Friday, April 7, 2017

Lea's Favorites

Time for some of my favorite things today..................

Have you heard of the new hair products by Monat?  I heard about them last year  and didn't really give them much thought.  Recently I have been seeing more and more about it and hearing some pretty impressive testimonials.  I have a friend who is a distributor and I knew it had to be good or she would not be selling it.  I called and talked to her in depth about it and yes, I decided to give it a whirl.  AND, I do love it!  I am currently using the shampoo, the conditioner, the mousse and some gooey stuff called taffy. There are different sets for different types of hair.  I'm sure, like me, you likely think that the word taffy sounds sticky and dirty.  Well, it isn't in any way.  I just put it on the tips of my fingers and use it for definition after I have fixed my hair.  Anyway, I'm very happy and while it may cost more than most, I do not find it out of the park for sure. 

I can't remember if I have talked about the contour pillow before or not but if so, it deserves being "favored" again.  I have been using a contour pillow for about 10 years.  It all started because I had some neck issues and my chiropractor recommended I get one.  I didn't like the look of it and thought it would likely be the most uncomfortable pillow ever.  Well, such was not the case.  I have had 2 and they both came from Brookstone.  They are made of memory foam.  I think there is definitely something to be said of keeping the neck in alignment with the body while we sleep. Mine travels with me unless I'm flying and it's just real hard to fit it into a suitcase along with everything else. 

And, no matter why kind of pillow you use, you definitely need a silk pillow case!  Oh, my goodness, I love them.  I started using them a couple of years ago and aside of feeling wonderful against my face, it really cuts down on the "bedhead" look.  I have gotten all of mine from Amazon and this latest ones have silk fronts and white polyester backs.  That really cuts down on the cost and I could care less that the back is not silk.  And, they come in such wonderful designs!  They make me happy. 😃

Surely you have tried this.  It's so smooth and good and 1/2 cup only has 120 calories.  I mean, that's awesome and I often use it for a bedtime snack with some slivered almonds sprinkled on it.  And, I love the Vanilla Bean, it's an even stronger vanilla than just plain vanilla.  Now, get yourself some next time you are at the grocery.

I just recently ran across these fellas, the tomato and onion keeper.  I saw them in one of those Kitchen Collection stores in an outlet mall.  I grabbed one of each and now I don't know what I did without them.  I really do know what I did, I used ziploc bags, but these are sooooo much better and they truly do keep the veggies fresher.  And, they are so cute!  Yes, they can be ordered off Amazon as well.

These little guys are called Chef Buddy Microwave Egg Cookers.  And, these also came from the Kitchen Collection store several years ago.  Hubby and I use them to make omlets in the microwave and it is so quick and easy and soooo good.  Just be sure and spray them with Pam for a very easy cleanup.  You can also just cook an egg in them if you don't want an omlet, but I love adding cheese and bacon bits, scrambling it up and cooking it for about 2 minutes. (that's for 2 eggs) It makes for a mighty tasty breakfast!

Okay, that's it for this edition of favorites, hope one of them will soon be one of your favorites too.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Looks like some great things. My Mom always slept with a silk pillow. I need to order one. Have a great weekend.

  2. I use bags for my onions too but now I want those onion keepers, so cool!!! I have slept on a silk pillowcase for years, even take one with me sometimes on vacation. Love them! Happy Weekend beautiful lady, hope it's wonderful!!

  3. Thanks for sharing - love the pillowcase!

  4. I love when you share your favorites, Lea! I see several things that I'd like to try.

  5. I can honestly tell you that you have sold me on EVERY one of these products! lol They all look wonderful. I especially love the omelet cooker thing! Thanks for all the suggestions! Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter!


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