Monday, September 9, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Just as I was about to begin this post the song "Monday, Monday" came popping into my mind.  All you younger folks reading this will likely have no idea about that song, but it was made popular by the Momma's and the Poppa's in the early 70's.  And, I bet I could still sing every word of it........guess I've really dated myself now. ~smile~  Now, on to my miscellaneous thoughts.........

lowercase letters

My little man.........
Well, Clancy's Corgi has given birth, yet again.  I do believe this is Sissy's 4th litter. ~poor thing~  Clancy gets so excited and has become quite an expert at handling them.  They are only about a day old in this picture and he's got all of them in his lap.  Between Sissy and Shug (his horse) he's one happy little boy.  And, this CiCi is also happy because she gets to see him in about 2 weeks and we'll be celebrating his 5th birthday.  Can we just say, he is definitely all boy!!!

Fall is in the air..........
Well, it really isn't in the air, it's still just as hot as can be.  But, I did begin decorating for fall this weekend.  I love the coppery/golden colored pumpkins I found for the dining room and nothing screams fall to me like sunflowers.  All I have left to do is the front door and porch and my good fairy is coming a week from today to assist me with that.  Now, if the weather will just jump on board, all will be good.

What is this......
I never cease to be amazed at the gadgets folks design.  I have just heard about this one.  It is called The Orb.  It is a Bluetooth headset that can also be worn as a ring.  I mean, really!!!!  But, I must admit, it does have more appeal, especially for a woman, than the clip thingy that covers over half of your ear.  But, I still question if all this is really necessary.  I'm afraid we may have become "too connected."   I wonder if the world might absolutely stop if all of us laid down our cellphones, Ipads, and computers for a week. Ouch! 

Less is more.....or is it?
Carissa, our sweet hostess for MM, and her husband have begun a journey.  And, as she stated in her entry (His way is Perfect) about this journey, it is not a journey for everyone.  But, as I read her entry, and I encourage you to go over and read it as well, I thought about how easy it is for us to become "slaves to our stuff."  And, sometimes that can even put us into bondage and affect the decisions we make.  I applaud Carissa and Kelly in their journey to "lighten their load."  There are those of us whose loads are so heavy at this point and while we know that sooner or later we're likely going to have to lighten our load of stuff, we have no idea when that time will come.  And, do we wait until we have to, or do we tackle it before we have to?  Ah, a deep subject and a very personal subject for sure.

 And, I leave you with this........

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Hi CiCI , Clancy's expressions says it all, puppies and little boys = happiness! Your fall decorations are beautiful, fall decorating is on my list this week.
    The new tech, gadgets are coming out so fast, I have almost given up on trying to keep up with them., ~smile~I am always amazed at the new ideas.
    I will visit MM, I too, wonder what would happen if we didn't have them. Enjoyed your MM, thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my, Clancy looks like he's in heaven there! So glad that you're going to see him soon.

    I rather like that pretty bluetooth device. I'd like one ... not because I'm joined at the hip to my iPhone ... but when I am on the phone, I cannot just sit and talk ... I need to get up and move around, doing something ... which is impossible with a phone in one hand. I'm not on the phone much, but when I am, it's for long periods of time (phone calls with DD and out-of-town family) ... being able to be productive while on the phone would be awesome.

  3. Good morning! I enjoyed this as always...your Clancy is just adorable! Hubby and I had that talk just yesterday. What in the world would today's world do if we all laid down just our cell phones for a day? Interesting...I am off to check out that suggested post. Enjoy your day!

  4. I know all the words to that Mamas and Pappas song too! So now I'm singing it along with you. :)

    Clancy is just so cute and yes all boy. I can see that from his photo and your descriptions. I don't even have a smart phone but an old fashioned flip cell phone for emergencies. The thing I dislike is when I think someone is speaking to me and they are talking on their cell in their ear piece. :(

    Blessings and love,

    PS. I so appreciate all your visits to Heart Choices and love your comments.

  5. I too know the words to the song and now they are in my head too.

    Clancy and the puppies are adorable! His expression says it all.

    As for the journey your friends are on, I am right with them. There is something so freeing about getting rid of things that might be too much. I agree with them. I like your quote. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Clancy's grin is priceless. What a great picture of him holding those newborn pups. Sunflowers are just about the happiest flower on the planet. And that Orb looks a bit creepy to me. I wouldn't like a small snake crawling over my ear like that. When other people are wearing Bluetooths (Blue teeth?) they seem totally unapproachable. Not the message i would want to send. How did people manage without chronic "connection"???

  7. I spent the weekend thinking I need to start letting go of the stuff... I'm gonna take this as a sign, that is what I'm gonna do!


  8. Oh look at the joy on Clancy's face! I always enjoy your seasonal decor so can't wait to see more. Wow, that bluetooth looks interesting. But you are so right, we need to dump the technology from time to time. Have a blessed week my friend.

  9. I tell you, that Clancy is about as cute a little boy as they come. And yes, he is all boy for sure. Your fall decor looks so nice and it inspired me to get mine out this morning and take down all the white pottery stuff. It does look like fall even if it doesn't feel like it.

    And those ear bud thingies! I agree they look better, but do you get as aggravated as I do with someone walking around in a store carrying on a conversation with an invisible being? I hate that! I have even answered them when I assumed they were talking to me. Again, I hate that!

  10. hey sweet lea! look at those puppies. my kids would be in love with them!! how fun. that bluetooth - woah. talk about creative. : ) you are sweet to mention us.

    love you, dear lady!

  11. L-O-V-E !!! the picture of the puppies on your grandson's lap!

  12. I always think of "just another manic Monday" by the bangles


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