Monday, February 11, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Oh, it's the Monday before Valentine's Day.  Don't you love it?  I sure do and I love that we get to start each week out by joining up with Carissa for our miscellaneous thoughts.

 A cute little find..........

We have the best little consignment shop here in our town and when I go through my closets I always take my clothes there.  Well, I stopped in there last week to ask the owner when she would start taking spring clothes and my eye spotted this super cute beaded purse.  It seemed to have my name on it so I grabbed it!  It is the perfect size for church and looked as though it had never been touched.  So, for a few dollars, I walked away with this little jewel.

Making memories...........
This past Friday the Princess and I had a Valentine play day.  I had baked some Funfetti cupcakes (thanks Pillsbury) and had them all ready for us to decorate.  I was so amazed at how well Hanna Beth did decorating as compared to the last time we did it (not quite 3 months ago).  She is very precise with her little movements and really did a good job over all.  I used the squirt icing for mine and we both had a great time being creative.  Hanna Beth's favorite part is when I tell her it is now okay to lick the spatula.  I have to watch her while she's decorating or she'll steal a lick inbetween decorating the cupcakes.  Just too cute!!
"Cutie Patootie".........
Speaking of cute!  Is my little Princess and this outfit not the cutest!  A friend of mine makes children's clothing and this is one of her creations.  And, while it can be worn for Valentine's, she will enjoy this all the way until summer.  Can I just say that I'm crazy in love with chevron!  And, I had so much fun listening to everyone's comments about my little Princess while we were out and about on Friday.

Just down the road.....

Are any of you folks Duck Dynasty fans?  For those of you who aren't, it's a TV show on A & E on Wednesday nights.  It's about the Robertson family that live about 25 miles from us and their business.  Their business is Duck Commander and they make duck calls and ship them all over the world.  Anyway, their show has been a HUGE hit (it started about a year ago) and folks drive from all across the country to visit their store and peek at their business.  Saturday, Hubby and I decided to go over and check it out.  I was amazed at the crowd of folks in the store. And, of course, I had to have my picture taken by their rig and their motor home. ~smile~   Both of our children attended school with some of the Robertson boys and little did we know what stars these very ordinary folks would become.  Guess one never knows...........

In closing..........
 Be sure and "show some love" this week! 
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I am a big fan of the flared ruffled bottoms so popular on children's pants now. She is too cute!!

    Have a nice week : )

  2. Duck calls? :) I don't understand.

    Nothing like making cupcakes with someone you love! You look too young to be her grandmother. You always look great.

  3. Your little princess is so adorable and growing taller. Live the little purse you found. Happy Valentine!

  4. Your princess is so gorgeous ... and time spent with her is so precious. How old is she now?

    I've never watched Duck Dynasty, but I have friends who do ... and they love it. ;-)

    I love your new purse ... so pretty!

  5. Enjoyed your blog this morning. Made me smile. Love the found treasure, the cutie-patootie, and Duck Dynasty is quite something!! Have a good Monday!!

  6. Enjoyed your blog this morning. Made me smile. Love the found treasure, the cutie-patootie, and Duck Dynasty is quite something!! Have a good Monday!!

  7. Loved the little beaded bag...

    One of my favorite things is baking with my grand kids....too fun.

    I need to check out Duck Dynasty, people keep telling me how much the enjoy the show...

    Thanks for the Monday start to blog world!


  8. what a fabulous post. Your grand daughter is precious and making cupcakes together is such a special way to spend time together. Wow, I forgot Valentines Day was this week. Thanks for the reminder. LOVE the last picture quote! Love certainly IS an action verb. Big hugs, xoxo

  9. (stopping over from miscellany monday)

    ok her outfit was just adorable!! baking in the kitchen is soo fun with the little ones!!!

  10. Your posts are wonderful! Enjoying them so much!I'm grateful I found you on the blog-o-sphere.

  11. love those bottoms so very cute and love the way you all are making memories
    come see me over at

  12. so happy you and the princess got to make valentine cupcakes. what fun! you've got to be the best Grandma ever!!

    and Duck Dynasty... i've heard so much about it. kelly is dying to watch it sometime. we don't have cable, so we're hoping (and praying? haha) it comes to Netflix soon!

  13. The beaded bag is perfect for you! I love Confetti cupcakes. How fun. We love Duck Dynasty. I've laughed so hard watching that show. Have a lovely Valentines Day!


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