Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Letters


Always fun to write letters on Friday.  Thanks Ashley for being a lovely hostess each week!

Dear Trans-Siberian Orchestra, I do believe that if you were going to be in my "neck of the woods" this holiday season that I would come to one of your concerts.  Your music has grown on me and I "think" I really enjoy you.  You have a  cool sound!

Dear Hostess Twinkies, I knew you had been around a long, long time but I had no idea you were 80 years old.  My goodness! I loved you as a little girl and I felt very special on the days that I was privileged to have one of you.  It's a sad day knowing that you will no longer be around and that my Grandchildren will not know the thrill of having you as a snack.  How sad!

Dear Post A Notes, You are one of the dandiest items around and I am sorry that I was not the inventor of you.  I mean, you come in all shapes and sizes and have a bazillion uses and folks are addicted to you.  How much better can it get?  You are never very far from me, that's for sure.  I find uses for you everyday.

Dear Pandora, Can I just say that I love you!  I can listen to any type of music that my heart desires at any time of the day.  I love having you at my fingertips!  And, you are FREE!  I am, how good can it get????

Dear Christmas Season, You have gotten off to a great start and I'm already enjoying you.  Please keep me mindful of the real reason for this season and remind me to share the joy of that  reason with those that I come in contact with everyday.   

Dearest Momma, Tomorrow will mark the 4th anniversary of your death.  As sad as it was and as hard as it was for me, I would not take anything in the world for the privilege of being at your side when you entered heaven's gates.  It was an indescribable feeling to know that you went straight into the arms of Jesus.  I wonder if I will ever get over missing you.  There's just no one like our Momma's and no one is as interested in every aspect of our lives.  I miss talking to you everyday and knowing that you could give me such sound wisdom, no matter what we might be discussing.  Life has certainly never been the same without you, but it has gone on and it always will until the day that He calls me home as well. I love you Momma and can only hope that I will leave as rich a heritage to my children as you did to yours.   

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Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I heard that Post-it notes was actually a failed experiment. They were supposed to stick but didn't. But I'm glad for them too. :)

    I love the Christmas season too. And I miss my mama, especially during this time of year when I have so many treasured moments with her.

    When I get home from work, Greg has Pandora music playing Christmas carols. I love it!

    Blessings and love,

  2. TSO will be here next Saturday but I'm not going. It is always the same weekend as Mom's Day at my daughter's college and I have to go to that.

  3. I have just discovered how much I like Pandora because I don't have to figure out anything or change discs or make sure something's plugged in (except for my laptop).

    Amen to the wishing (I'd) invented the Post-it notes. Just today I used one to label a donations bag, and that was before 9 a.m. Wonder how many a week the average homemaker uses, let alone the office worker. ???

    Hugs as you miss your Momma.

  4. Post-its and Pandora! Yesssssss!!!

  5. Hello, Lea! (CiCi)
    I'm new to your blog. We have a blogging friend in common, Debbie P of Heart Choices. (One of my favorites I might add.--smile)

    Your blog is beautiful. Love this Friday post. I LOVE Post it notes... They are the dandiest thing!

    I've enjoyed my visit and I'll be back. Blessings to you.

  6. Well, I managed to finish your blog with tears this time. Your beautiful letter to your mom so reminded me of my own precious mother and how much I still miss her. Thanks for letting me share in your sweet note.

    Hopeing to rejoin the blogging world on Monday; after that who knows. Headed north next week.

  7. Love your Friday letters. Lots of good things there. I too, lost my Mother and it is so hard especially this time of the year when I so wish she was here to share the holiday season with me. But, she's in a much better place than I.

    Enjoyed your blog.


  8. What a sweet letter to your momma!

  9. I would love to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra live. They were in St. Louis last December, and it didn't work out for us to go. Next time - for sure!

    And I love Pandora! Love it!

    My mom will have been gone 6 years this Christmas Eve. I wonder, too, if I'll ever get over missing her.

  10. I had to come by and read the letters. I love reading them every week.


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