Monday, February 4, 2013

Miscellany Monday

It's Monday gals, the first Monday of February! Yep, the days are just flying right on by........joining up with sweet Carissa on Monday's gets every week off to a great start!
Not just any hot chocolate.........
You know I love telling you about life here in South and how we make "events" out of every happening.  Well, last Thursday I was invited by this precious lady (shown with me in the picture above), affectionately known as "Ms. Virginia," to have a cup of hot chocolate.  Can I just tell you it was not "just" a cup of hot chocolate.  It was like something out of "Downton Abbey" complete with silver pot, beautifully appointed table, strawberries with lemon curd, and freshly made cinnamon toastDark chocolate sticks were stirred into the hot milk until we had our milk as "chocolately" as we wanted it.  There were 8 of us gathered around this lovely table and can I just say, "it was an affair to remember."  Her daughter was in from San Antonio and she's every bit as gracious a Southern Belle as her Mom. I have told Ms. Virginia numerous times that I want to be just like her when I grow up.  She is one of the Godliest, fun loving, Southern ladies I know.  And, can you believe that she will be celebrating her 80th "something" birthday this June. 

57 years of hunting........

All of the deer you see in the photo above are just a few of the trophies killed by my Hubby over the past 57 years.  These are  the ones that have been permanently mounted and now hang in his office.  Hunting season has just closed for another year and it was another enjoyable year of hunting for him.  Hubby started hunting with his Dad, Uncle and cousins when he was around 8 years old.  He took to it like a "duck to water."  If they gave degrees in hunting, he would definitely have his Doctorate.  He is highly regarded as a hunter and tells me that the preparation for the season and being up close to nature is as much fun as the actual "kill."  One of the most important aspects of hunting is having patience and this man has a boatload of it. (otherwise he probably couldn't have stayed married to me for 40+ years) ~chuckle~

I am so glad that he has a hobby such as this and in recent years, he has taken steps to be even more careful and safe and it's just another reason that I call him a "very wise man." I'm thinking he would be a good candidate for his very own hunting show. Perhaps that can be his "second career." ~smile~

The deal of the day........
  Saturday Hubby and I were out and about and I had him stop by a cute little shoe boutique about 22 miles from here.  It's appropriately named "Avenue of Shoes."  It is locally owned by the sweetest people and I love going in there.  I have had my eye on this pair of black riding boots ever since they got them in last Sept.  They had a very proud price tag on them of $265.00. ~ouch~  I had gotten an email earlier last week telling me that they had just taken their final markdown and most all shoes and boots were 75% off.  Well, "heavens to Betsy" I had to go by and see if they just happened to still have those boots.  And, yep, they sure did.  They had one pair left and you guessed it, it was my size.  Now, was that meant to be or what?  I snatched those babies up so quick it would make your head swim .  A $265.00 pair of boots for ONLY $66.25.  I think so!  And, I spotted this brown pair and decided that I "needed" (sometimes our needs and wants get confused) them as well.  They were reguarly $225 and I got those for 56.75.  I left there a very happy gal and could hardly wait to tell Hubby how much money I had saved.  Of course, his reply is always the same, "how can you be saving money when you're spending it."  ~he's funny that way~ He was really impressed when he saw that both pair had Gortex lining.  He likes knowing that my feet will be both dry and warm and of course, cute! ~wink~

And, I leave you with this........

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Good morning! Your tea party sounds just wonderful! And those boots! Soo cute, and what a deal. Sounds like my hubby btw. How can you be SAVING when your SPENDING, haha. Enjoy your day!

  2. Wow what a good deal on those boots. I would have loved to be at your tea party. I hope you have a good week.

  3. your tea party sounded amazing, and those boots are too cute! found you via the link up! happy monday! x

  4. What a fun little party. Such a nice thing to do, and I don't think we take time for the small things so much anymore. It kind of inspires me to have a coffee or tea or something here soon.

    Love the boots! Of course you were saving money-I totally get and use that logic myself : )

    Happy Monday!

  5. I love tea parties!! Everyone needs an older Godly woman in their lives...I hope to be that to someone:-)
    I'm originally from Montana so much of my family hunts. I respect hunters such as you wise hubby.
    I love both pair of your boots, I have black ones just like those (on sale)...

    Have a blessed week..


  6. I am lovin' those new boots of yours! Super cute and what a steal! Oh, that tea party looks like such fun!

  7. My husband loves the outdoors as well. Although he does hunt, more of his time is fishing. And it's not just about the fishing, it's about the catch and filling the freezer!

  8. you and your new boots are going to look so cute together!!!

    kelly loves to hunt. he has yet to shoot a deer, but oh, when he does, i know he's going to want it on the wall. yikes. haha!

    happy new week, sweet lady!! xoxo.

  9. Oh my! I LOVE those boots! What a deal - they were totally meant for you :) And what a wonderful hot chocolate party :) Such a fun time it looks like you had!

  10. I love reading about you southern ladies! I think I need to start watching that Downton Abbey show after hearing so many good things about it lately. Glad your hubby has a hobby and that he's careful. And those boots; oh my. I want to go shopping with you; love those deals.

    Blessings and love,

    PS. Thanks for your kind birthday wishes.


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