Saturday, May 18, 2019

Saturday 9

Saturday 9

Doris Day............what a lady!  She was a part of "the good ole days" and there's few stars of her caliber left.

NOTE: blogger is having issues with the font size this morning.  So, I'm sorry for the tiny font on some of the questions. ~drives me crazy~

Secret Love (1953)

Unfamiliar with this week's song. Hear it here.

Rest in peace, Doris Day (1922-2019)

1) In this song Doris admits she's spoken to the stars, "the way dreamers often do." Do you often daydream?

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I do and don't even realize that I am daydreaming most of the time.  I think most of us do.  I mean, how can anyone not spend some time daydreaming?  I think it's very therapeutic.

2) What's the last secret you kept? (It doesn't have to be romantic.)

Our daughter called us around the middle of March to tell us that she was pregnant.  She said she would not be announcing it to the world until several weeks later.  So, I kept my lips sealed until she announced it.  Don't you just love the way she announced it with her two sons.  And, this one is a boy as well.

3) While "Secret Love" was one of Miss Day's best-selling records, and the song won an Oscar, she did not perform it at the Academy Awards Ceremony. She said she was just too nervous to sing it live before an international television audience and an auditorium full of entertainment professionals. When did you last suffer an attack of nerves?

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Oh, my goodness, it was just last week.  Hubby, myself, his sister and her husband were coming home from seeing some relatives about 2 hours away.  Bad weather was predicted for the route we would be traveling but we were just sure we would miss it.  Well, on our way home the sky began to darken, it was looking very, very scary to the left of us.  My brother in law was watching the radar and Tommy was doing his best to get ahead of it.  Long story short, we did get into some awful driving rain and wind but did arrive safely home.  I was worn out from "a bad case of nerves" over the whole situation.

4) Doris' well-publicized attack of Oscar stage fright was unexpected because she began her career as a band singer, performing before live audiences every night. But she reportedly did develop more phobias over the years, including a fear of flying. Is there anything that scares you now, as an adult, that didn't frighten you as a child?

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Well, I'm not sure it scares me but I am ever so mindful of falling.  I try to stay very aware of the ground under my it level, is it smooth, etc.  I'm more mindful of the shoes I wear, and climbing on stools and ladders.  I have seen too many life altering situations due to a fall.  Of course, when I was a child, falling never entered my mind.  If I fell, and I did many times, I bounced right back up and went on about my business.  I'm afraid that might not be the case today. ~boo-hoo~  I figure if I can avoid a fall that I can continue leading an active life for many more years.

5) Doris Day made 39 movies between 1948 and 1968. She said one of her favorite things about filmmaking was working with costume designers on her wardrobe. Do you enjoy shopping for clothes?

Well, I cannot tell a lie!  Yes, I do ENJOY shopping for clothes.  And, I rarely pay full price for any of my clothes or shoes.  And, while a sale is awesome, I can often let the fact that it's on sale make me think I "need" it.  I can honestly say that I need nothing in the way of clothes or shoes but I still love shopping for them. ~big smile~

6) Doris confessed that when she had to lose weight for a role, she gave up ice cream. If we checked your freezer, would we find any ice cream?
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Oh, my goodness, YES!!! Our freezer ALWAYS has Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla in it.  My husband thinks that ice cream is one of the 5 major food groups.  A bowl of ice cream is pretty much a part of his nightly routine.  I partake on occasion. 

7) In 1985 she hosted a cable show called Doris Day's Best Friends. She used the show as a platform to promote pet adoptions and animal welfare. Most of the guests were  celebrity friends who reportedly donated their salaries for appearing on the show to Doris' pet foundation. Did you more recently ask a friend for a favor, or perform a favor for a friend?

8) For more than 20 years, Doris co-owned the Cypress Inn in Carmel, CA. The Inn expects to continue on without her, and maintain the pet-friendly policies she introduced. Have you ever traveled with your dog or cat?

This is Rhett and Roscoe, our labs, about 8 years ago.  They are both old now and probably living in their last days.  The folks that bought our old house kept them because we did not have a yard big enough for them.  They love the dogs and Tommy goes every every few days and visits with them.  Anyway, they have NEVER traveled with us.  We are not folks that would ever want a dog traveling with us.

9) Random question: What's the last thing you complained about?

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Oh, funny you would ask!  It was just yesterday.  I took Hanna Beth and one of her friends to see the movie, A Dog's Journey and then to lunch.  Our tickets for the movie were $12.45 which was just fine.  We did go to the morning showing so that is always less expensive.  Then, of course, they wanted what is called "the kids snack box" and it includes a small drink, popcorn and some candy.  I got a bottle of water and a small popcorn.  When the lady rang it up she said that it would be $33.53.  I almost fainted right on the spot.  I told her I knew that she only worked there and had nothing to do with the prices but that it was "highway robbery."  Do you know how much popcorn you can pop for $33, or how many drinks you can buy!  I truly do not know how a large portion of folks can afford prices such as that.  The gal checking me out agreed wholeheartedly and didn't act like I was the first person to complain. ~Lord have mercy~ It was a cool $45.98 for us to go to the movie. It was a good movie and we had a good time, I guess that's really all that matters. 

