Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hodgepodge Wednesday

It's Wednesday and that means "time for Hodgepodge."  I have no idea where Joyce comes up with these questions week in and week out but I'm so glad she does because it saves my brain from having to work overload on blog fodder.  Here we go........
 1.  Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 10th, and 2013 is the year of the snake. When did you last see a snake?  Are you okay around snakes or do they give you the shivers? 
 Oh, sometime last summer Hubby killed a Copperhead on the road in front of our house.  As far as I'm concerned a dead snake is the only good snake regardless of what type they are.  I am scared too death of them.  I have a great snake story but I will save it for another time. 
2. The color red in Chinese culture usually means good luck.  Do you believe in luck? 
 Webster's defines luck as:
Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.
So, yes, I would have to say that I do believe in luck and I've had my share of both bad and good, so I guess it has all equaled out in my life, thus far.  But, I've heard some say, "if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all."  Poor folks! ~sad~
3. sledding-ice skating-building a snowman...if given a choice, which activity would you choose?  Which of the three have you done most recently? 
Well, at this stage in my life I'm going to go with the safest of the three and that would be building a snowman.  I try to avoid any activities that I possibly can that could cause injury.  There's enough that I cannot avoid but those that I can, I will.  I have done none of the above  in years and years.
4.  Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited as saying, "The years teach much which the days never knew."  Where have you seen this quote played out in your own life?  
 Okay, I'm not going to sit here and think on this too long, I'm just going to jump in and answer it ~ right or wrong~ here I go.
My years have definitely taught me much and it's one of the better things about getting older.  We have (hopefully) learned a lot and grown wiser and it definitely takes years to do that.  It has played out in my life, time and time again and one of the biggest things is that "life is what it is" and very often there is not anything we can do except to accept situations that come our way and pray for the good Lord's guidance to see us through.~hope that made sense~

5. When was the last time you ate a cupcake? 
I bought some delicious cupcakes about 3 weeks ago to have when we had some company and I indulged in a Carrot Cupcake.  Cupcakes are on every corner it seems, quick stops, bakeries, cupcake shops, I think we might could say that they are "the be all, do all." And, they are pretty much available in more flavors than ice cream.  ~smile~
6. What's something you can't say no to? two Grans.  If it is not life threatening to them, then I pretty much think they should have it or be able to do it.  Isn't that part of the fun of grandparenting? ~chuckle~
7.  Are you a doodler?  
 Oh, no, not in any shape, form or fashion.  Now, I'm assuming you are talking about doodling as in a form of wasting time, not scribbling on a tablet. ~wink~ But, I'm sure the definitions of doodling vary greatly.
8.  Insert your own random thought here.
You all know how there are few, if any, fabric tags in any clothing items anymore.  They have all been replaced with latex tagging that is somehow pressed directly on to the fabric.  Well, last summer Hubby bought some new briefs with latex tagging and he  came up with this terrible rash on his lower back, right at the place where the latex tag was on the briefs.  It took well over a week for him to figure out that it could possibly be the latex causing the rash.  By this time he had about a 4inch square of raw skin that was itching him crazy.  He ended up at the Dermatologist and it took almost two weeks of treatment to get it cleared up, and in the meantime he just started wearing his briefs wrong side out. (smart man wouldn't you say) And, he was still wearing his older t-shirts with the regular cloth tags.  Well, fast forward to this past week.  Hubby bought new t-shirts and briefs (is this getting too personal) and after about the second day of wearing them he started an awful itch up around his neck.  Yep! right where the latex tag is on his undershirt. He was more than a little frustrated and decided it was time to search the internet for a remedy. (whatever did we do before the internet????)  Well, there it was, various ways to remove the latex tags from your clothes without damaging them.  He decided to try the one that suggested using Wintergreen Oil.  He went to the pharmacy and bought some and came home and had all the latex tags removed within a few minutes.  So, my friends, if you have "issues" with your latex tags, try this.  It will save you a whole lot of scratching and discomfort for sure!  You can thank me later for this valuable information. ~big grin~

And, I leave you with this.....

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I was thinking of drawing when I said doodling, but I"m also pretty good at wasting time : )


  2. Good morning! How interesting on the labels! I am going to remember that...Enjoy your day!

  3. Your hubby needs to always tell any medical or dental personal that he is allergic to latex. It is bothersome now, but could become worse and many use latex gloves, tubing etc. Love you.

  4. I never knew what they used to put those pressed on tags on with. Good to know that it is latex for someone who has an allergy to them.

  5. I look everything up on the internet! I would probably choose to make a snowman too. I would probably get injured doing the other things. Hope your having a good week.

  6. i remove the tags from all of my clothes. They bother me as well. thanks for the tip. We haven't come across the latex yet but I will keep it mind.

  7. Carrot cupcakes-my mouth is watering. Never knew what was used to put the tags on.

  8. Your poor hubby...that must have been miserable for him! Glad he found a solution to his problem! Carrot cupcakes are definitely my cup of tea!

  9. Very enjoyable story about hubby and his "unmentionables". LOL

    Luck? I don't believe in Luck or chance.....God is in control over every area of our lives. Better to think it was intended for our good than feeling crudy about our luck :-)

    Have a great day :-) glad I stopped by.


  10. A copperhead? I freak out BIG TIME over a lousy garter snake - imagine if I encountered a copperhead? Ack!

    My goodness, after reading all these Hodgepodges with mentions of cupcakes, I'm definitely going to need to have a cupcake soon!!

    And I agree with you on #6. I've had to tell them no on occasion when it really was in their best interest, but I try to eliminate the word "no" from my vocabulary as much as possible when I'm with them.

  11. Yes, the only good snake is a dead snake! I like your answer on the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. I would have a hard time saying no to my grandchildren. Hopefully I get a chance someday.

  12. Well, who would have known about those aggravating tags but now we have a remedy, thanks to you and Tommy. Those nylon threads that are used to sew on some tags are my aggravation. I just don't like tags period.

  13. Well, who would have known about those aggravating tags but now we have a remedy, thanks to you and Tommy. Those nylon threads that are used to sew on some tags are my aggravation. I just don't like tags period.

  14. I always like it when I see that quote you put at the bottom, great reminder.
    Interesting about the labels!

  15. Good for your resourceful Tom. My mom is so allergic to latex she cannot even get near balloons! Oh, the joy that awaits me of indulging Grans. ")


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