Monday, November 19, 2012

Miscellany Monday - Thanksgiving Style

It's Thanksgiving week and I am sure everyone is busily putting the last minute touches on their plans for Thanksgiving. But, for now, let's be random with Carissa as we begin this week of Thanksgiving.

Sugary goodness.........

 Here in Louisiana, pralines (and there's a couple of different ways to pronounce them) are considered a staple during the holiday season.  I have never been a fan of them because they are just too sweet for me.  And, I had never made them until this past weekend.  I ran across what appeared to be the easiest recipe for them on Pinterest and I HAD to give it a try. I felt like I could not be a true Southern Belle if I did not know how to make pralines. ~giggle~  So, they were every bit as easy as the recipe indicated and Hubby assured me that they were absolutely delicious.  Yea, for me!!  If you are interested in the recipe, click on the recipe tab at the top of my blog and it will be the first one, Georgia Pralines.  I'm sure you will agree, they are nothing more than sugary goodness!

A wonderful gift idea............

 If you have never heard of or checked out Paper Coterie, then you need to run right over.  It is the coolest website with the coolest products.  One of the products that I have fallen in love with is the Memory Keepers.  They come in two sizes and they are boxes to keep clippings, pictures, programs, etc. in and you can personalize them with pictures and text.  They come in all kinds of designs and if you Google promotion code for Paper Coterie, you will likely get at least 25% off of your order.  I got both of my Grans one for their birthdays this year and their Moms were thrilled too death.  They have so many cool products and since it's Christmas shopping time, I thought you would enjoy knowing about this fun website.  You're welcome!

Man's best friend.........
We went out yesterday afternoon and "tried" to get some decent pictures of Hubby and his dogs.  I say his because I truly have very little to do with them.  But, they are really good dogs (as dogs go) and they are always so glad to see me when I drive up and for that, I'm grateful. ~laugh~  But, the one who truly cares for them, feeds them, keeps their vet visits up to date, is Hubby.  In case you have never met them before, this is Rhett (yellow) and Rosco (brown).  Dogs truly are man's best friend, they'll love regardless! ~smile~ 

June 15, 2013
 Okay, I am so excited!  I shared with you a couple of week's ago about my nieces engagement and now I'm pleased to tell you that the date has been set.  Yep, next June 15th, me and Hubby will be in DesMoines, Iowa for the big day.  I am a bit partial I know, but they are the finest young couple and I just know the Lord has great and mighty things in store for them.  And, are they not the cutest? And, I  love that their names even go together - Ashley and Aaron - has such a cute "ring" to it. ~wink~ And, hey, one day they may have a little boy and girl named Andrew and Allison. ~big wink~

May you have a blessed week.....

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Oh I love your dogs. You got a good picture of them. I bet you can't wait till next year for the wedding. I know its so exciting. Keep us posted on how the plans are coming along.

  2. You've inspired me to go order a box for 2013. Cute picture of the dogs...I love big dogs : )

  3. I will have to check out that website. I love the photos of your hubby and his dogs. And congrats to your niece and fiance.

    Blessings and love,

  4. It sounds like two good sights to check out...I especially like the idea of the memory boxes...Congrats to your niece and her fiance, they do make a really cute couple. Wishing you and yours a wonderful, blessed, and happy Thanksgiving! HUGS

  5. What beautiful dogs. And how exciting for your niece. My daughter got married in June. A perfect month for a wedding!

  6. I'm not much of a fan of pralines, either. Way too sweet for me.

    I love the idea of the Memory Keepers. I'll definitely go check them out.

    Congratulations to the sweet couple.

  7. So many wonderful blessing and things to be thankful for. I love pralines. I have made them but I plan to make some soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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