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Yikes! That is one scary looking sky! And I can't say I fear falling, but falling on an icy parking lot several times over the years I worked driving a school bus has left me with a less than trustworthy knee. So even though I'm only 54, I find that I am VERY mindful of it and always thinking about whether something is likely to throw me off balance.

  2. I totally get your fear of that storm as we traveled a few weeks ago in similar circumstances trying to stay ahead of one. And the movies? Oh my goodness! We go to the Studio Movie Grill with the kids and we are able to feed them there, as well as watch a movie and we have paid close to $100. I said from now on, we eat first, then movie, and eat afterwards. Popcorn and drinks or candy is enough. It really gripes me. But then again, we don't do movies that often as it also gripes me to think of the money we are putting into the pockets of people who hate us! (I will be going though to see A Dog's Journey - I loved the first one.) So sweet about your dogs.

  3. What a scary sky!! I love the way your daughter announced her next new arrival.. too cute! And as for the movies... that is just plain crazy... I will admit.. I am one of those that will sneak in snacks... when you can get the same size candy at the Dollar Tree for a buck.. I can't and won't pay over $4 for one. And usually I will just bring in a bottle of water. The ONLY time I get popcorn or pop is when I have a pass to get into the movie for free.... Have a great Saturday!

  4. We rarely go to the movies because of that reason! Congratulations on the new grandbaby! How exciting! I think daydreaming is therapeutic too! Oh tornadoes! We are under a tornado watch right now and the storms are on the radar. UGH! I loved your answers! Have a great weekend!

  5. As usual, I have several comments:) First, I absolutely loved Doris Day and her movies...watched many of them growing up! The cost of movie going today I feel sure keeps a lot of folks from's ridiculous!!! Oh how we love Blue Bell ice cream!!!! Hubby's favorite is Chocolate Almond (I love it too), but I also love Butter Pecan! Hubby would buy it all the time but I beg him not to because I CANNOT resist if it's in the freezer!!!! I love to shop for clothes but there seem to be slim pickings these days! I don't like a lot of the styles today, plus I need petites and they are getting as hard to find as hen's teeth. I am a frugal a particular catalog in the mail today and saw a pair of denim crops that were $95! That's ridiculous, especially when the other day I bought a really really cute pair of white crops with the cutest trim around the bottoms (well made) and paid under $20! I do have a weakness for shoes but still don't pay a ton. I need to take a lesson from you and think more about being careful of falls:) I guess I might need to stop climbing in and out of the attic on that crazy ladder. My brain just keeps telling me I'm 40 and can still do these things. Better start acting my age:)

  6. Scary drive home! We seldom go to the movies because of the prices, esp. the food prices. Crazy! I know they have to make money somehow but that is simply wrong on so many levels.

  7. Your story about traveling by car in the bad weather -- that would have done me in, for sure! I am learning when I've been through a tough/stressful situation to expect my body to clench up for a day or so while I process the event. I'm so glad you got through it okay!

  8. Well, would you believe I did not know Doris Day died. Glad I read your blog. She was amazing.
    I now understand why my daughter suggested movie gift cards for a gift for my granddaughter.
    We went to see the new Mary Poppins movie with my son and his family. They treated us to the movie tickets so we bought the snacks. It was shocking. This theatre had tables with the seats and took beverage and snack orders and you also paid a tip. Life has certainly changed.
    That picture of the weather is very scary. Glad you got away from it.
    Congratulations on your new grandchild. It will keep you young.I had hoped for one more but it is not going to happen now.

  9. I loved Doris Day, what a wonderful lady and she will be missed. That weather looks awful and I am so happy that you all made it safely! I can keep a secret too:) If you tell me don't tell, I don't! Hey I wanted to tell you that I ordered the phone holder for myself, my daughter and granddaughter! It is one of the best purchases I have made recently, thanks for the recommendation:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. That last is why Joe and I don't go to the movies much anymore. I have been known to carry a big bag with two bottles of water and some snack crackers. I haven't been kicked out yet. Those boys are SO cute!! Congratulations on #3!! We do love ice cream! I would probably enjoy shopping for clothing and shoes if I wore a smaller size in both. Not much I can do about my big feet though. I enjoyed your answers!! xoxo

  11. Girl, most young families can't even afford to go to the movies with 2-3 kiddos. I about fainted when one of my daughter's was thinking about taking a group to the movies for one of her children's birthdays and she once she figured up what it would cost her.....WELL, we could have rented a nice building and had it catered! She changed her mind quickly and settled for a much less expensive way to entertain a few children. Speaking of ice cream...I can take it or leave it and most often If I eat any of it I have to grab some water. Ice cream makes me so thirsty. I don't often keep ice cream but my youngest daughter left some at my house and my husband will eat it till it gone. He loves it! My FIL keeps ice cream in his freezer at all times and usually has a bowl every night. One of our Pastors actually introduced us to Blue Bell ice cream. It is the best by far. Hope that you have a great and awesome week dear Lea. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. Not to brag or anything, but I got to meet Doris Day when I was little. She was so pretty and sweet. Speaking of sweet, how darling of your hubs to go and visit the doggies. I bets they love seeing him!! Enjoy your week, Lea!

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