Monday, March 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} Wow, last week was busy, busy, busy! I missed you gals, but sometimes life does get in the way of blogging. ~smile~
One of Hubby's sisters and her husband were here at the beginning of the week and we enjoyed a visit with them.
Don't you just love how they match my front door decor? They are some mighty sweet folks!  As I've stated before, we have family all over the country and wish so much that we were able to spend more time with all of them, but the long distances sometimes make it very difficult.

{2} Yesterday was Hubby's birthday.  We went to dinner on Saturday evening and had a quite celebration here yesterday. The older one gets, the quieter the celebrations become. ~grin~  His birthday dinner was topped off with White Chocolate Bread Pudding.  Oh, my, the two bites I had were sinful!   
Hubby and his best buddy

{3}Our little Granddaughter gave her Poppa the sweetest birthday present and I just knew that all the young Moms would love to see it.  
Isn't it just the cutest?  That is her precious little hand prints all over the bird house.  

{4} I am so proud of myself.  I am learning more and more about photo editing and am loving it.  I know, I'm still not near as "savvy" as some of you, but I have graduated from Picasa to Picnik and am not sure what I will graduate to after I've mastered Picnik. ~wink~ I love being able to do cute photos such as this.

{5} Rachel Ridge, from Home Sanctuary,was the speaker for our Ladies Spring Event at our church this past Thursday evening.  I will be blogging about this on Friday, but let me just say, if you are looking for a speaker for a ladies event, I HIGHLY  recommend Rachel. To hear more, check my blog on Friday. 
Rachel Ridge 

{6} I played in the dirt a little past week.  I planted these 
 Inpatients and I will post pictures again in few weeks when they are "bursting forth" in these pots.  Take my word, these will be stunning shortly!

I'm linking up with sweet Carissa today and you can read more Miscellany Monday by clicking on the button at the top of the page.  Wishing each of you a beautiful week!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I love picnik and use it often! Love the birdhouse. I love gifts like that.

  2. My sister just introduced me to picnik...I normal use photoshop but that takes time...
    Also, LOVE that birdhouse, that is going on my list of what to do for the Grandparents. Thanks!

    And that wreath is awesome...did you make it or buy it?!
    Happy Monday!

  3. It is always fun having family visit.

    Happy Birthday to your hubs!

    The birdhouse is just adorable!!

  4. Impatients are some of my favorite flowers...we still have snow on the ground so I'm weeks away from seeing any up here but yours are pretty. Happy Birthday to your hubs...white chocolate bread pudding sounds heavenly!

  5. Steve and Susan look wonderful standing by your beautiful door...I know you enjoyed their visit so much...Tommy is looking so good and I see he has a faithful friend sitting next to him...know he had a great birthday...The picture of CiCi and her little man wins the prize for the cutest...such love...I can hardly wait to read your Friday blog to hear all about Rachel...I am ready for my flowers to bloom, bloom, bloom...ya'll are about 2-3 weeks ahead of us on the Spring blooms...Always enjoy reading your blog...happy day:)

  6. What a sweet birthday present! I bet Poppa will enjoy that. I will look forward to reading more about Rachel.

    Have a wonderful week!

    I finally posted my ABC's about me that I copied off your blog a couple weeks ago!

  7. Happy Birthday to your husband!! That birdhouse w/ HB's handprints is absolutely darling. I love anything w/ the kids' handprints on it. I'm sure he just loved it! Can't wait to hear about your women's event :) I hope your week is off to a great start! Our week is starting off a rainy mess! We needed this rain so badly though. I'm thrilled that God decided to wash the pollen off our outdoor furniture ;) xoxo, Kelly

  8. You did have a busy week. I have been trying to work on Picnik as well. There is so much you can do with pictures. I just wished I could take better pictures to begin with!
    Well, have a wonderful week!


  9. picnik rocks!!! i just use the free stuff and love it. happy belated birthday to your man! you two are a beautiful couple.

  10. Kudoes on the photo editing. I love the birdhouse from your granddaughter. Sweet.

    Hey, I made a meme you might enjoy . I'd love to hear your answers! It's called Think Back Tuesday. :)

  11. I love that very unusual wreath! Did you make it? If so, tell us how, please?

  12. Hi Lea ~
    Thanks for the visit today =) I just added a sign from My Cool

    Looking forward to seeing your flowers grow!


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