I always get so much more out of them on Netflix because they have close captioning!!

  7. I too am excited about the possibility of some really exciting news and events in your future. And, I can feel your excitement about spending some special time with Bridget and Clancy. I am doing a new post on Monday dealing with adversity. You may be able to identify to some extent. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  8. I loved your daybook! I, too, am very concerned about the morals of our country. It seems anything goes and it's just not right! Things that were considered so wrong just 20 years ago, are so tolerated now and it really scares me.


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