Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favorites

Indeed, I do have some favorites to share with you today.  In fact, I guess if I thought about it, I probably could share favorites everyday.  It's just that some days, the favorites get hidden by the "heavy stuff."  But, not today..........I'm joining sweet Rachel to share this week's with you...........

My 60th birthday is Sunday but I've been celebrating all month long and it's been such fun.  It has made it a bit easier to take. ~smile~  

On Wednesday a group of my friends took me to one of our newest restaurants, Cotton.  The chef, Cory Bahr, was the winner of Chopped for the 2012 season.  He had already opened the restaurant before he won, but once he won, it has become the "restaurant of all restaurants."  And, might I add, it is more than just a place to eat, it is truly a dining experience.
And, when I asked if he would come out and let me have my picture taken with him, he was more than gracious.  And, is he not just the cutest!!!  I had the Shrimp Remoulade Salad  and as my Grandmother use to say, "it would make you slap your pappy."  So,so good!  My meal was topped off with a peach cheesecake and they had a candle burning in it when they brought it to me.  I felt very celebrated! 

I so appreciate my special friend, Mary K. for putting this lunch together.  It's no easy feat trying to coordinate an event for women but this gal can "get er' done!"

Yesterday I had the privilege of spending time with one of my most favorite women.  You  met her  on my blog last fall just as she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

 What a journey this precious lady has been on but doesn't she look absolutely fantastic?  And, in case you are wondering, yes, that is a wig she has on.  I would never have guessed it if I didn't know it.  It looks exactly like her hair looked before.  Martha has had chemo, surgery and radiation and is about to enter a clinical trial.  Her journey is far from over and I ask that you pray that she will be on the "real" drug and not the placebo in this study.  She is such an inspiration and truly a testimony to God's faithfulness at one of life's worse times.  She holds a special place in my heart for sure! And, can you believe this lady is 78 years young????

When I got home yesterday afternoon I had a box sitting at the backdoor.  And, you know, there's something about a package that excites a woman.  It had come by mail from my lifelong friend in Orlando.  When I opened the outside box I saw this gorgeous lime green box sitting inside.  Well, inside  this colorful box was a party!  No joke, so many neat items, all to say Happy Birthday!

Yes, it's been a week of a lot of favorites and hey, there's still today and tomorrow left of this week. 

 Wishing all of you your favorite things!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Well it looks like quite the week for you! How wonderful...HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you be blessed in every way!

    Your friend looks BEAUTIFUL btw, and I can hardly believe she is 78...Praying all goes well for her.....

  2. A month-long birthday celebration ... that's the way to ring in a new decade! And that's what I should have done for my 60th birthday! ha! I don't suppose it will work for birthday #62??

    Praying that your friend will win her battle with cancer. (And yes, she does NOT look 78!)

  3. wow...what a birthday celebration your having. I can't wait to hear where your husband is taking you.

    Your friend looks wonderful!!

  4. Your friend is lovely and definitely doesn't look her age! I'm convinced the secret to staying youthful is great skin. Mine has seen too much sun but I'm trying to rectify that now.

    Happy Birthday! You deserve to be celebrated!

  5. Neither of you look you age! You are both beautiful! Happy Birthday!

  6. i think i've said it once, and i will say it again. you will be the hottest 60 year old around!!! so happy you have had such a fun week. happy birthday, on Sunday, to the sweetest southern gal i know! xoxoxo!!

  7. Oh you have celebrated the right way...may we all remember to just stop and celebrate life...Happy Birthday

    Oh my so many going through breast neighbor still fighting...our prayers for each and everyone of them...she is beautiful

  8. What a fun birthday you are having! I'm not surprised you have wonderful fun friends. That comes across so well on your blog. Your friend certainly does not look her age at all. And I never would have guessed that was a wig she was wearing. But you also look beautiful. Your smile is contagious.

    Happy birthday!

    Blessings and love,

  9. Miss lea, My Mom would have said "You know more look 60 than fly to the moon!" Happy, happy Birthday!Sounds like you are celebrating in grand style, and so you should! I hope you have an amazing day, and a year full of all the blessing your heart can hold! You deserve it!

  10. Like I've said since 1969 when we moved to your little town, "The ladies here know how to socialize and do it with grace and southern charm." Even though it's a totally different group of ladies, the grace and southern charm still exist. Martha is beautiful and in no way does she look 78 or show the difficulties she has gone through. We'll pray she gets the drugs she needs to beat this thing. Time is nearing for your mystery trip! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  11. I think stretching out your birthday is the best and you have certainly had a good week. What a nice surprise waiting at home.I wish you all the best for your birthday on Sunday.
    Happy Birthday!!!
    I will keep your friend Martha in my prayers and pray for her to get the real medication. ((HUGS)) to her and she does look wonderful.

  12. Lea, I'm about 4 years behind you, and you make the view ahead look really good! If 60 can look as great as you do, bring it on! Your loveliness (both inside and out), style and class are so worth emulating. You're gorgeous, and that gives me hope for the coming years! :)

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  13. Happy birthday, Lea!! Enjoy your special day! You definitely do not look anywhere near 60! I really enjoyed this post...and your friend looks AMAZING for being 78 AND going through cancer treatment..WOW. My jaw is hitting the floor as I type.
    May God bless you as you celebrate your official birthday tomorrow...and may you feel loved and joyful and delighted to have lived another year of life. Hugs!


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