Thursday, January 10, 2019

10 Random Things About Me

I'm linking up with Jen for her first 10 on the 10th link up of 2019.  Today's subject is quite interesting and I thought would make for an enjoyable post.

Yes, 10 random things about me.  Now, let me see if I can think of 10.

1. I was named Lea Beth at birth, which you would think is pronounced Lee, but it isn't. My name is Leah and my parents always told me that they forgot to add the "h."   That's so funny because they named me after Leah in the Bible.  So, now you know.

2. I am a very routine person.  I have most days planned out with a mixture of household duties, errands and always try to do something fun or enjoyable.

3. I am highly organized, even my junk drawer is organized and has a place for everything and everything is in it's place.  Both of my parents were very organized so I caught on real quickly and can't imagine living life any other way.  It's not even a task for me, it's as natural as breathing. ~I know, weird~

4. I still keep a very detailed wall calendar and likely always will.  I do use my Outlook calendar as well, but I love going to our wall calendar and seeing all our activities and appointments posted there.  

5. Our two children are exactly 2 years and 9 months apart to the day.  My friends teased me and told me that no one else could plan that well. ~big chuckle~

6. I love to laugh and I have a loud and contagious laugh.

7. I probably do 70% of my shopping online and I wish that I felt guilty about it, but I don't.  It's just so convenient. ~shame on me~

8. I am and always have been, directionally challenged. I cannot read a map, can't tell east from west or north from south.  Can I just say that  GPS systems and apps were made for folks like me. I love turn by turn directions spoken to me.  It's the BEST!!!

9. I hit the floor in high gear every morning and am productive until around dinner time.  I am on the downward spiral by then and can hardly wait to curl up in my recliner for the remainder of my day. I am usually asleep between 10 - 10:30 and up at 5:30 and generally sleep very well.  This is an area where I think a routine has served me well.  I've always read that our bodies and sleep patterns do best when we have a routine. I definitely believe that.

10. I took piano lessons for 8 years, pretty much disliked every lesson I took but my Mom wanted me to take, so I did.  In a few years after I had stopped taking  I was so sorry that I did not apply myself and take full advantage of the privilege to learn to play the piano.  I can still play but could have learned so much more if I had just enjoyed it. ~boo hoo~

I leave you with this inspiring quotes/sayings..........

When in doubt, just take the next small step. 

Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

Whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.

It's never too late to be happy.  But, it's all up to you and no one else.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

Hi there! My name is Lea. I've been wife to the best Hubby for 44 years....Mom to a son and daughter....CiCi to 4 precious Grans....lover of family and friends....enjoy laughter and a good time....shopper....picture taking maniac....maker of delicious fudge....organizational enthusiast....memory maker....Southern Belle...and most importantly.....a Child of the King! Welcome to my little corner!


  1. Loved reading your list and finding your blog today!

  2. Hopping over from the link up today. This is awesome, can you come organize my house for me? My kids are 2 year 9 months and 2ish weeks apart. I love the age gap between them. I too am directionally challenged. The reason why I always drive and Mr. always navigates, I get us lost ALL the time, we learned early on in our marriage, that I need to drive and he needs navigate.

  3. I love your parents already!! We are a lot alike! I am also so organized it annoys others - HA! Everything has a place and should be there when not being used...I totally agree. Also, from a young age, my parents have been go , go, go and I have also acquired that trait. Many former boyfriends have commented that they think I cannot sit still and have to always be moving! HA! I feel like it will keep me young in the long run! Thanks for sharing all of this! Loved this post and getting to know you better! PS - I always envied my cousins that took piano lessons.

  4. I don't think I learned anything new about you from this, but I did enjoy reading it. Yes, another fun post. Order and routine is important to both of us and neither can I imagine living any other way. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. I too am extremely directionally challenged! My husband is not and he can not understand, for the life of him, why I can't follow maps! haha - I told him that's why I married him!

  6. I have a similar daily routine, and am definitely ready for bed by 10. And my kids are exactly 18 months apart! Enjoyed getting to know you better with this post.

  7. I am just the same with directions! When I was younger, before the existence of GPS, I was calling someone for directions and he told me to go east and I was like where's east? I don't know! My kids tease me because we were doing a scavenger hunt and I got confused between right and left and instead of saying I don't know the difference between right and left, I said I don't know my differences. So they always say that now!

  8. This was fun to read and I learned more about you! My middle name is Lee. I usually pronounce Lea like Leah! I am organized, but our junk drawers look like junk drawers I'm afraid! I am good with directions and do know N E S W though I do appreciate my GPS.

  9. Ditto on #10!! I took piano lessons all those years for my mom because SHE was the one that always wanted to play. I tried to convince her to take lessons after she retired, but she didn't. I think she would have really enjoyed them. Of course I already knew a few of these things! Lol!

  10. I loved learning about you! What a great post. Thank you so much for linking up with me. I loved being organized as well. My daughter is taking piano lessons right now and doesn't LOVE them, but I told her one day she will be thankful she did it. Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Your inspiring quotes are really good. Thanks for sharing them.

    So, in my mind I've been referring to you as (pronouncing) Lee-ah. Is that how you like it or are we to say it as LEE?


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