Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Wednesday equals the Hodgepodge and Hodgepodge equals brain exercise for me.  Hope you enjoy!

1. What's something that has recently 'tried your patience'?
Oh, that's so easy...........The assisted living facility my Dad lives in was sold in February.  The new owners had a joint meeting with the residents and their families at that time to announce their new ownership.  They told us of all the changes that would be forth coming and assured us that the resident was their top priority.  Well, it has been the biggest "hullabooloo" ever since and it has caused a lot of us to lose confidence and that's not a good thing when it comes to the care of a loved one.  I met with the District Manager yesterday and it appears that they are realizing that they have got to get it together.  It has more than tried my patience for sure! 

2. Do you think patience comes to us naturally or is it something you have to learn as you grow? On a scale of 1-10 generally how patient are you? (1=I blow up at the drop of a hat and 10=I've got all the time in the world).
I think a lot of our patience is learned by example.  I had the most patience Mother in the world and my Daddy would be somewhere in the middle.  I have gotten more patient with age and I would say I am about a 6-7 on the scale.

3. Share about a time when you felt like you could fly. Or a time you wished you could fly. Or a time you felt like you were flying.
I don't know if I've ever felt like I could fly but I have often wished that I could for sure.  

4. Your favorite song with the word fly in the title or lyrics, or your favorite song that relates to flying in some way?
I immediately thought of the old gospel song, "I'll Fly Away."  I grew up singing that song and it conjures up all kinds of memories for me.  AND, I really hate that the kids of today will have no memory of the old gospel hymns. ~just nothing like them~

5. What's in your fall picnic basket and where are we picnicking in your neck of the woods this time of year?

I do not have a picnic basket and have no plans for a picnic anytime in the foreseeable future.  But, Chemi-a haut State Park is less than 10 miles from us. Perhaps I should get us a picnic basket and make some plans.
6.  Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, landscaping...which skill would you most like to possess and how would you put that skill to use today?
How about all of the above.  We have had several little aggravating carpentry, electrical and plumbing issues since moving in our new house and I have not enjoyed waiting for someone to get here to fix the issue.  I just want it fixed and now! ~here we go with the whole patience thing~  Thankfully all of the issues have been resolved now.  Well, not quite, we still need landscaping but it is definitely in the planning stage and Hubby will be the overseer of it.

7. What's something you think is too expensive to justify buying lately?

Funny you would ask...........I was just browsing through one of the many catalogs that came in our mail today.  I saw some absolutely gorgeous beaded holiday place mats that were "only" $97 each and I would only want 10-12 of them.  Good gracious, how insane!!!
8. Insert your own random thought here.

This time next week I will be enjoying these two precious boys.  I am going to spend a few days with Bridget before she returns to work the following week.  I can hardly wait to get my hands on Coleman since he's gained almost 4 pounds since we were there last month.  It's so nice that they finally live where it is easy to fly to see them.  

Happy mid-week!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Enjoy your week with your precious grandchildren, Lea!!

  2. Your little grandbabies are absolutely precious, Lea! Have a fun time with them! I grew up singing "I'll Fly Away", too...still gets me every time I hear it.

  3. I love "I'll Fly Away". I remember 2-3 years ago my grands attending VBS and evidently "I'll Fly Away" because T#4 latched onto that song and sang it constantly (which amazed me because she's just now turning 6 so she must have been just 3-4?). Because it was a favorite of mine, I'd sing it right along with her. Your little guys are just plain adorable!

  4. The Hodgepodge is brain exercise for me and I've really missed it. Hope everything smooths out quickly with the changes at your dad's place. We still sing the old hymns with our kids :)

  5. What a precious photo! I'm so glad you'll have some in-person time with them soon. While I haven't built a house from the ground up before, I have owned two spec homes. Homes that were nearly completed when we purchased. There are always loose ends to chase after in new construction. Glad home is feeling like home : )

  6. I'm sorry to hear that about the home your dad lives in. I hope it all gets worked out. Well that would be one expensive table setting! Have a great visit with your precious boys.

  7. There is a reason a builder will give the new owner several months to discover things that need a touch up. Aggravating, yes, but be on the look out for all those little things while you are in that grace period. So glad you are going to have time with Bridget and the boys next week. Now, I can't believe you found $1,700 too much to spend on place mats. GEEZ! Can you believe some women actually do that? Enjoy this wonderful weather my friend.

  8. Whoa, those have to be some kind of place mats! Cra Zee!

  9. I was thinking about "I'll Fly Away" as well for a song to answer that question. I love tgat picture of your grandsons. Precious!! And I think $97 should cover all 12 of the mats you'd need. Who in the world could justify that? Unfortunately some do, obviously.

  10. Clancy is just the cutest boy and from the look of this photo, he makes the best big brother! (We already know he's the best cousin!)

    Yes, I remember how it was after moving in but feeling like I was always waiting on someone to come do something to tweak the house. That eventually gets better but in the meantime, it's a real trial to the patience.

  11. I remember that song and love it. Hope you enjoy those grandsons next week.

  12. Your grands are precious! Love reading your updates! xoxo

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  14. Your Grands are adorable, I know you are going to enjoy spending time with them. Caring for a loved one can have things that can try your patience for sure. We had a similar situation with my SIL and her old assisted living (the big meeting with the announcement etc) It was a trying time. We still sing some of the old hymns in our church, love them, they are so full of gospel truth. It is a shame they aren't sung more,


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