Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Nylon Stocking Day - Who Knew????

I'm likely one of the very few women who still own nylon hose/stockings (panty hose) and feel that there is STILL a place for them in a woman's life.  But, I had no idea whatsoever that there was a day dedicated to them.  As I've said before, I guess there must be a day for EVERYTHING!

National Nylon Stocking Day May 15

 Do you (men don't have to answer) ever wear stockings today? Hum.....I assume you are talking about panty hose and if that's the case then, YES, I do.   Truth be told, I'm not really into bare legs at all when it comes to dressier dress.   But, there is a time when bare legs are the way to go but at my stage in life, the more of my legs that are covered the better it is. ~giggle~ Hose give a woman's leg a smooth look that we can get no other way. ~just sayin'~

2.  Terri can remember her mom wearing hose with the seam in the back.  Do you have any memories of those?  During the war, when stockings were scarce, women would draw a line on their legs to simulate wearing stockings!  How far would you go to superficially fake something today?

Oh, yes, my Mother wore seamed hose a lot and it seems that at one time I actually owned some and wore them.  I thought they had such a classy look . ~I know, weird~

About the only "fake" thing that I do is self tanning cream.  And, I really have NOT found one that I truly like but I like it better than my scary white legs.  I don't wear shorts very often and if I do they come to the top of my knee so its rare for much of my legs to show but the part that does will have the fake tan look. ~chuckle~
3.  Women actually rioted after WWII because Dupont couldn't keep up with the demand for nylon stockings!  Is there anything today you would riot for if the supply dried up (other than basic food and water needs)?
If you have been reading my blog very long then you already know that I have an addiction to plastic straws.  Now, I'm not sure I would riot for them but I might just pitch a fit if they should quit making them.  And, in preparation of that, I am currently stock piling them. ~no joke~
4.  Pantyhose were first called Panty Legs.  I'm sure we all have worn pantyhose at one time or another (again, men don't have to answer). Do you still have a pair or three in a drawer?  Do you wear them?

Indeed I do!  I probably have 4-5 pair and my two "go to" colors are Barely There and Barely Black.  Those pretty much cover any color I might be wearing. And, yes, as I mentioned above, I do still wear them occasionally.  
5.  This is also National Chocolate Chip Day.  Perhaps chocolate is something to riot for if we ran out?  Joe's favorite cookie is chocolate chip.  What is yours?
Image result for chocolate chip cookies

I was so surprised to read that today is also National Chocolate Chip day because I have been planning for a couple of days to bake some chocolate chip cookies TODAY.  Give me a chocolate chip cookie loaded with pecans and I'm a happy gal!  Today I'm going to use, at my husband's request, milk chocolate chips rather than the semi-chocolate chips that the recipe calls for.  In fact, I've never seen a recipe that calls for any other chocolate chip but I'm betting they are going to be VERY good.  I'll let you know!
6.  Please share something with us about your week.
It has been and will be a rather laid back week.  I do have a club meeting that I always look forward to and my monthly hair appointment.  And, our oldest Granddaughter is spending time with us while her Mom finishes out her school year.  Hanna Beth's last day was Monday but her Mom doesn't get out until later next week.

Image result for closet cleanout

 I've been doing a big clean out of my closet and that has included dusting all the shelves and drawers.  I'm always amazed at how quickly dust accumulates, so, I'm so glad to have that behind me.  And, I got rid of a whole bunch of scarves and shoes.  I feel so liberated when I get rid of things/stuff that I no longer use or need.  We can become such slaves to our stuff and I'm trying real hard to not allow that to happen. ~it can be a struggle~
And, that's it for my week!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. When I use to wear hose, those were the same shades I wore. I hope your chocolate chip cookies turn out wonderful! I may have to make some myself in celebration of the day!

  2. I have a thing for plastic straws as well.. I should start stock piling them as well! Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Oh yes, closet cleaning. I'm doing a lot of that in preparation for the big move. When I was a little kid, straws were paper. I'm not sure why you're stockpiling plastic straws? Although I stockpiled egg cartons for a while when I thought our chicken-owning friends would want them.

  4. I am high fiving you because so far you are the only one who wears panty hose on occasion. And the chocolate chip cookies I made on Sunday, however, I use walnuts instead of pecans and also Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips! I love dark chocolate. I hadn't thought about plastic straws too much because I don't use them that much anymore! Enjoy your granddaughter.

  5. Yes, I occasionally wear panty hose. I always wore them in my 20s and 30s. In my 40s, it seemed they were just not worn anymore, and I stopped wearing them. Now, I know what I like and there are times and places when I want to wear hosiery. I agree with you that nothing makes your legs look as lovely as a pair of hose. The only thing I don't like is getting a snag in a brand new pair. The heartache! LOL

  6. That was my brand and those were my shades in pantyhose. I haven't bought any in years but you are right, they make all the difference in the appearance of a lady's legs. I just choose to wear pants. I need to be inspired to switch my seasonal clothes and I keep putting it off, probably because it would also call for a major clean out. Let us know how the cookies come out.

  7. Thanks for joining the Medley today!! I agree that our legs look great with stockings on. I just can't get myself to wrestle into them anymore! Ha! I need to do a major clean out of my closet too. I did clean out stuff in "my" guest room over-flow closet and felt good about that! Have a good rest of the week! Enjoy being laid-back!

  8. YUM....cookies sound good! I wore pantyhose for years. My three basic go-to colors are off black, beige and nude. In the winter months I find myself wearing more tights, thin or thick, depending on my outfit but for my outfits that tights don't look good with, I have pantyhose. I barely wear hose in Spring and Summer. That's my favorite part of Spring and Summer though...not wearing panty hose! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. Thank goodness there's another panty-hose fan in Blogland!! (Pleased to meet-cha!) My favorite is a misty black. My hubby loves his wide plastic straws; and, in fact he's known to wash them out and re-use.

  10. I also have a thing for plastic straws and when they talk about getting rid of them I panic. They have some restaurants using recyclable straws. Maybe I should start buying some too! Loved your answers! Have a great day!!!

  11. I definitely wear panty hose, but usually only with dresses. Like you mentioned, I'm not too thrilled with my bare legs look these days!!! Panty hose just seem to make a dress look more sophisticated...or something! I do remember in high school (as far as I can remember) there were no panty hose, but we wore regular stockings with either a girdle or a garter belt. And WHY may I ask did we do such a thing??? I mean, my friends and I were all slim as a rail and we sure didn't "need" a girdle so why in the world did we torture ourselves with one????? C R A Z Y!!!! Plastic straws??? Well, I like them but never thought about hoarding! I have a bunch that I had bought for the grandkids so if you run out and need some let me know:) I've tried to think of some material object I would riot over if it came down to it...that's a hard one. I'd sure miss having gas for my car, would absolutely hate to know I could never have any more Butter Pecan ice cream, and would hate to see my hair without my products!!!! We may all be missing out on some things we want and like in the near future with all this China business!!!! Sure hope it all works out. Anyway....enjoy your time with your granddaughter. Mine won't be out of school until another week.

  12. I actually loved it when hose were in style and even in colors. Hello 80's! I do in fact still have some in drawer, but I couldn't tell you the last time I wore them. You are cracking me up with your straw hoarding. I love it. I think the entire debate is ludacris. Here's your Big Gulp in a GIANT plastic cup with your paper straw...LOL Of course I live in the land of insanity anyway. HAHAHA!!! Happy weekend!! XO


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