Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring has Arrived - well almost

  Good Friday Morning! It's a beautiful spring morning and in recent days I have gotten our home all "decked out" for Spring and thought you might enjoy seeing it this morning.  I love my front door decor and went with something really different this year.  I have never seen one of these rectangular shaped "thingys" but I like how it turned out.  And, no I did not make it, I had it done.  I'm not good with that kind of creativity. ~smile~

I haven't used these sweet bunnies in years but knew that the Grans would love them, so found the perfect spot for them this year.  This is in the foyer and the first thing you see when you come in the front door.  And, they look so cute on the little bench I purchased a few months back.

We'll see how having these bunnies on the glass top coffee table work with the Grans.  It may be more temptation than they can resist.  They are so good to not bother things, but this may be a bit much.  And, if it is, well, the bunnies will take a trip when they come to visit.  I'm not about to allow such to get their little hands slapped.  I cannot stand that. ~smile~

  I was thrilled with the way the dining table scape turned out. That is jelly beans in the glass containers with the candles. (The glass containers are some of those really, really inexpensive ones I found at TJ Maxx on one of my many visits to that store.)

I have decided that Spring is definitely my favorite time of year, even more than Christmas.  Just a much calmer time, the sign of new life breaking forth and of course, the celebration of Easter is just the "icing on the cake."  

Hubby's sister and her husband will be arriving this afternoon for a visit and we have a lot of family fun planned while they are here.  Looks like the entire weekend weather is going to be awesome so that will make it even more enjoyable.

Before I close, if you have not registered for my giveaway, be sure and do so by clicking on the giveaway button on the upper right hand corner of my blog.  Monday is the day the winner will be revealed and I can't wait to send that beautiful cross to someone.  I hope it is YOU! 

Blessings to you for a beautiful weekend!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Love the dining table scape. Grans will sure to love the jelly beans.
    Starburst and Skittles has come out with some also.

  2. a wonderful weekend is upon you! love all the spring cheer!

  3. After looking at your beautiful pictures, I truly believe Spring has arrived...Your door is the colors ...the little bunnies on your bench are so precious...Your glass coffee table is beautiful and love how your gorgeous rug is seen through the glass...the bunnies look happy sitting there...but most of all love the book lying on your table...The Culp Family with the pictures of you and Tommy and your grandchildren..what a treasure. The dining table looks beautiful and I know some delicious meals will be eaten there as you celebrate your family and Spring...enjoy Susan and Steve's visit...

  4. Oh how I loved looked at the spring decor! The eggs in the planters are my favorite part - too cute! Easter is my absolute favorite holiday to decorate the house for...that will happen this weekend! I'm so happy that Easter is "late" this year as I'll be able to stretch out the decorations more than a month!

    Enjoy the weekend!! xoxo, kelly

  5. I love how your home is all "decked out" for Spring.

    I am looking forward to having our windows open and the fresh Spring air coming in.

    Enjoy your company!

  6. I'm with you about doing whatever it takes that we don't have to smack a hand. There are enough no's in life without having them at Nana's! Having said that, I do have a few standards at Nana's (no tattling, no fits, no bad attitudes, etc.), so occasionally I do have to say no or scold. I want them to enjoy their time at Nana's & Papa's, but I also want to reinforce Mama's & Daddy's efforts to raise fine young Godly children. ;-)

  7. Your home looks so welcoming! I think I'm going to come by for a cup of tea; lol. I love spring too. And Easter is my favorite holiday.

    Blessings and love,

  8. I really like the rectangular wreath "thingy"?) Never seen one, but I might just go get one since I've been inspired. I definitely like springtime more than Christmas. In spring "all is calm, all is bright"!

  9. I wish spring would seem a little closer but we got tornado warning on our coast and forecasted to rain for 10 days, at least it's not 40 days. We shall see when spring officially arrives....Your home is looking quite lovely. I love those jelly beans in the containers.

  10. I especially like the front door decor ~ it fits so nicely with your windows/architecture =)

  11. I love your decorations. I haven't even started yet. Hopefully this week.
    Have a great weekend with your family.


  12. I love your beautiful spring time decorations. I especially like the Peter Rabbit figurines. Hope you have a wonderful week with family.

  13. TJMaxx? That's where I do all my holiday shopping! My favorite store! ;-)

    Happy Weekend Dear! xo


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