Friday, September 13, 2013

Lea's Daybook - Friday, September 13th

I am growing quite fond of doing the Daybook entries and sometimes they are a real help in doing an entry when I am struggling with a topic for an entry.  I will try not to wear you out with them.  I promise to be back with "Five on Friday,,," "Friday Fragments"  or "Friday Letters" soon.

Outside my window...
the yard is screaming for relief from the summer heat and the leaves on the trees are anxiously awaiting the day they can begin to fall. Surely it won't be long.........

I am thinking...
that care giving or over seeing the care of a loved one is one of life's toughest jobs.  I began my career in care giving in 1984 and there has been little to any reprieve since that time.  It began with my Grandparents, then it was my precious MIL who suffered from Alzheimer's and now it is my Dad.  I have spent more hours in the ER than the law allows and I have shed more tears than two eyes could possibly shed over these years. But, I am so glad that I could be and still am an advocate for them and you can bet that I am a good one and no one had better mess with one of my loved ones when it comes to their care.  I'll be on them with both feet! I'm doing my best to set an excellent example for my two children so that they will know "first hand" how to be mine and their Daddy's advocate! ~smile~

I am thankful...
that my Dad is showing a little improvement with his back issues.  We found out this week that he actually has a small compression fracture in the upper part of his spine and that is why he has been in so, so much pain.  It is just going to take time for this to heal and what we really wanted was a "quick fix."  I just want to take his pain away, and bring him comfort.

In the kitchen...
things have been rather quiet ~smile~

I am this moment I have on my walking clothes which is a logo t-shirt and white knit capris and my wonderful Shape-Ups (best walking shoes on planet earth). I'll get dressed for the day in a little while.

I am creating...
hopefully a lot of wonderful memories

I am going...
to see my "little man" next weekend and celebrate his 5th birthday with him. ~Hubby is going too~   As always, where have the years gone?

I am wondering...
why as we grow older we generally face some difficult health issues and life just becomes really tough. I do not dwell on this but I cannot help but sometimes wonder what situation Hubby and I may find ourselves in one day. But, we are promised HE will never leave us or forsake us and I cling to that.
I am listening to...
a sermon series by Dr. David Uth, pastor of FB Church of Orlando, on The Family.  I listen to it via Podcasts while I walk on the treadmill each morning.  It's amazing to me that we are never too old to learn a new Biblical truth and Dr. Uth does an amazing job of presenting God's Word with such clarity.

I am hoping...
  folks know that today, Friday, the 13th, truly is "just another day." 

I am looking forward to...
some time away next weekend.  These past days with my Dad and his back issues have just about "done me in."

I am learning...
that one can only do so much and sometimes it's just time that will take care of the issue(s). 
~such as with my Dad's back~

Around the house...things are looking very "fallish" and now if the weather would just get with the program, all would be good.

I am pondering...
what I'm going to do next Thursday while Hubby is in his meeting at The Gaylord in Dallas.  I'm really thinking that a visit to the spa might be in order. Humm.....sounds mighty relaxing!

A favorite quote for today...

A.W. Tozier is one of the finest Christian author's that has ever walked the face of this earth and I love this quote by him:
The Word of God well understood and religiously obeyed is the shortest route to spiritual perfection. And we must not select a few favorite passages to the exclusion of others. Nothing less than a whole Bible can make a whole Christian. 

One of my favorite our Bunco group. We play the 2nd Thursday evening of each month and that was last evening.  We have a nice meal and then play Bunco.  It's a night of nothing but pure fun and that's often exactly what is needed. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...
well, don't really have any and sometimes that is a good thing. ~grin~ 

A peek into my day...
I'll be at Wal-Mart shortly to get things on my list, then to check on Dad and you guessed it, more ironing has piled up. Sounds like a most exciting day doesn't it?

A picture to share.......

Isn't this just gorgeous?  Can you tell that I am anxiously awaiting cooler temps and the turning of the leaves.  I just know it's right around the corner. ~hope,hope~
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Good Morning! I so agree with you when it comes to a caregiver's dedication. This can sometimes become overwhelming! Hoping your dad will be stronger in his back and that you can enjoy some much needed rest. I too am so ready for FALL. You will certainly enjoy the "Gaylord"...such a nice place! Go for it....enjoy the Spa!!
    Have a great weekend..

  2. I too am looking forward to some cooler fall weather but it's not arrived in Phoenix yet. :)

    You are being a good example to your kids about caring for loved ones. When I worked as a nurse too many people had such trouble dealing with these issues in their families. It is hard but you do it with a heart of love for your daddy. I can tell from your loving words.

