Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Wednesday Medley

The day after Christmas, how can that be?  I have been confused for a week as we had our family Christmas last Friday evening.  Our daughter and her boys came a week ago today and we celebrated early so that they could get back home to Oklahoma in time to celebrate their family Christmas at their house.  I'll be posting about our Christmas fun on Friday but, for today, it's time to join Terrie for the Wednesday Medley questions.

Today is National Candy Cane Day!! How appropriate is that?!


National Candy Cane Day is observed across the United States each year on December 26.
In 1844, a recipe for a straight peppermint candy stick, which was white with colored stripes, was published. However, some stories tell of all white candy sticks in much earlier times.  There are folklore tales of the origin of the candy cane, yet there is no documented proof of its real beginning. It has been mentioned in literature since 1866 and was first known to be mentioned in association with Christmas in 1874.   As early as 1882, candy canes have been hung on Christmas trees.
1.  Are there candy canes left in your house right now?  Did you hang some on your tree?  Do you even like them?
Not only are there not any left, there never was any in the house this year.  We prefer the soft peppermints that melt in your mouth to the hard peppermint candy canes.  The Grans love the soft peppermints as well, so guess we are not candy cane fans.
2.  Without a graphic, today is also National Thank You Note Day!  I like receiving that thank you note in the mail for a gift I have given.  Are you good about getting thank you notes in the mail after Christmas (or any occasion calling for a note)?
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I certainly try to be as I think a thank you note is a most thoughtful gesture and one that is becoming a rarity.

3.  How are you feeling on this day after Christmas?  Tired, let down, still glowing?  I have felt all of those at one time or another and sometimes all of them at once! Tell us about it.
I am not a fan of the day or week following Christmas.  It seems to drag by and I'm always anxious to start the new year.  I suppose it could be that there is sort of a let down after all the busyness and excitement of the Christmas season and I'm ready to move on.
4  It is "tradition" to leave the tree and decorations up until after January 6th, to honor the Epiphany. When will your boxes be packed and put away until next year?  Are you, like me, thinking about doing it right now?

Well, since our Christmas was over last weekend, I actually started taking the decorations down on Christmas Eve and got it all down (there wasn't that much) except for the tree.  I started taking the tree down yesterday and will finish it today and everything will be back to normal ~ whatever that is~  While I do enjoy the tree and decorations, I'm more than ready for it to be down once Christmas has come and gone.

5. Looking ahead to New Year's Eve, do you have plans?  Have you ever celebrated big in New York's Time Square? Would you even want to be there?
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We will be spending New Year's Eve with friends but I'm quite sure that we will not see the New Year in.  It's been a long time since Tommy and I have seen a new year in. I have never been in Time Square for New Year's Eve and have no desire to be.  It's way too crowded for my comfort.
6. Tell us something random about your week so far!
Well, I cannot think of one random thing about this week.  It's been all about Christmas and the things surrounding Christmas.  So, I leave you with this.............
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Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  2. I think we are all in agreement about NYC for the new year. I'm like you, ready to get on with the new year and the things that lie ahead ... getting taxes out of the way, heh, heh. Happy new year!

  3. Thank you for joining the Medley today!! I wish our decorations were down (or nearly down). I am always ready to put it away after we celebrate the day. I don't like candy canes either!

  4. I love the positivity of another New Year giving us a chance to "get it right." This year Beloved and I have been blessed in several ways toward "getting it right" and I hope to continue that trend.

    May we all do better as we become older and wiser!

  5. I'm so tired after getting everything ready that I do nothing the week between Christmas and New Year's except eat cookies and read by the fire! at least as much as I can. I will have to face the music at some point, but right now I'm not thinking about it! I have a few candy canes for decorations but not a fan of eating them. And NYC on New Year's Eve? You couldn't pay me to be there, haha! xo Deborah

  6. My tree is still glowing and will probably come down New Year's Day or perhaps Eve. There are candy canes in my house but none on the tree. No plans yet for New Year's Eve but that could change:) Have a beautiful evening dear friend, HUGS!

  7. Awe, so glad that my Saturday isn't so full that I can't visit around my friends blogs today. Kinda peaceful at the Conner home today. LOL! I have some candy canes in a dish left and sometimes I like to put them on gifts. I love peppermints and usually keep the round disk ones handy. However, I have this HUGE fear of grands choking on them so when the little ones are around the peppermints go up! I do like to send thank you cards out. Over the years with so much technology I am sad to say I have found myself lazy with mailing. So easy to send a private message. I do try to be thoughtful through the year with sending cards of different kinds out. I do not usually feel a let-down after Christmas. I find myself for several days simply reminiscing and reflecting. This year I have a lot to reflect on with our granddaughter Kyleigh accepting Jesus into her heart on Christmas night. I haven't taken down any Christmas yet. One year the day after Christmas it was all down and boxed up. My husband wants to leave it all up until after the 1st but we shall see. I love getting up in the morning and only having the Christmas lights on as I sit in my recliner, drink my coffee and have my time with the Lord. But...I really do need to get started on taking down. I am sorta putting it off. LOL! I've never been to NY but hope to go one day but I do not think I would want to be in all that mess in NY for New Years! Would make my old nerves bad. We usually spend New Years in Georgia with the family and hunting but this year heavy rain was predicted so we changed out minds. We may go to one of the daughter's home and have an oyster roast. Not sure yet. My random thing for the week is..."We are smoking some ribs for supper today and I can't wait to dive into them". Ha! Happy New Year to you and yours sweet friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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