Monday, February 27, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Time to link up with our Carissa and share our randomness........

$50 a pound.........

I'm not sure how many of you saw the article a a couple of weeks ago about these little pods for the coffee makers, such as a Keurig. (I owe a keurig)  But, it was stating that by buying coffee in these pods we were paying around $50 a pound for coffee. OUCH!  I thought about that for a while and I really have no doubt that is correct.  There is probably no more than a tablespoon of coffee in each of those pods and it takes a whole lotta pods to equal a pound of coffee.  I felt just a little bit better knowing that I use each of my pods twice, once for a large cup and once for a small cup.  But, that is still expensive anyway you cut it. I'm thinking gas could be less expensive than coffee when you put the math to it. ~frightening~

Who will it be..........
I am not much of a TV watcher except when it comes to American Idol.  I got hooked somewhere around Season 5 and when it gets down to the Top 12, I start keeping a list and acting like it's a matter of "life or death."  ~laugh~ I'm not sure I have ever seen such great talent as the group this year.  It seems that all Top 24 have some "star quality."  It will make for some good conversations for sure and Hubby and I will enjoy rooting for our picks.

Center of my life...........

Our Bible Study yesterday morning was on Christ being the center of our lives.  Now, one would think that if you had been a Christian for 52 years (that would be me) that this would just come natural.  Oh, how I wish!  But, it is a daily struggle with the things of this world vying for our attention and luring us away from Him.  I'm not talking about some blatant  sin in our lives, just those sneaky little things that move Him off of the throne of our lives.  Can I just say that I was convicted to get my life back in alignment with Him.  There is no greater joy!

Work and Commitment............

This past Saturday I attended the 59th wedding anniversary of a dear couple here in our town and went straight from that to the wedding of a young couple here in our town.  As I sat waiting on the wedding to begin I thought of the 59 years this couple had been married and the almost 41 that I've been married and the stories they/we could likely tell this young couple just starting out.  Oh, my goodness, I imagine the one thing most all couples would say, no matter the length of time they have been married, is that it takes a whole lot of WORK and a whole lot of COMMITMENT and God's grace.  And, I'm afraid we see less of both of these and as a result we are seeing more and more broken homes.  And, so goes the home, so goes the nation.  WOW! It is a rarity to see anyone  celebrate 59 years and if they do, then you know they "stayed the course."    Ah, love is a many splendored thing............

A floral thank you ..........

I got home from running errands this past Friday afternoon and found this sitting on the kitchen island.  Hubby was here but he did not have a guilty look on his face so I pulled out the card and was so surprised.  It was a thank you from a local business for my doing something nice for them.  I mean really, isn't that what we are suppose to do, be nice.  But, be assured that it "made my day!" It was so unusual, not so fixed and perfect, but more free form. Just pure loveliness!

Count your blessings and have a great week!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I use a Keurig coffee maker too and yes, it's so expensive. I am going to try reusing them like you mentioned. I've cut back to two cups a day to save money and caffeine. :)

    I love American Idol. There is so much talent, I agree. This year will be so good.

    Marriage isn't easy. But love is a daily choice. Many blessings to this couple and to you and your hubby.

    Blessings and love,

  2. so nice to get home and find a surprise. The flowers are lovely.

    I don't drink coffee, do you believe that?

  3. Wow- $50 a pound! I never would have guessed! I didn't know you could re-use them, I have will have to try that!

  4. I don't have a Keurig and I once calculated the cost. I drink a lot of coffee and we seem to always have company so it didn't seem practical.

    Those flowers are gorgeous!

  5. Wow...50.00 a pound for coffee? Wowza!!!

    That was a darling little thank you flower arrangement! That was such a nice surprise to find sitting on your counter huh?! (:>)

    I watch Idol too and it is fun to root for your favorite ones over the weeks. Of course if they get voted off we have to pick new favorites! Ha!

    And speaking of favorites...Jesus gets my vote! He is so wonderful to die for me! Love Him So Much!

    I like random posts like this.
    Have a great day!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  6. I was tempted to get DH a Keurig for Christmas ... but I was figured that the coffee in the pods would be way too expensive.

    Those flowers were so beautiful ... and what a thoughtful gesture!

  7. We are loving our Keurig but had no idea of the break down of costs. I think I may save my Chai Latte pods for special occasions and just do the mix with ready hot water from the machine.

    Such a thoughtful gift for a thoughtful lady. Love the flowers and think I may know from where they came.

    Sorry we missed the anniversary celebration, but had other things going.

  8. i used to want a keurig for kelly and his coffee drinking. now i do not. ha! seriously, gas is cheaper. for some reason i cannot get into american idol this year (don't hate me) but i am hooked to death on the Voice!

    i think Christ being the center will be a struggle for as long as we walk the earth. makes me eager for Heaven!

  9. Good morning! My youngest son got a Keurig for my hubby for his birthday (I can't drink coffee) and we too were horrified at the cost of those little cups when what he was given had finally ran out. Sooo, we purchased a little attachment that allows us to use his coffee in it. Perfect. Then he uses the little cups to change it up occasionally. I too love American Idol, and I agree looks like a great season of talent. 59 years is a WONDERFUL thing to celebrate. Congrats to them. Have a wonderful day!

  10. That is an interesting fact on the coffee. I don't have a Keurig yet but have been wanting one. I use to only watch Idol when it is down to the final twelve but watched the entire show last year and so far this year. Yes, they a very talented this year!

  11. I'm loving your Favorite Things! Coffeeeeee - YES! Blessings friend.


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