Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's the first Friday of October and it's a full first week for our family.  We have 3 immediate family members birthdays, so we do a lot of celebrating this first week and it all starts this evening.
And, of course, these 3 are at the very top of my favorites list.  Brandon will be 39 tomorrow and since I'm only 40, I'm not sure how all that happened. ~yea, right!~  Clancy is 7 today and Hanna Beth will be 6 on the 7th.  Now, it gets to be a lot to keep it all straight at times.  Thankfully Andi Kate and Coleman have birth months all by themselves. 
 There is a young lady that grew up in our church that has become quite the "cooking making queen."  She started her business within the past year and she does the most amazing job.  I ordered some from her last week for a function and everyone not only raved about how pretty they were but also how good they tasted.  I think I would probably pull my hair out if I thought I had to decorate like this but I sure do enjoy being the recipient of them.  A favorite for sure! She has aspirations of  having a storefront for her business one day and I'm sure hoping that will all work out for her.
Hanna Beth was the leader of her class last week.  As the leader she got to have a VIP come for a visit one day and she asked me to be hers.  Well, I was so honored and had such a great time with her class.  They give you about 30 minutes to read, tell a story or talk to them about whatever you want.  Since I went on the first day of fall I talked to them about fall and then read them a Halloween story.  I fixed them up some little "happies" from items I had picked up at the $$$ Tree.  It was a special time and they made me feel like a VIP. Hoping this will one day be a favorite memory for my little Princess.
Tomorrow is the BIG day at our former house.  It will be a time of us letting go of some of our favorite treasures to let them become the treasures of someone else.  There are so many lovely, lovely items but we just have no place for them or they simply do not fit in our new home.  Folks have asked me if it's hard for me to let go of these things and it is not at all.  Stuff can so easily become the master of our existence and at our phase in life, it's time to let go of some of it.  Now, don't get me wrong, we still have way more than our share. ~don't we all~  But, if you live in the area, you should go by and check out the EXTREMELY good deals! And, the best part of all of it is that all Hubby and I have done is provide the stuff, Marla has done everything else and done an outstanding job. 

Have yourself a great weekend!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. What a fun day for you at your granddaughter's school! Good luck on your sale tomorrow and enjoy your weekend!

  2. Well first wishing a happy birthday to all of your birthday people! lol. I think I have probably mentioned before that your son and my middle son are practically exactly the same age. John turned thirty nine in September. Our September is your October. There are 5 of us with a birthday that month...lots of celebrating. How fun to be the VIP. Memories for sure. Wish I lived close enough to get to your sale, lol. I've no doubt there are LOTS of goodies to be had! Enjoy your week-end!

  3. I have been following your blog for several months. I am also a Southern Lady like yourself. I would love to live close enough to visit your sale on Saturday. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I hadn't realized your Hannah Beth shares the same birthday with our Mary-Elizabeth. So glad you were her VIP. How special is that! Wish you were here for that estate sale because they are big events. But I'm sure you will have tons of folks. Say "Hello" to Marla for me.

  5. Wish I was near enough to purchase some of your Port Merion : ) I'm not letting mine go yet. The cookies are lovely! My daughter has a talented friend like that, and the decorating is amazing. I love the VIP treatment. I'm sure it will be a special memory for both of you. Happy birthday to all your October babies!


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