Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday's Musings

My goodness, we are just one day away from July.  How can that be?  July is my birthday month, the 29th to be exact, so think I'll just celebrate all month long.  And, it could well be that we will be moving just about that time.  WOW! talk about a celebration!  Now, on to my musings for the morn.......
Yesterday morning, our son and his family, left for Pine Cove Family Camp.  This will be their 3rd year to attend.  Pine Cove is a Christian camp and both of our children attended camp there most of their growing up years and then worked there once they graduated from high school.  It holds fond memories for both of them.  Our son's family and two other families that are close friends of theirs, caravaned together to Tyler, Texas, where the camp is located. (I think it's interesting that the 3 families all have girls.) Tony Evans is the guest pastor this week and I'm sure they will all leave next Saturday, spiritually renewed and refreshed. 
Hubby has done very little for his own personal enjoyment since we began construction on our new house last June.  But, last Friday he stepped away for a few hours and went to the golf course and hit golf balls.  He plans to play in a 4th of July Scramble this Friday and needed to polish up his stroke a bit.  It was good for him to get away and do something that he thoroughly enjoys.  
~he's the BEST~ 

And, the finishing of the house continues on...........the kitchen appliances, except for the refrigerator, were installed this past week.  For the first time in my life I will have two ovens.  I'm so excited about this and one will be a conventional and one will be a convection.  I've never had a convection but "they" tell me that they are great for baking.  So, I can't wait to try it out.
On Thursday they began laying the wood flooring.  You really can't tell how pretty it is from these pictures but once they get it all down and cleaned up, I'll share another picture with you.  It is Acacia wood.  We liked it because it is various shades and goes very well with our mahogany cabinets.  And, talk about hard work, my goodness, this is no easy task.  It hurt my knees, my back and my shoulders just watching these guys.
And, they also started laying the tile on the patio and front porch on Thursday.  We are so pleased with the look and it will be all the better once it is grouted.  It looks so nice with the stucco color.
Meet Sara and Rachel.  They are involved in our local Teen Challenge program.  If you are not familiar with Teen Challenge, it is a Christian based recovery program for all types of addictions. The girls that have been through their first 6 months of the program are allowed to work on behalf of the ministry.  Sara and Rachel came and cleaned all of the insides of our cabinets.  That is about the only thing that we can clean at this time since there is still some dust being stirred up, but since all the doors are on the cabinets, they will stay clean.  It was such a delight to meet these girls and they did an excellent job and were a blessing to be around.
So, you ask, when is move in?  Well, it's getting closer for sure and as I said in my opening comments, my birthday is the 29th of July and I would say it will likely be very near then, give or take a week, to that time.
Have yourself a happy, happy week!!!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Good morning! I bet you can't think of a much better birthday present then getting to move into your gorgeous new home. There was a day a could have put those two ovens to LOTS AND LOTS of use, lol. I bet you will learn to love them. The tile you are using for your front porch and patio looks VERY much like the tile we used at our old house on our porch and around the pool. I loved it and I bet you will too. How nice to have the girls clean those cabinets for you [no doubt a long and tedious job] and help support their ministry as well. Have a good week Lea!

  2. Oh, I recognize two of those sweet little girls! I hope those families have fun, safe travels! I wish I had a double oven. When my BFF and I use to get together to cook, it would always be a toss up at whose house we would do it at. I had the bigger island and Angie had the double oven! When/if mine ever goes out, I plan to get a double! Double the baking, double the pleasure! Happy Monday, Lea!

  3. I can't think of a better birthday present than to be in your beautiful new home. You will cutie is growing up and I know the family will enjoy being together at camp. Our Ava Grace went to Pine Cove with two of her best friends for the first time this year. She said she got really homesick the first night but did better after that. Such a great experience for them and she plans to go back next year.

  4. Your house is looking beautiful- can't wait to see if all finished! July is my birthday month too- Happy Birthday Month!

  5. There's light at the end of the tunnel! Woo hoo! I cannot wait to see the house when it's all fine.


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