Monday, July 9, 2012

Miscellany Monday

It's Monday again and our Carissa is off in California, but thank goodness for the internet and the magical way it works, she can still host our random thoughts this Monday.  

A beautiful site..........

I could not resist sharing this with you.  I'm pretty sure that our church probably has some of the most gorgeous floral arrangements of any church.  These arrangements (there is a pair, one on each side of the podium) are the summer arrangements for our sanctuary. They definitely "make a statement."  I marvel at folks that have this ability and can come up with the idea.  A perfect summer arrangement!

Then and now........

  When we were in route to Dodge City a couple of weeks ago we saw this statue outside a bank in Woodward, Oklahoma.  It was such an impressive site and as we read the words, "Binding Contract" Hubby and I talked about that.  We both remember the days that a handshake was a binding contract but those are few and far between today.  What a shame, but nonetheless the truth. We should all be "men of our word" with a firm handshake to "seal the deal" but,  I don't know of any financial institute or human being that will accept a handshake as confirmation these days. Guess that's just another sign of the times we live in.

A lovely surprise..........
I was busy working in my home office Saturday afternoon when I saw two cars drive into our driveway.  I did not recognize either car and could not imagine who it was but just waited for whoever it was to come to the door.  In a couple of minutes I heard the doorbell and got up to go to the door.  I opened the door and had the SURPRISE of my life.  It was a family that was our dear, dear friends for many years and was also our backdoor neighbors.  We raised our children together, attended church together,  ate together, and spent our weekends together.  Could I just say "we were tight!"  About 23 years ago they moved to Arkansas and  our lives have not been as closely connected.  We have seen each other at weddings and funerals but haven't really had a good visit in way too long.  The two young men in the picture above are their sons and they are two of the finest. They are both in the Airforce and the one on the left is stationed between California and overseas (shares time between the two places) and flies U2 Spy Planes. Yep! a rather high stress job!  The other brother has just been assigned Pentagon duty and he flies the B2 Stealth. Yes, they are some of America's finest!  They were only able to stay a few minutes, so we didn't even get to scratch the surfaceBut we did get to exchange a hug, snap a few photos and made a promise to get together soon.  

The Celtic Woman........

 Now, I am not sure why this group is called "The Celtic Woman" instead of "The Celtic Women."  But, nonetheless, these women are phenomenal!   I just recently found out about them and would absolutely love to see and hear them in concert.  If you would like to hear them you can click here to hear them sing Amazing Grace. I promise it will raise the hair on the back of your neck.

Happy week my friends!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. oh what a nice surprise at your door. Its always so nice to visit with good friends/neighbors. You always post such beautiful flower arrangements.

  2. what a fun surprise! I recently reconnected with my best friend I had when my girls were little...seems we just picked right up where we left off 20 yrs ago! fun!
    your flower arrangements are definitely better than our flower arrangements!

  3. What a fun, fun, fun surprise! Hope you are able to get a nice long time with them re-connecting soon.

    That arrangement is spectacular ... I've never seen anything quite like that. Gorgeous!

  4. What a great surprise. It was so good to see them again although I wouldn't have known the boys. Yes, FBC has some extremely talented women. The arrangement is stunning. Love the Celtic Woman (women). Glad you discovered them. Watch PBS for occasional performances. Outstanding.

  5. I love the floral arrangements at your church. They are lovely! And what a fun surprise. Life goes by too quickly and it's fun to see old friends. This family is so very photogenic. And The Celtic Woman group are fabulous. I've heard their music before but will visit the link you included in this post.

    Blessings and love,

  6. What a fun surprise to connect with old friends! God bless those boys in their high stress roles with the Air Force.

    I also love The Celtic Woman (en?)...I will not let that little tiny grammar thing stress me out. Much : )

  7. Wonderful to have old friends turn up like that! like a good dream. I am glad you had this happy experience.

  8. a gorgeous arrangement....I do the arrangements for our church and sometime I stress myself way too much over them...I want them to be perfect!

    glad you were able to connect with old friends...
    Have a blessed day.

  9. What a wonderful surprise visit! I love the floral arrangements with the lemons- so creative.

  10. They even look like they sing good. Does that make since? What fun!

  11. I really enjoyed this! The flowers with the lemons...beautiful! The ''binding contract' speaks voumes, doesn't it? The Celtics are some of my favorites too. All that and meeting up with old friends too... you are blessed! :)


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