Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hodgepodge Wednesday

It's Wednesday and I'm linking up with Joyce for a little Hodgepodge.  You can link up too by clicking on the button above. Here we go...............

1. The season of Lent begins on March 9th this you participate and if so, in what way? I have never participated and have never been a part of a church that did.  I never thought much about it until a few years ago and I really feel like that those that do participate in Lent likely have a much more meaningful Easter than those of us who do not.

2. Traditionally pancakes are eaten on the day known as Shrove Tuesday which is the last day before Lent (March 8th this year). So....butter and syrup? Blueberry? Chocolate chip? ewww, no thanks!! What's your pleasure when it comes to eating pancakes? 
I'm a real "vanilla" gal when it comes to pancakes.  I just want them plain with butter and syrup.  I love blueberries but the thought of them mixed in pancakes just does not sound that good to me and I sure don't want any whipped cream on top. ~smile~

3. Spring is coming. (It is coming, right?) What's your favorite springtime flower and do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Two questions I know, but they're lightweights.
My favorite spring time flower is the Daffodil. It screams SPRING to me, I love it's yellow color and it's just a happy flower.  I do not have any spring time allergies. Thank goodness!

 4. "Our opinion of people depends less upon what we see in them than upon what they make us see in ourselves." Author unknown. Agree or Disagree? Why?
Oh, my, this question is making my brain hurt and causing me to think too hard. ~chuckle~  But, I disagree. I'm moving on without explanation because I'm stressing way too much over this question. ~smile~

5. Since it's "March" and also the season of Mardi Gras....have you ever been in a parade? What's the best parade you've seen? 
 I have never been in a parade, but hands down the best parade I've ever seen is the Disney Electrical Parade. I've seen it several times, but each time was just like the first, wonderment and amazement.

6. You would jump up and down and shout for joy right now if someone told you___________?  that I was about to move into a new house on a postage stamp size lot. ~smile~ We live on an acre and a half and it is all manicured to the hilt and it is a whole lotta work!!!  No, I don't do it, I don't even help, but if we had a postage stamp size lot, I think I might actually enjoy it. ~grin~

7. How clean is your car on the outside? Inside? Is there junk in your trunk? Clean through and through.  I cannot stand a dirty car and there is definitely no "junk in my trunk" as I have organizer caddies for anything that is in my cargo space.  I have a wonderful hand held Shark vacuum that I use any time my mats begin showing a little dirt. 

8. Insert your own random thought here. I'm excited to be doing my first ever giveaway in celebration of my 2 year "blogoversary."  If you have not registered, click on my giveaway button at the top right side of my blog and read all about it.

Blessings to you as we enter this Holy Season
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. It seems #4 was a real challenge for most today. We say our next house will be low maintenance yard with a water view...we pay for lawn care here as my hubs travels too much to be reliable. He loves working in the yard so he does what he can. It relaxes him.

  2. Enjoyed your answers. I can't stand a trashy car either.

  3. Happy Blogiversary!!

    I love how organized you are! I often envision the back of my car with cubbies and such, but then again, soccer chairs don't fit very well into them!!

    Have a great day!

  4. I love it! I am sure a small yard would be delightful for you but I have a feeling there would be a lot of disappointed youngins who would miss that yard and all the fun that goes along with it!

    I can imagine you have a very clean car! We USED to, Chris used to be obsessive about washing and vacuuming it every Thursday night and sometimes again on Saturday. Then I had a list of things I couldn't do...roads that had puddles I couldn't drive down, I couldn't go anywhere and roll down the window...etc. Funny how kids have a way of changing things!

    As for the Disney parade...You are right, Disney knows how to do a parade!

    I missed getting on here Monday, I'll have to go check out the giveaway. As for the button, you are amazing!

  5. Congratulations on your 2 year Blogoversary!

    I also put the Disney parade.
    I think it's by far the best.
    Just sayin`

  6. Enjoyed all of your answers today. # 4 really was deep, wasn't it? You have inspired me to get a little shark vac for the car. Great idea!

  7. I enjoyed your answers ... I would love to have more organization in the trunk area of my van, but the folding chairs for soccer/baseball games don't leave enough room for much organization. But I definitely need one of those hand-held Shark vacs for keeping the interior clean!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  8. more meaningful Easter--yep

    do not have any spring time allergies--yeah!!!

    stressing way too much-me, too!

    Shark vacuum --i have a handheld does great, too.

    82 year "blogoversary"--yippee!

  9. Always look forward to your answers. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog this week, too. Hope you'll check it out!

  10. Enjoyed reading what your answers were. Disney has the best parades!!

  11. You and I had the same answer for the best parade. It's hard to top Walt Disney!

    Congrats on your upcoming blogiversary. I will celebrate my two year blogiversary on April 7th. I love your lovely wooden cross. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks!


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