Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up with sweet Rachel today for Friday Favorites. This past week brought several favorites my way.

My baby brother came in last weekend for a visit.  He had not been here in about 4 months and Daddy's progress in that time has been tremendous.  He was so pleased when he  saw Daddy and his visit was a real boost. 

I'm so thankful that throughout Daddy's illness Joel has made it a priority to be here as needed.  I could have never made it without him this past year.  I'm so glad that my parents decided that they wanted another child when I was 13 years old. ~smile~

Hubby and I took Joel to dinner at one of our favorite places while he was here.  We had a delicious meal and then we decided that we would "share" a dessert of bread pudding.

Oh, my goodness, do you see that ooey, gooey, sauce that it is laying in?  Let me tell you, it was to.die.for!!!!  But, 1/3 of it was a big plenty for each of us.  Yep, a favorite thing for sure!

Our 4th was filled with fun and friends.  I suggested we all go to a local establishment for their buffet that would be filled with 
"4th of July fare." 
 And, the best part, none of us would have to do a thing but "show up."  All agreed it was a great idea, I mean, really, our Momma's didn't raise dummies!  We know a good deal!

We divided up on the drive, women in one vehicle and men in the other and then ate at separate tables.  It made for some great conversation and we ended up sitting around the table almost 3 hours. ~wow~ Good food,and great fellowship with dear friends. It made for a happy 4th!

If you have been reading my blog for very long, you know that I  enjoy decorating my front door and porch for the various seasons of the year.
I always want the entrance to our house to have a warm and welcoming look.   There is no particular holiday in the near future so when I took down the patriotic decor yesterday, I put up this summery look that will carry me through until fall. ~hurry, hurry~

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. You are such a warm and welcoming person. I love how you decorate your front door for each season. But I think your welcoming smile and personality shines through too. I just know that you are special and fun. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th with friends. And your dad looks great. It's wonderful to have support from a brother, isn't it?

    Blessings and love,

  2. What a great idea for the 4th! I would have loved that too. Glad your brother's visit went well. I haven't taken down my 4th of July door decor yet, but searching for my "summer" wreath is on today's agenda, haha..I am loving yours...Have a good week-end.

  3. I love your front door. Its so pretty. I hope you have a nice weekend!

  4. Sounds like you had a nice week. The buffet on the 4th sounds like a win-win situation! ;-)

    Glad you were able to have a nice visit with your brother. That bread pudding looks delicious!!

  5. Just showing up is a great idea! Works for me! I mean, the 4th of July comes soon enough after Father's Day that doing the whole grilling thing when it's even HOTTER is nonsense! I am so happy your baby brother Joel got to visit. My daughter is glad her parents decided to have another child when SHE was 13--and his name is also Joel. :)

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    Your photos are beautiful of your family and friends for the 4th of July.. I am so sorry just getting over to your post. A lot has been happening in my life right now.I need to thank you for your sweet comments on my Tablescape. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  7. So glad that seeing your brother gave your daddy a much needed boost. Love the picture of all you gals together! Your front door says, "Come on in and stay for awhile!" BEAUTIFUL!

  8. i'm so happy to see your dad looking so good! and the ooey gooey stuff looks amazing!! a 4th without hassle sounds like the way to go - glad you enjoyed it. xo!!


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