Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hometour Tuesday

This Tuesday's tour is something I'm excited about because I love, love, love my home office.  This room use to be a parlor and of course, it was totally useless to us, but it sure was a pretty room.  About 10 years ago I got the brilliant idea of turning it into my home office.  Hubby thought that was a grand idea and we began work on it immediately.  Since I do a lot of work on the computer for my husband's insurance business, he thought he would be great for me to have an "  official"   office.  It is probably the most used room in our house.
This is my computer desk and   when we purchased this I was    "tickled pink"  with it because it was such a pretty piece of furniture.  After switching computers out on it a couple of times, I have decided that if I had it to do over, I would get a more functional desk for the computer. It would be so much easier to manage the towers, cords, etc.  But, I still think it's a beautiful piece and I'm sure I'll be enjoying it for years to come.  I'll just need to always have some strong men to move it out from the wall for me occasionally. ~chuckle~  By the way, the piece to the left side is an old side table I found at an antique store and it serves to hold the
"  stuff"   my computer desk will not hold.  Need I say, I have a lot of stuff in my office.

This is my personal desk that "  houses"   everything from my calculator, writing essentials, postage stamps, etc.  I LOVE my desk!

This is not a great picture (notice my Sonic drink in the floor) but this is my filing cabinet that holds a "  bazillion files."   Literally, everything from A - Z.  I told my husband that if anything ever happened to me that as long as he could say his ABC's he could find the answer to anything in those files. ~chuckle~ I love organization and most especially when it comes to the business of a household.

And, finally, this is actually a buffet, but it is used as a credenza in my office.  It is filled to the brim with computer checks, all the items concerning my computers and cameras and on and on.  I love this piece and it went so well with all my other furniture and serves a much needed purpose.

I hope you enjoyed your tour and I think it is likely very apparent to you that I do love my home office and spend many happy hours in it "doing my thing."

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Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Looks like an inviting place to work - - - - or better yet to blog!!!

  2. I enjoyed the tour of your office so much...to see where CiCi sits to create her wonderful blog was such a treat...I know you have the gift of organization and one can truly tell this from your neat office:) I did notice the Sonic drink with that great ice nearby ...something we all need daily..:) I saw that wonderful picture of your dad on the wall and other treasured pictures...I definitely enjoyed your tour this morning...the heart of a home is the mom (CiCi)...

  3. I agree...what a nice place to work! Love the cross and HAPPY wooden sign!

    Thanks for linking up with US today!

    Have a great Tuesday!



  4. Thanks for linking up with Shannon & I today!

    Great space....love that big window.

    And what a great file basket, LOVE!

    Hope your week is great:)

  5. What a wonderful office to work in! I hesitate to post pictures of mine since we are still working on it. I will post some anyway!!


  6. I spend a lot of time in my office too. Yours looks warm-I love the credenza! I joke with my hubs about the files too...and my daughter has my online pw because I generally have to remind hubs of our home email address : ) In his defense, he has a lot of pw to keep up with at work.

  7. I actually love that you're using beautiful furniture pieces for your office. It's such a great way to keep the "home-y" feel. And I love the Sonic cup, that's just keeping it real there!! ;)

  8. You and I have a couple things more in common: husbands in the insurance industry, and an affinity for cherry wood. I can see why you love your home office.

    PS Thanks for the showing the Sonic drink on the floor. It's such a "real" --not staged--photo. That's what I like.

  9. What a nice office you have here. I am following you along now.

  10. I LOVE your office, Lea! Beautiful...thanks for sharing (and I agree, the Sonic drink is a very necessary touch!) :)


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