    Blessings and love,

  3. I have done so much caregiving that sometimes I wonder who will care for mama will be 90 tomorrow and I do most everything for her with the help of a few terrific caregivers. I also stayed with my FIL half of every day the last 6 weeks of his life. It's a wonderful gift to be able to do this for those we love, but it takes a lot out of a person. It also can be depressing if you think about it too much.

    Have fun with your grandson!! 5 is such a great age!

    I am dreading our leaves falling.....we have three huge oaks and when they fall its the biggest mess!

  4. Good morning! Well I know you know I know first hand about caring for that aging parent...soo hard. My sister and I who shared this responsibility with mom were talking about that yesterday afternoon. And how sometimes just the slightest break or the help of someone else could sometimes make all the difference. Soo glad you are getting some time away and some needed rest and enjoyment. And I will definitely pray for your poor dad. A small compression break in his wonder he has been in such pain. I hate that they suffer so sometimes. You are a wonderful daughter Lea, and God will bless you for it. HUGS

  5. I sense a contemplative mood this morning. That can be a good thing. It helps us evaluate and put our goings-on in perspective. I know you are looking forward to your trip next week. Thinking about being with our kids, big and little, gives us something very positive to anticipate. This also means I won't see you next weekend at the shower. Have a good and stress-free weekend.

  6. LOVE that picture and cant wait for fall colors :) My day is similar - Wal-Mart and the house for some guests we are having over tomorrow :) And AW Tozer quotes would be all over my list of favorite quotes. So wise! Happy Friday!

  7. I am sure I'll have questions for the experts like you when it comes my time to be my parents' advocate. When I think about aging and its issues, it makes me long all the more for my Etermal Home and new body . Sometimes I get really teary when I see people hobbled, bent, broken, swollen, was not meant to be this way! Sin's effects are everywhere! Can't wait to be rid of them all!

  8. Lea, caring for a parent is a gift and a struggle (mostly of the heart). I pray for your Daddy's back to heal and for him to be pain free. What a blessing you are to him.....
    We too look forward to cooler weather, this has been a very hot and humid summer for us in So. California!

    Have a great weekend


  9. I applaud you CiCi for your dedication over these past years, and yes, what a great example to your children you are.I will be praying for healing for your Dad's back.
    I too am looking for cooler temps. which has been promised for tonight and tomorrow. Yay!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. I applaud you CiCi for your dedication over these past years, and yes, what a great example to your children you are.I will be praying for healing for your Dad's back.
    I too am looking for cooler temps. which has been promised for tonight and tomorrow. Yay!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. I was pleased to see that you listen to podcasts from Dr Uth at FBC Orlando. When we lived in Orlando, Jim Henry was pastor and we loved going to that church.

  12. I love Tozer, but haven't heard of Uth...will look for his podcasts. I'm sure you are a blessing to those you are caring for, and have cared for through the years. Enjoy this lovely fall's lovely here anyway, and only getting up near 70.

  13. Bless your heart for all you do for your family. Lovely fall photo.

  14. For all of us who have been where you are with your dad, I'm sure everyone would agree... it is HARD! I get it, that it's the cycle of life, but that doesn't help when you are in the middle of it and hurting for the one you love. I do love your heart for doing this, and I'm thinking your children are taking notice of the example. And yes, sometimes I think it will be our turn one of these days, and then I have to let it go and trust that God knows, which of course, He does!

    You're doing great Lea. Now go and enjoy that little one!! :)

  15. What a blessing it has been for me to step into your life for a few brief moments this morning. I can relate to care giving and continue to experience it on a first hand basis. It saddens me to see these loved ones experience pain and humbling situations as they face their last years on earth. Your loving heart came through on this post, and I know your children are learning from example.

    I too enjoy reading A.W.Tozer's books, and I learn from him.

    I am thinking if your husband visits the "Gaylord", it seems only right that you visit the Spa. Have fun!

    The picture of Fall is beautiful!

  16. I love this whole entire post....:)
    I, too, love our Bunco...the ladies are the nicest and so so much fun. We have awesome food...and SOMEtimes, I even WIN. :)))

  17. I truly enjoy your daybook entries ~ your thoughts are always so real, thoughtful and loving. I find encouragement when I visit with you!

  18. Stunning photo, we are just beginning to get cooler temperatures, fall color in a couple of more weeks., Taking care of a loved one can be one of the hardest jobs ever (physically an emotionally) You are a blessing to your dad...and a wonderful example to others

  19. Can you write about something like the top 5 best walking shoes for women?


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