Friday, February 24, 2012

Only in the South

Can I just say that I LOVE Rachel's new FFT button.  I know that she is in hog heaven today as she is attending Blissdom.  What a deserving gal!

I have been a Southern gal all of my life, and a deep Southern gal since moving to Louisiana some 41 years ago.  I was born in Virginia, shortly afterwards moved to Arkansas, then to Louisiana, and back to Virginia until Hubby and I were married.  So, my roots run deep and I'm pretty much convinced that some things only happen in the South.  I learned shortly after moving here that everything in an EVENT! No joke, nothing just takes place, it is a royal happening.  And, I soon discovered that I liked that.  I mean, why not?  This past week has reminded me of this truth and I thought that I would share with you some of the events, happenings, affairs, etc. that I was privileged to be a part of.

Unless you have been under a log, anyone reading this likely knows that Mardi Gras took place this past Tuesday.  And, you likely know that Louisianans do Mardi Gras unlike anyone else.  Even the nursing facility that my Dad resides in had a big celebration Tuesday afternoon for the residents.  I love the colors of Mardi Gras and the fun spirit but I have never been apart of any parade or celebration.  So, I decided that Daddy and I would attend this celebration and it would be a "first" for both of us.

One of the residents Granddaugther was the Queen of the Orion Krewe in Baton Rouge and she came up to lead the parade down the halls with her two precious children.  I was able to snag her long enough to get Dad's picture with her.  Daddy rode his motorized wheelchair in the parade and threw beads out along the way.  If a resident needed anything during the time this celebration was taking place, well, it was probably for naught.  I mean, a lot of the residents, the staff and guests were all caught up in the action.  

On Tuesday evening I attended my first ever "Corsage Party."  One of our local florist,The Flower Tree, and the one I use for everything, hosted an evening of fun for the girls and their Moms preparing to go to the local high school proms.  They had pulled out all the stops for these gals.  Chips and dips of all varieties and Strawberry and Lime Mockarita's. Yep, that's right, I'd never heard of a Mockarita either, but let me tell you, the Strawberry would "make you slap your pappy." I told you, "only in the South."

No, I certainly don't have a daughter attending prom, but I knew it was going to be a fun evening and I invited myself to be a part of it. ~smile~  I had never heard of such an event and further more did not know what a spectacular creation that corsages had become.  My goodness, they are more like "works of art" and I didn't ask, but I imagine they cost like "works of art."  I am assuming, I didn't ask this either, the girl goes and picks out what she wants for herself and for her date and the guy gets to pay for his dates and she pays for his.  Now, we know who comes out on the short end of that stick. ~chuckle~ 

They had a photographer there to do fun pics of the girls and "yours truly" could not resist joining in on that fun.  Notice my black glasses and red nose in the above left bottom picture. This all took place "after hours" so that made it an even more special event.  I'd never heard of a corsage party but perhaps they are the up and coming thing and I just bet it got it's start in the South!!  It sure was fun and I am glad to be "in the know" about prom corsages.~smile~

Yesterday I hosted a CABI Show in my home.  If you have never heard of CABI, then you are missing something.  It is Carol Anderson By Invitation.  Which, in layman's terms, means that Carol Anderson, the designer, offers her clothes through home shows only now.  At one time they were available through retail stores, but not anymore.  And, they offer great incentives to their hostess, thus my reasoning for being a host. Go figure..............

I designed my own invitation because I think cute invitations make folks more likely to attend the function.  It's a Southern thing! ~grin~  Cabi does an evite and that just does not cut it for me.  I want an old fashioned, in the mail, cute invitation.  It was such fun and Linda, the rep, does the greatest job of showing how to put pieces together for the neatest look.
Anytime Tee

The Johnny Crop
These are two pieces that I got but be assured, I will NOT be sporting the 3  1/2 inch heels with my Johnny Crops. I could really get use to this kind of clothes shopping.  I like the personalized service, all the ideas and just the fun of being with the girls.  And, it's even more fun because we all know each other so well and feel free to share our opinions whether we ask for them or not.  You know, it's the Southern way! 

The weather has been so spring like  and add to it the happenings, events, gatherings, whatever you want to call them, and it has made for a super week! Can I just say that today finds me a very happy Southern Gal!

Love you girlies!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. i'm loving the johnny crops! cute!

    you are right... mardi gras is so BIG there and almost unheard of here. i didn't know it was until i saw your facebook status. ha! : )

  2. Looks like fun! I need to check Cabi out...have heard great things.

  3. St. Louis has what they claim is the 2nd largest Mardi Gras celebration in the US. I understand that Mobile, AL also claims that "honor". Either way, Mardi Gras is a big deal up here.

    I've never heard of CABI ... I hate shopping for clothes, so this sounds like a fun way of shopping for clothes.

  4. Never heard of CABI! I like the white tee!

  5. I love Mardi Gras! when my mom first moved to the states (she is panamanian-american) she lived in Louisiana and she would tell us stories of Mardi Gras, Po Boys, and Jambalaya...she learned several of the recipes and cooked them for us a lot! I have since visited Louisiana several times and just love the culture there! You have a lovely state! Thanks so much for your sweet, sweet words on my blog...and for stopping by! Looks like you had a blast celebrating with your father! Happy Friday!

  6. How fun to take the Mardi Gras to your Dad. They will be talking about it for a month of Sundays. Cute clothes.

  7. Hi there! I just found you from Favorite Things Friday :) I have never heard of CABI but I love that white top!

  8. Can you say b.u.s.y? The party with your Dad looks like it was fun. I have never heard of a corsage party either. Very different. I have never heard of CABI or the parties. Clothes look cute! Enjoy your weekend.


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