Monday, September 30, 2013

Miscellany Monday

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It's Monday and our dear Carissa always shows up for us and we sure hope she always does. ~no pressure Carissa~

Tis' the season.......
Yes, hunting season is just around the corner and Hubby has been busy preparing.  In fact, he says that the preparation is half the fun.  I generally go with him at least once a year to the deer woods, not during hunting season, but when he's getting ready.  I went with him last week  when he was installing a couple more cameras.  Hunting has gotten so sophisticated that the poor deer do NOT stand a chance.  These cameras capture their every move and the hunters can figure out their habits and know which direction they are coming from and all that sort of stuff.  I truly do not "get it."  It is a whole lot of work and you have to get up very early, then you have to be very, very quiet and you generally spend pretty much all day in a stand.  Ugh! But, Hubby is a terribly patient man and he has been hunting over 50 years and has it down to a "science."  But, most importantly, it is something he thoroughly enjoys and that's a good thing.

  I know, smoothies have been around for a long time.  But, I had never, ever tried one until last week.  I was talking with my beautician last week and she was talking about making smoothies every morning forher and her husband.  She made them sound so good that I went straight to Wal-Mart when I left there and bought all the ingredients and a Ninja Master Chef so that I could make some.  Hubby is on a diet and might I add, he's lost 15 pounds in about a month.  I thought a smoothie might be a real treat for him and I was right.  It is so, so simple and so, so low calorie.  I use Dannon Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt, frozen pineapple chunks, frozen sliced strawberries (you can choose any frozen or fresh fruit you desire), honey and enough low fat milk for the desired consistency.  We like ours thick enough to eat with a spoon and besides eating something makes it a bit more special than drinking it. ~right?~ And, we enjoy them as a night time treat.

And, the star of the show is........
 Is he the cutest or what???  This is my "one and only" nephew and he is a Senior in high school in DesMoines, Iowa.  This past weekend he had the leading role of Cornelius, in the school's fall play, "The Matchmaker."  It is my understanding that he brought the house down and I so, so wish that I could have been there to enjoy it myself.  He loves the theater and music and is quite the talented young man.  We are not sure where he got his desire, interest or talent, but I do know that if my precious Mom were still alive, she would be so, so proudWay to go Warren!!

Relief at last.....
As most of you know, my Dad has been dealing with a compression fracture in his back for the past month.  Well, today at 2:00PM he will be having that fracture repaired.  He will have what is called a Kyphoplasty procedure (where a type of cement is injected into the fracture).  It is pretty much instant relief and while he is a tad anxious about the procedure, he is excited about the outcome.  He has been in so, so much pain these past 4 weeks and it has taken such a toll on him (and myself).  It is done out patient under conscious sedation.  The Dr. told me that he will be a "new man" following this procedure, so we are certainly hoping that he is right.  It never ceases to amaze me at the procedures Drs. can do to "fix" issues today.
Your prayers would be greatly appreciated!

And, I leave you with this.....


Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I'm praying that the procedure will be successful and that your dad will get relief! {{hug}}

  2. praying for your dad to get relief today!

    your nephew is a cutie!

    kelly would drool over that hunting stand!!! i'll have to show it to him.

    good for your man losing so much weight. smoothies are a great treat! you can make a chocolate banana one with ice, milk, cocoa and bananas. it's like a milkshake!

  3. Just said a prayer for your Dad. He's so lucky to have you :)

  4. Good morning! Already lifted your dad in prayer! I am soo pleased they can do something like this to help him. How wonderful! Enjoy the rest of your day!

  5. So happy to hear about the procedure your Daddy is having. Praying all goes well and he'll be ready for dancing in no time-)
    Your nephew is VERY handsome!! I can see that face being well known one day.... How fun!
    Have a great week!


  6. A fun little post - love all your photos! And thanks for your visit at Pursuing Heart.

  7. This is a great post about some of the men in your life. I am praying for your Dad's surgery and the recovery.

  8. Ah, deer season! I grew up with that being an almost sacred time! :) Ah, the south, huh?

    Prayers for your dad- back pain is terrible! Hoping he heals quickly and that it is taken care of!

  9. Also, I just have to say, your blog is so cozy and feels like Fall- I love it :)

  10. Nothing like catching up on missed blogs at 3:30am! Sleepless nights are no fun. Dick and I usually have a protein smoothie every morning after workouts. We use a lot more ingredients but we enjoy it and find it very filling. Glad the procedure is behind for your dad and trust he is doing much better.


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